HyperDic: bush

English > 9 senses of the word bush / Bush:
NOUNplantbush, shruba low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
locationbusha large wilderness area
groupbush, scrub, chaparraldense vegetation consisting of stunted trees or bushes
person Bush, George Bush, George W. Bush, George Walker Bush, President Bush, President George W. Bush, Dubyuh, Dubya43rd President of the United States
person Bush, Vannevar BushUnited States electrical engineer who designed an early analogue computer and who led the scientific program of the United States during World War II (1890-1974)
person Bush, George Bush, George H.W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, President Bushvice president under Reagan and 41st President of the United States (born in 1924)
bodybush, pubic hair, crotch hairhair growing in the pubic area
ADJECTIVEallbush, bush-leaguenot of the highest quality or sophistication
VERBpossessionbushprovide with a bushing
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Rhymesambush ... tush: 6 rhymes with uhsh...
English > bush: 9 senses > adjective 1
Meaningnot of the highest quality or sophistication.
BroaderinferiorOf low or inferior quality
English > bush: 9 senses > noun 1, plant
MeaningA low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems.
Member ofshrubberyA collection of shrubs growing together
NarrowerAfrican hemp, Sparmannia africanalarge shrub of South Africa having many conspicuously hairy branches with large hairy leaves and clusters of conspicuous white flowers
American angelica tree, devil's walking stick, Hercules'-club, Aralia spinosasmall deciduous clump-forming tree or shrub of eastern United States
Anadenanthera colubrina, Piptadenia macrocarpaBrazilian shrub having twice-pinnate leaves and small spicate flowers followed by flat or irregularly torulose pods
Apalachicola rosemary, Conradina glabrasmall shrub of Apalachicola River area in southeastern United States having highly aromatic pinkish flowers
Australian heathAny heathlike plant of the family Epacridaceae
Catha edulisA shrub that is cultivated by Arabs for its leaves which are chewed or used to make tea
Chilean firebush, Chilean flameflower, Embothrium coccineumGrown for outstanding display of brilliant usually scarlet-crimson flowers
Chilean nut, Chile nut, Chile hazel, Chilean hazelnut, Guevina heterophylla, Guevina avellanaChilean shrub bearing coral-red fruit with an edible seed resembling a hazelnut
Chilean rimu, Lepidothamnus fonkiiAbout the hardiest Podocarpaceae species
Chinese angelica, Chinese angelica tree, Aralia stipulataSimilar to American angelica tree but less prickly
Chinese holly, Ilex cornutadense rounded evergreen shrub of China having spiny leaves
Christ's-thorn, Jerusalem thorn, Paliurus spina-christithorny Eurasian shrub with dry woody winged fruit
Christmasberry, Christmas berry, Lycium carolinianumSpiny evergreen shrub of southeastern United States having spreading branches usually blue or mauve flowers and red berries
Dalmatian laburnum, Petteria ramentacea, Cytisus ramentaceusErect shrub having large trifoliate leaves and dense clusters of yellow flowers followed by poisonous seeds
Erythroxylon coca, coca, coca plantA South American shrub whose leaves are chewed by natives of the Andes
Erythroxylon truxiuenseA South American shrub whose leaves are a source of cocaine
Himalaya honeysuckle, Leycesteria formosashrub honeysuckle with drooping spikes of purplish flowers
Indian rhododendron, Melastoma malabathricumevergreen spreading shrub of India and southeastern Asia having large purple flowers
Japan allspice, Japanese allspice, winter sweet, Chimonanthus praecoxdeciduous Japanese shrub cultivated for its fragrant yellow flowers
Japanese angelica tree, Aralia elatadeciduous clump-forming Asian shrub or small tree
Jerusalem thorn, horsebean, Parkinsonia aculeatalarge shrub or shrubby tree having sharp spines and pinnate leaves with small deciduous leaflets and sweet-scented racemose yellow-orange flowers
Juneberry, serviceberry, service tree, shadbush, shadblowAny of various North American trees or shrubs having showy white flowers and edible blue-black or purplish fruit
