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Català > 16 sentits de la paraula eliminar:
VERBchangeeliminar, apartar, copar, emportar-se, extirpar, llevar, retirar, suprimir, treureremove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract
socialeliminar, assassinar, carregar-se, treure de'n migkill intentionally and with premeditation
possessioneliminar, apartar, desfer-se de, desfer-se, extirpar, suprimir, treuredispose of
bodyeliminar, excretareliminate from the body
changeeliminar, anihilar, aniquilar, delmar, eradicar, erradicarkill / kill / kill in large numbers
possessioneliminar, alliberar-se, alliberar, deslliurar-se, deslliurar, lliurarrelieve from
changeeliminar, desembarassar-se, desempallegar-seterminate, end, or take out
socialeliminar, allunyar, apartar, bandejar, extirpar, suprimir, treureremove from a position or an office
contacteliminar, anul·lar, suprimirremove or make invisible
motioneliminar, apartar, extirpar, suprimir, traslladarshift the position or location of, as for business, legal, educational, or military purposes
communicationeliminar, anul·lar, esborrar, passar ratlla, ratllar, suprimirwipe out digitally or magnetically recorded information
socialeliminar, apartar, extirpar, retirar, suprimir, treurecause to leave
changeeliminar, esborrar, obliterar, treureremove completely from recognition or memory
stativeeliminar, desfer-se, deslliurar-se, obviardo away with
cognitioneliminar, descartar, evitar, rebutjardismiss from consideration or a contest
changeeliminar, espatllareliminate
Català > eliminar: 16 sentits > verb 1, change
SentitRemove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract.
Sinònimsapartar, copar, emportar-se, extirpar, llevar, retirar, suprimir, treure
Implicat percavar, excavarcreate by digging
Específicaclarir, clarificar, enretirar, resoldre, solucionarFree (the throat) by making a rasping sound
agafar amb la cullerascoop up or take up with a spoon
amputarRemove surgically
anul·lar, eliminar, suprimirRemove or make invisible
apartarRemove with or as if with a brush
arrencarrip off violently and forcefully
arrencar a tiras, raspar, raureTake off or remove
birbar, eixarcolar, treure les males herbesClear of weeds
buidarRemove (water) from a boat by dipping and throwing over the side
cavar, excavarTurn up, loosen, or remove earth
cavarRemove the inner part or the core of
circumcidarcut the foreskin off male babies or teenage boys
condensarRemove water from
copejarRemove with a flick (of the hand)
depilarRemove body hair
desactivarRemove the triggering device from
descalcificarRemove calcium or lime / lime from
descarbonitzar, descarburarRemove carbon from (an engine)
descarregarRemove the charge from
desembeinarRemove the shucks from
desembeinarRemove from the shell
desempaquetar, desferRemove from its packing
desenfilarRemove the stringy parts of
desengolfarRemove the hinges from
desensellarRemove the saddle from
desfer-se de, mudar de, treure'sGet rid of
desgasarRemove gas from
desintoxicar, destoxicarRemove poison from
desioditzarRemove iodine from
desionitzarRemove ions from
desmantellar, raspar, raure, treureRemove the surface from
desmantellar, desmuntar, desvestir, netejar, treureRemove all contents or possession from, or empty completely
desmineralitzarRemove the minerals or salts from
desossarRemove the bones from
despullarRemove (someone's or one's own) clothes
despumar, escumarRemove from the surface
dragarRemove with a power shovel, usually from a bottom of a body of water
esbajocar, espallofarRemove the hulls from
esbajocar, espellofarRemove the husks from
esbudellar, estriparRemove the entrails of
esbudellarRemove the guts of
escatarRemove the scales from
espellofarRemove from its shell or outer covering
espellofar, netejar, treureRemove shells or husks from
espinyolarremove the pits from
espollarFree of lice
esventar, ventar, ventejarBlow away or off with a current of air
exprémer, extraure, extreuretake liquid out of a container or well
extreureRemove, usually with some force or effort
granarRemove the seeds from
hipofisectomitzarRemove the pituitary glands
lixiviar, treureRemove substances from by a percolating liquid / liquid
netejar, rentarRemove unwanted substances from, such as feathers or pits
netejar, purificarRemove unwanted substances from
netejar, rentar, treureRemove while making clean
picar, rosegarRemove in small bits
reduirRemove or withdraw gradually
rentarRemove by the application of water or other liquid / liquid and soap or some other cleaning agent
repartir, servirRemove with or as if with a ladle
retirar, treuretake out or remove
retirar, treureremove from sight
retirar, suprimir, traure, treureRemove (a commodity) from (a supply source)
trencarDestroy or break forcefully
treuretake away or remove
treureRemove from a seedbed or from a nursery
treureTake off or away by decreasing
treureRemove from a surface
treureBring, take, or pull out of a container or from under a cover
Tambédesgravar, extraure, extreure, restar, sostraure, sostreure, treuremake a subtraction
Anglèsremove, take, take away, withdraw
Espanyolapartar, copar, eliminar, extirpar, llevar, quitar, remover, retirar, sacar, suprimir, tomar
Nomseliminació, extraccióThe act of removing
retiradaThe act of withdrawing
Català > eliminar: 16 sentits > verb 2, social
Sentitkill intentionally and with premeditation.
