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Many readers appreciate this site so much, that they would like to download its' entire contents to their computer. Unfortunately, this is not possible, mainly because this website is much too large, with over a million web pages.

To ensure a smooth service to normal readers, we often have to block robots, when they make an immoderate amount of requests to this server over time.

On the other hand, we fully support responsible robots that crawl the HyperDic website for legitimate purposes such as indexing or caching, when they provide a major service, freely available to the general public.

Normally, there is no reason to worry, as we try to only block robots that go far beyond reasonable limits. If this happens, you could eventually regain access by sending us a convincing explanation through our contact link at the bottom of this page.

NB: We offer a 1200-page version of the HyperDic dictionary, as a free download. In many cases, this could meet your immediate needs.

If the free version is not sufficient, you might consider buying the inexpensive CD-rom version of HyperDic, covering 120,000 words.

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