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If there is sufficient interest for it, we will produce a full offline version of HyperDic 3.0 on CD-rom or as a commercial download, so that you can always use HyperDic on your computer, even without connecting to Internet.

Meanwhile, the 2001 offline release of HyperDic 1.0 remains available on CD-rom.

HyperDic CD-rom CD-rom (all modern platforms)
ISBN 87-90905-02-4
released 2001
Price: 50 USD, incl. standard shipping

By using the ISBN number, any bookshop in the world can order the HyperDic CD-rom, but this process can be slow, as they may have to import it through inefficient channels.

A quicker alternative is to buy HyperDic online, directly from us, the publisher. We accept credit card payments, and ship all over the world.

HyperDic is a hyper-dictionary: a new kind of dictionary with interesting possibilities offered by the web format. The CD-rom version of HyperDic was derived from a slightly modified version of the WordNet 1.6 databases. Each word entry has its own XHTML page, with links to different sets of related words, like for instance similar, opposite, broader or narrower terms. Words can be looked up in the alphabetical index, or through a JavaScript searchbox.

The relations between 120.000 English words are expressed as web-links, allowing the reader to "surf" on the English vocabulary, with fast and easy "single-click" access to related terms. The word car, for instance, is connected to synonyms like automobile, broader concepts as motor vehicle, and narrower terms like ambulance.

Since HyperDic is a perfectly standard XHTML web text, it can be accessed from any browser, on all modern platforms (Windows, Macintosh, Unix/Linux), without any kind of program installation. Pages can be printed out directly from the browser, or imported into most text processing software, and converted to a wide variety of formats.

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