Sinònimsassassinar, carregar-se, treure de'n mig
Específicajusticiar, executarmurder in a planned fashion
Generalassassinar, matarCause to die
Anglèsmurder, slay, hit, dispatch, bump off, off, polish off, remove
Espanyolasesinar, borrar, cargarse, despachar, echarse, eliminar, matar, matar violentamente, quitar de enmedio
Nomsassassinat, homicidiunlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being
assassí, homicidaA criminal who commits homicide (who performs the unlawful / unlawful / unlawful premeditated killing of another human being)
assassí, homicidasomeone who causes the death of a person or animal
copA murder carried out by an underworld syndicate
desfer-se, despatxarkilling a person or animal
Català > eliminar: 16 sentits > verb 3, possession
Sentitdispose of.
Sinònimsapartar, desfer-se de, desfer-se, extirpar, suprimir, treure
Específicapartar, descartar, expel·lir, expulsar, gitar, llençarthrow or cast away
descafeïnarRemove caffeine from (coffee)
desclorurarRemove chlorine from (water)
desgreixarRemove grease or oil from (a pan)
Anglèsget rid of, remove
Espanyolapartar, deshacerse, eliminar, extirpar, quitar, remover, retirar, suprimir
Nomseliminació, extraccióThe act of removing
Català > eliminar: 16 sentits > verb 4, body
SentitEliminate from the body.
Específiccagar, defecar, fer cacaHave a bowel movement
desprendre, exsudar, regalar, remintolar, traspuarRelease (a liquid / liquid) in drops or small quantities
evacuar, treureexcrete or discharge from the body
fer pipí, orinar, pixarEliminate urine
perbocar, regurgitar, vomitarEject the contents of the stomach through the mouth
suar, transpirarexcrete perspiration through the pores in the skin
Generalexpel·lir, expulsarEliminate (a substance)
Anglèsexcrete, egest, eliminate, pass
Espanyoleliminar, excretar
Adjectiusdefecatori, excretoriOf or relating to the process of excretion
Nomsdefecació, dejecció, deposició, ejecció, evacuació, excrecióThe bodily process of discharging waste matter
pasA bodily reaction of changing from one place or stage to another
Català > eliminar: 16 sentits > verb 5, change
Sentitkill / kill / kill in large numbers.
Sinònimsanihilar, aniquilar, delmar, eradicar, erradicar
Generalassassinar, matarCause to die
Anglèseliminate, annihilate, extinguish, eradicate, wipe out, decimate, carry off
Espanyolanihilar, aniquilar, diezmar, eliminar, erradicar
Adjectiusdevastadorwreaking or capable of wreaking complete destruction
Nomsanihilació, aniquilacióDestruction by annihilating something
anihilació, anorreamentTotal destruction
delmacióDestroying or killing a large / large part of the population (literally every tenth person as chosen by lot)
demolició, destrucció, enderrocament, enderrocAn event (or the result of an event) that completely destroys something
exterminació, extermini, extinciócomplete annihilation
Català > eliminar: 16 sentits > verb 6, possession
Sentitrelieve from.
Sinònimsalliberar-se, alliberar, deslliurar-se, deslliurar, lliurar
Específicallisar, aplanar, repararFree from obstructions
salvarFree from a burden, evil, or distress
Tambédesfer-se, deslliurar-se, eliminar, obviarDo away with
Anglèsrid, free, disembarrass
Espanyolliberarse, librarse, librar
Nomsalliberació, alliberamentThe act of removing or getting rid of something
disembarrassmentSomething that extricates you from embarrassment
Català > eliminar: 16 sentits > verb 7, change
SentitTerminate, end, or take out.