Jupiter's beard, silverbush, silver-bush, Anthyllis barba-jovissilvery hairy European shrub with evergreen foliage and pale yellow flowers
Labrador tea, crystal tea, Ledum groenlandicumevergreen shrub of eastern North America having white or creamy bell-shaped flowers and dark green hairy leaves used for tea during American Revolution
Medinilla magnificaA beautiful tropical evergreen epiphytic shrub grown for its lush foliage and huge panicles of pink flowers
Mysore thorn, Caesalpinia decapetala, Caesalpinia sepiariaSpreading thorny shrub of tropical Asia bearing large erect racemes of red-marked yellow flowers
Oregon grape, Oregon holly grape, hollygrape, mountain grape, holly-leaves barberry, Mahonia aquifoliumOrnamental evergreen shrub of Pacific coast of North America having dark green pinnate leaves and racemes of yellow flowers followed by blue-black berries
Oregon grape, Mahonia nervosasmall shrub with grey-green leaves and yellow flowers followed by glaucous blue berries
Pyracantha, pyracanth, fire thorn, firethornAny of various thorny shrubs of the genus Pyracantha bearing small white flowers followed by hard red or orange-red berries
Russian thistle, Russian tumbleweed, Russian cactus, tumbleweed, Salsola kali tenuifoliaprickly bushy Eurasian plant
Tasman dwarf pine, Microstrobos niphophilussmall shrub or Tasmania having short stiff branches
abeliaAny of various deciduous or evergreen ornamental shrubs of the genus Abelia having opposite simple leaves and cymes of small white or pink or purplish flowers
allspicedeciduous shrubs having aromatic bark
alpine azalea, mountain azalea, Loiseleuria procumbensCreeping mat-forming evergreen shrub of high mountain regions of northern hemisphere grown for its rose-pink flowers
alpine totara, Podocarpus nivalisLow wide-spreading coniferous shrub of New Zealand mountains
amorphaAny plant of the genus Amorpha having odd-pinnate leaves and purplish spicate flowers
andromedaAny of several shrubs of the genus Andromeda having leathery leaves and clusters of small flowers
andromeda, Japanese andromeda, lily-of-the-valley tree, Pieris japonicabroad-leaved evergreen Asiatic shrub with glossy leaves and drooping clusters of white flowers
angel's trumpet, maikoa, Brugmansia arborea, Datura arboreaA South American plant that is cultivated for its large fragrant trumpet-shaped flowers
angel's trumpet, Brugmansia suaveolens, Datura suaveolensSouth American plant cultivated for its very large nocturnally fragrant trumpet-shaped flowers
arbutusAny of several evergreen shrubs of the genus Arbutus of temperate Europe and America
arrow wood, southern arrow wood, Viburnum dentatumdeciduous shrub of eastern North America having blue-black berries and tough / tough pliant wood formerly used to make arrows
arrow wood, Viburnum recognitumClosely related to southern arrow wood
artemisiaAny of various composite shrubs or herbs of the genus Artemisia having aromatic green or greyish foliage
banksiaAny shrub or tree of the genus Banksia having alternate leathery leaves apetalous yellow flowers often in showy heads and conelike fruit with winged seeds
barbasco, joewood, Jacquinia keyensisWest Indian shrub or small tree having leathery saponaceous leaves and extremely hard wood
barberryAny of numerous plants of the genus Berberis having prickly stems and yellow flowers followed by small red berries
bean caper, Syrian bean caper, Zygophyllum fabagoperennial shrub of the eastern Mediterranean region and southwestern Asia having flowers whose buds are used as capers
bean trefoil, stinking bean trefoil, Anagyris foetidashrub with trifoliate leaves and yellow flowers followed by backward curving seed pods
bearberrychiefly evergreen subshrubs of northern to Arctic areas
beauty bush, Kolkwitzia amabilisChinese deciduous shrub with yellow-throated pinkish flowers and bristly fruit
bird's-eye bush, Ochna serrulatashrub with narrow-elliptic glossy evergreen leaves and yellow flowers with leathery petaloid sepals
bitter peaAny of several spiny shrubs of the genus Daviesia having yellow flowers and triangular seeds
black haw, Viburnum prunifoliumupright deciduous shrub having frosted dark-blue fruit
