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Català > 4 sentits de la paraula reparar:
VERBchangereparar, adobar, apariar, arreglar, atendre, restituirrestore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn / torn or broken
contactreparar, assegurar, concertar, fixarcause to be firmly attached
possessionrepararfit out again
possessionreparar, allisar, aplanarfree from obstructions
Català > reparar: 4 sentits > verb 1, change
Sentitrestore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn / torn or broken.
Sinònimsadobar, apariar, arreglar, atendre, restituir
Implicat permodernitzar, repassar, revisarmake repairs, renovations, revisions or adjustments to
Específicadobarrepair or mend
coparplug with a substance
posar pegats amend by putting a patch on
rejuntarrepair the joints of bricks
sargirrepair by sewing
GeneralmillorarTo make better
Contrariespatllar-se, trencar-se, trencarruin completely
Anglèsrepair, mend, fix, bushel, doctor, furbish up, restore, touch on
Espanyolarreglar, atender, componer, recomponer, reparar, restaurar, restituir
Nomsadobador, apedaçador, reparadorA skilled worker who mends or repairs things
adobament, adob, reparacióThe act of putting something in working order again
Català > reparar: 4 sentits > verb 2, contact
SentitCause to be firmly attached.
Sinònimsassegurar, concertar, fixar
Causa deamarrar, fixar, lligarBecome fixed or fastened
Implicat perembolicarSecure with or as if with ropes
lacrar, precintar, segellarClose with or as if with a seal
Específicadherir-se, adherir, encaixar, enganxar, falcar, tasconarPut, fix, force, or implant
amarrar, empatar, lligarFasten or secure with a rope, string, or cord
amarrar, atracarSecure in or as if in a berth or dock
amarrarSecure with cables or ropes
ancorarSecure a vessel with an anchor
ancorarFix firmly and stably
assegurar, lligar amb corretjaSecure (a sprained joint) with a strap
botonar, cordar, embotonar, ensivellarFasten with a buckle or buckles
botonar, embotonarFasten with buttons
brodar, confeccionar, cosir, frunzirFasten by sewing
cementar, enganxarBind or join with or as if with cement
cenyirfasten with a belt
connectar, lligar amb filferro, posar filats, tancar amb un filatFasten with wire
embenarwrap / wrap around with something so as to cover or enclose
encadenarFasten or secure with chains
encordarstring together
enganxarFasten with a hook
graparSecure or fasten with a staple or staples
lligarFasten with a cable
penjarCause to be hanging or suspended
reblar, reblonarFasten with a rivet or rivets
subjectarattach or fasten with pins or as if with pins
Generaladjuntar, fermar, subjectarCause to be attached
Contraridescordar, desprendreCause to become undone
Anglèsfasten, fix, secure
Espanyolasegurar, concertar, fijar, reparar, sujetar, unir
Nomscontinuïtat, fixesa, persistènciaThe quality of being fixed in place as by some firm attachment
fixació, subjeccióThe act of fastening things together
instal·lació fixa, moble fixAn object firmly fixed in place (especially in a household)
tancarestraint that attaches to something or holds something in place
Català > reparar: 4 sentits > verb 3, possession
Sentitfit out again.
GeneralequiparProvide with (something) usually for a specific purpose
Espanyolreacondicionar, reparar
Català > reparar: 4 sentits > verb 4, possession
SentitFree from obstructions.
Sinònimsallisar, aplanar
Generalalliberar-se, alliberar, deslliurar-se, deslliurar, eliminar, lliurarrelieve from
Anglèssmooth, smooth out
Espanyolalisar, allanar, arreglar

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