Sinònimsdesembarassar-se, desempallegar-se
Específicanul·lar, destruirwipe out the effect of something
eliminar, espatllarEliminate
esporgarweed out unwanted or unnecessary things
exceptuar, excloure, ometreprevent from being included or considered or accepted
extingirput an end to
ofegarGet rid of as if by submerging / submerging
retallarDelete or remove
Generalarrasar, destrossar, destruir, trencarDo away with, cause the destruction or undoing of
Anglèsextinguish, eliminate, get rid of, do away with
Espanyolacabar con, desembarazarse, deshacerse, eliminar, extinguir, librarse de
Nomsalliberació, alliberamentThe act of removing or getting rid of something
liquidacióThe murder of a competitor
Català > eliminar: 16 sentits > verb 8, social
SentitRemove from a position or an office.
Sinònimsallunyar, apartar, bandejar, extirpar, suprimir, treure
Específicacomiadar, despedir, destituir, fer foraTerminate the employment of
expulsarRemove from a position or office
Espanyolalejar, apartar, eliminar, extirpar, quitar, retirar, sacar, suprimir
Nomstrasllatdismissal from office
Català > eliminar: 16 sentits > verb 9, contact
SentitRemove or make invisible.
Sinònimsanul·lar, suprimir
EspecíficesborrarRemove by or as if by rubbing or erasing
Generalapartar, copar, eliminar, emportar-se, extirpar, llevar, retirar, suprimir, treureRemove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract
Anglèsdelete, cancel
Espanyolanular, borrar, eliminar, suprimir, tachar
NomssupressióThe act of deleting something written or printed
supressió, tallThe omission that is made when an editorial change shortens a written passage
Català > eliminar: 16 sentits > verb 10, motion
Sentitshift the position or location of, as for business, legal, educational, or military purposes.
Sinònimsapartar, extirpar, suprimir, traslladar
Generalmudar, transbordar, transferir, transportar, traslladar, traspassarMove around
Anglèsremove, transfer
Espanyolapartar, eliminar, extirpar, suprimir, transferir, trasladar
Català > eliminar: 16 sentits > verb 11, communication
Sentitwipe out digitally or magnetically recorded information.
Sinònimsanul·lar, esborrar, passar ratlla, ratllar, suprimir
CategoriagravacióThe act of making a record (especially an audio record)
Generalretirar, treuretake out or remove
Contrarienregistrar, gravar, registrarRegister electronically
Anglèserase, delete
Espanyolanular, borrar, eliminar, suprimir, tachar
Nomsgoma d'esborrar, gomaAn implement used to erase something
Català > eliminar: 16 sentits > verb 12, social
SentitCause to leave.
Sinònimsapartar, extirpar, retirar, suprimir, treure
Causa demoure's, moureMove so as to change position, perform a nontranslational motion
Anglèstake out, move out, remove
Espanyolapartar, eliminar, extirpar, quitar, retirar, sacar, suprimir
Català > eliminar: 16 sentits > verb 13, change
SentitRemove completely from recognition or memory.
Sinònimsesborrar, obliterar, treure
Generalatenuar, desdibuixar-se, desdibuixar, difuminar-se, difuminar, entelar-se, entelar, enterbolir-se, fer-se borrósBecome vague or indistinct
Similarenfosquir, fosquejar, obscurirmake undecipherable or imperceptible by obscuring or concealing
Anglèsobliterate, efface
Espanyolborrar, obliterar
Nomsanihilació, aniquilacióDestruction by annihilating something
destrucció, devastació, eradicacióThe complete destruction of every trace of something
Català > eliminar: 16 sentits > verb 14, stative
SentitDo away with.
Sinònimsdesfer-se, deslliurar-se, obviar
Tambéalliberar-se, alliberar, deslliurar-se, deslliurar, eliminar, lliurarrelieve from
Contrariexigir, implicar, involucrar, necessitar, precisar, preguntar, reclamar, requerirrequire as useful, just, or proper
Anglèsobviate, rid of, eliminate
Espanyoldeshacerse, eliminar, librarse, obviar
NomsanticipacióThe act of preventing something by anticipating and disposing of it effectively
Català > eliminar: 16 sentits > verb 15, cognition
Sentitdismiss from consideration or a contest.
Sinònimsdescartar, evitar, rebutjar
Anglèsrule out, eliminate, winnow out, reject
Espanyoldescartar, eliminar, evitar, rechazar
Català > eliminar: 16 sentits > verb 16, change
Generaldesembarassar-se, desempallegar-se, eliminarTerminate, end, or take out
Anglèsknock out

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