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Català > 3 sentits de la paraula tanca:
NOMartifacttancarestraint that attaches to something or holds something in place
artifacttancaa barrier that serves to enclose an area
artifacttanca, estacada, palissada, tancata fence made of upright pickets
Català > tanca: 3 sentits > nom 1, artifact
Sentitrestraint that attaches to something or holds something in place.
EspecíficabraçadoraA fastener (usually with two projecting horns) around which a rope can be secured
agulla d'estendre, pinça d'estendrewood or plastic fastener
agulla de cap, pinA small slender (often pointed) piece of wood or metal used to support or fasten or attach things
balda, baldó, llisquet, pestellA fastener that fastens or locks a door or window
bitóA fastener consisting of a peg or pin or crosspiece that is inserted into an eye at the end of a rope or a chain or a cable in order to fasten it to something (as another rope or chain or cable)
botóA round fastener sewn to shirts and coats etc to fit through buttonholes
cadenat, panyA fastener fitted to a door or drawer to keep it firmly closed
cargol, roscaA fastener with a tapered threaded shank and a slotted head
civella, sivellafastener that fastens together two ends of a belt or strap
clauA thin pointed piece of metal that is hammered into materials as a fastener
clipAny of various small fasteners used to hold loose articles together
clàvia, clavillaA fastener that is inserted into holes in two adjacent pieces and holds them together
cremalleraA fastener for locking together two toothed edges by means of a sliding tab
enllaç, linkup, nus, vincleA fastener that serves to join or connect
fermallA fastener (as a buckle or hook) that is used to hold two things together
filet, roscafastener consisting of a narrow strip of welded metal used to join steel members
foca, lacrefastener consisting of a resinous composition that is plastic when warm
gafeta, gafetA fastener used on clothing
grapaA fastener for holding a sheet of paper in place
llaç, nusAny of various fastenings formed by looping and tying a rope (or cord) upon itself or to another rope or to another object
precintefastener that provides a tight and perfect closure
ulletfastener consisting of a metal ring for lining a small hole to permit the attachment of cords or lines
xavetafastener consisting of a wedge or pin inserted through a slot to hold two other pieces together
Generalfre, limitació, restriccióA device that retards something's motion / motion
Anglèsfastener, fastening, holdfast, fixing
Espanyolcierre, ligadura, sujeción
Verbsadherir, encolar, enganxar, lligar, vincularstick / stick to firmly
amarrar, fixar, lligarBecome fixed or fastened
assegurar, concertar, fixar, repararCause to be firmly attached
Català > tanca: 3 sentits > nom 2, artifact
SentitA barrier that serves to enclose an area.
Específicassut, resclosaA fence or wattle built across a stream to catch or retain fish
bardissa, tanca vivaA fence formed by a row of closely planted shrubs or bushes
estacada, palissada, tanca, tancatA fence made of upright pickets
Generalbarrera, obstacleA structure or object that impedes free movement
Anglèsfence, fencing
Espanyolalambrada, cercado, cerca, seto, valla
Verbscerclar, encerclarenclose with a fence
circumdar, emmurallar, encerclar, envoltar, murar, voltarSurround with a wall in order to fortify
Català > tanca: 3 sentits > nom 3, artifact
SentitA fence made of upright pickets.
Sinònimsestacada, palissada, tancat
PartspalA wooden strip forming part of a fence
GeneraltancaA barrier that serves to enclose an area
Anglèspicket fence, paling
Espanyolcerca de estacas, empalizada, estacada, valla de estacas, valla

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