blackthorn, sloe, Prunus spinosaA thorny Eurasian bush with plumlike fruits
bladder senna, Colutea arborescensyellow-flowered European shrub cultivated for its succession of yellow flowers and very inflated bladdery pods and as a source of wildlife food
blolly, West Indian snowberry, Chiococca albaevergreen climbing shrub of southern Florida and West Indies grown for its racemes of fragrant white to creamy flowers followed by globose white succulent berries
blue cohosh, blueberry root, papooseroot, papoose root, squawroot, squaw root, Caulophyllum thalictrioides, Caulophyllum thalictroidestall herb of eastern North America and Asia having blue berrylike fruit and a thick knotty rootstock / rootstock formerly used medicinally
blueberry, blueberry bushAny of numerous shrubs of the genus Vaccinium bearing blueberries
box, boxwoodevergreen shrubs or small trees
bracelet wood, Jacquinia armillarissmall West Indian shrub or tree with hard glossy seeds patterned yellow and brown that are used to make bracelets
bridal wreath, bridal-wreath, Francoa ramosaChilean evergreen shrub having delicate spikes of small white flowers
bristly locust, rose acacia, moss locust, Robinia hispidalarge shrub or small tree of the eastern United States having bristly stems and large clusters of pink flowers
broomAny of various shrubs of the genera ... / genera Cytisus or Genista or Spartium having long slender branches and racemes of yellow flowers
bryanthusprocumbent Old World mat-forming evergreen shrub with racemes of pinkish-white flowers
buckler mustard, Biscutalla laevigataplant of southeastern Europe having yellow flowers like those of mustard and pods with open valves resembling bucklers
buckthornAny shrub or small tree of the genus Bumelia
buckthornA shrub or shrubby tree of the genus Rhamnus
burning bush(Old Testament) the bush that burned without being consumed and from which God spoke to Moses
bush hibiscus, Radyera farragei, Hibiscus farrageisouthern and western Australian shrub with unlobed or shallowly lobed toothed leaves and purple flowers
bush honeysuckle, Diervilla loniceraSpreading bush of northeastern United States having small clusters of fragrant green and yellow flowers
bush honeysuckle, Diervilla sessilifoliabush honeysuckle of southeastern United States having large crowded clusters of sulfur-yellow flowers
bush poppy, tree poppyevergreen shrub of southwestern United States and Mexico often cultivated for its fragrant golden yellow flowers
bushman's poison, ordeal tree, Acocanthera oppositifolia, Acocanthera venenataevergreen shrub or tree of South Africa
butcher's broom, Ruscus aculeatusshrub with stiff flattened stems resembling leaves (cladophylls)
butterfly bush, buddleiaTropical shrub having clusters of white or violet or yellow flowers
butterfly flower, Bauhinia monandrashrub or small tree of Dutch Guiana having clusters of pink flowers streaked with purple
calliandraAny of various shrubs and small trees valued for their fine foliage and attractive spreading habit and clustered white to deep pink or red flowers
camellia, cameliaAny of several shrubs or small evergreen trees having solitary white or pink or reddish flowers
candlewoodAny of several resinous trees or shrubs often burned for light
cannabis, hempAny plant of the genus Cannabis
caperAny of numerous plants of the genus Capparis
capsicum, pepper, capsicum pepper plantAny of various tropical plants of the genus Capsicum bearing peppers
caricature plant, Graptophyllum pictumTropical Old World shrub having purple or red tubular flowers and leaf markings resembling the profile of a human face
carissaA shrub of the genus Carissa having fragrant white flowers and plumlike red to purple-black fruits
cassava, casavaAny of several plants of the genus Manihot having fleshy roots yielding a nutritious starch
castor-oil plant, castor bean plant, palma christi, palma christ, Ricinus communislarge shrub of tropical Africa and Asia having large palmate leaves and spiny capsules containing seeds that are the source of castor oil and ricin
cat's-claw, catclaw, black bead, Pithecellobium unguis-catiErect shrub with small if any spines having racemes of white to yellow flowers followed by curved pointed pods and black shiny seeds
chalice vine, trumpet flower, cupflower, Solandra guttataMexican evergreen climbing plant having large solitary funnel-shaped fragrant yellow flowers with purple-brown ridges in the throat
chanar, chanal, Geoffroea decorticansthorny shrub or small tree common in central Argentina having small / small orange or yellow flowers followed by edible berries
chaparral pea, stingaree-bush, Pickeringia montanaSpiny evergreen xerophytic shrub having showy rose and purple flowers and forming dense thickets
cherry laurel, laurel cherry, Prunus laurocerasusfrequently cultivated Eurasian evergreen shrub or small tree having showy clusters of white flowers and glossy foliage and yielding oil similar to bitter almond oil
cinquefoil, five-fingerAny of a numerous plants grown for their five-petaled flowers
climbing hydrangea, Schizophragma hydrangeoidesClimbing shrub with adhesive aerial roots having opposite leaves and small white flowers in terminal cymes
columneaTropical plant having thick hairy somewhat toothed leaves and solitary or clustered yellow to scarlet flowers
common flat pea, native holly, Playlobium obtusangulumLow spreading evergreen shrub of southern Australia having triangular to somewhat heart-shaped foliage and orange-yellow flowers followed by flat winged pods
coral bush, flame bush, Templetonia retusaAustralian shrub having simple obovate leaves and brilliant scarlet flowers
coralberry, spiceberry, Ardisia crenatashrub with coral-red berries
coralberry, Indian currant, Symphoricarpos orbiculatusNorth American deciduous shrub cultivated for it abundant clusters of coral-red berrylike fruits
corkwood, corkwood tree, Leitneria floridanaVery small deciduous dioecious tree or shrub of damp habitats in southeastern United States having extremely light wood
coronillaAny of various plants of the genus Coronilla having purple or pink or yellow flowers in long axillary heads or umbels
cotoneasterAny shrub of the genus Cotoneaster
cotton, cotton plantErect bushy mallow plant or small tree bearing bolls containing seeds with many long hairy fibers
coyote brush, coyote bush, chaparral broom, kidney wort, Baccharis pilularisWidely spreading evergreen shrub of southwestern United States with flower heads in a leafy panicle
cranberryAny of numerous shrubs of genus Vaccinium bearing cranberries
cranberry bush, cranberry tree, American cranberry bush, highbush cranberry, Viburnum trilobumdeciduous North American shrub or small tree having three-lobed leaves and red berries
crape jasmine, crepe jasmine, crepe gardenia, pinwheel flower, East Indian rosebay, Adam's apple, Nero's crown, coffee rose, Tabernaemontana divaricateTropical shrub having glossy foliage and fragrant nocturnal flowers with crimped or wavy corollas
crape myrtle, crepe myrtle, crepe flower, Lagerstroemia indicaOrnamental shrub from eastern India commonly planted in the southern United States
creosote bush, coville, hediondilla, Larrea tridentatadesert shrub of southwestern United States and New Mexico having persistent resinous aromatic foliage and small yellow flowers
croton, Croton tigliumTropical Asiatic shrub
croton, Codiaeum variegatumGrown in many varieties for their brightly colored foliage
crowberryA low evergreen shrub with small purple flowers and black berrylike fruit
currant, currant bushAny of various deciduous shrubs of the genus Ribes bearing currants
cushion flower, pincushion hakea, Hakea laurinatall straggling shrub with large globose crimson-yellow flowers
cyrilla, leatherwood, white titi, Cyrilla racemiflorashrub or small tree of southeastern United States to West Indies and Brazil
daisybush, daisy-bush, daisy bushAny of various mostly Australian attractively shaped shrubs of the genus Olearia grown for their handsome and sometimes fragrant evergreen foliage and profusion of daisy flowers with white or purple or blue rays
daphneAny of several ornamental shrubs with shiny mostly evergreen leaves and clusters of small bell-shaped flowers
day jessamine, Cestrum diurnumWest Indian evergreen shrub having clusters of funnel-shaped white flowers that are fragrant by day
derrisAny of various usually woody vines of the genus Derris of tropical Asia whose roots yield the insecticide rotenone
desert willow, Chilopsis linearisevergreen shrubby tree resembling a willow of dry regions / regions of southwestern North America having showy purplish flowers and long seed pods
dog laurel, dog hobble, switch-ivy, Leucothoe fontanesiana, Leucothoe editorumfast-growing evergreen shrub of southeastern United States having arching interlaced branches and racemes of white flowers
dombeyaAny of various shrubs or small trees of the genus Dombeya grown for their rounded clusters of exquisite often sweet-scented flowers usually hanging beneath the leaves
dusty miller, Senecio cineraria, Cineraria maritimaStiff much-branched perennial of the Mediterranean region having very white woolly stems and leaves
dwarf golden chinkapin, Chrysolepis sempervirensevergreen shrub similar to golden chinkapin
elder, elderberry bushAny of numerous shrubs or small trees of temperate and subtropical northern hemisphere having white flowers and berrylike fruit
ephedra, joint firjointed and nearly leafless desert shrub having reduced scalelike leaves and reddish fleshy seeds
false azalea, fool's huckleberry, Menziesia ferrugineastraggling shrub of northwestern North America having foliage with a bluish tinge and umbels of small bell-shaped flowers
false tamarisk, German tamarisk, Myricaria germanicaEurasian shrub resembling the tamarisk
feijoa, feijoa bushSouth American shrub having edible greenish plumlike fruit
fetterbush, fetter bush, shiny lyonia, Lyonia lucidashowy evergreen shrub of southeastern United States with shiny leaves and angled branches and clusters of pink to reddish flowers that resemble an umbel
fetterbush, mountain fetterbush, mountain andromeda, Pieris floribundaOrnamental evergreen shrub of southeastern United States having small white bell-shaped flowers
fever tree, Georgia bark, bitter-bark, Pinckneya pubensOrnamental shrub or small tree of swampy areas in southwestern United States having large pink or white sepals and yielding Georgia bark for treating fever
flame peaAny of several small shrubs or twining vines having entire or lobed leaves and racemes of yellow to orange-red flowers
flannelbush, flannel bush, California beautyAny of several handsome evergreen shrubs of California and northern Mexico having downy lobed leaves and showy yellow flowers
flat pea, Platylobium formosumevergreen shrub having almost heart-shaped foliage and bright yellow pea-like flowers followed by flat pods with flat wings
flowering quinceAsiatic ornamental shrub with spiny branches and pink or red blossoms
flowering shrubshrub noted primarily for its flowers
forestieraAny plant of the genus Forestiera
forsythiaAny of various early blooming oleaceous shrubs of the genus Forsythia
fothergilla, witch alderAny of several deciduous low-growing shrubs of the genus Fothergilla having showy brushlike spikes of white flowers in spring and fiery red and orange autumn color
frangipani, frangipanniAny of various tropical American deciduous shrubs or trees of the genus Plumeria having milky sap and showy fragrant funnel-shaped variously colored flowers
fuchsiaAny of various tropical shrubs widely cultivated for their showy drooping purplish or reddish or white flowers
gardeniaAny of various shrubs and small trees of the genus Gardenia having large fragrant white or yellow flowers
geebungAny of numerous shrubs and small trees having hard narrow leaves and long-lasting yellow or white flowers followed by small edible but insipid fruits
glory pea, clianthusAny of various shrubs or vines of the genus Clianthus having compound leaves and pea-like red flowers in drooping racemes
goldenbushAny of various much-branched yellow-flowered shrubs of the genus Chrysothamnus
gooseberry, gooseberry bush, Ribes uva-crispa, Ribes grossulariaSpiny Eurasian shrub having greenish purple-tinged flowers and ovoid yellow-green or red-purple berries
gorse, furze, whin, Irish gorse, Ulex europaeusVery spiny and dense evergreen shrub with fragrant golden-yellow flowers
governor's plum, governor plum, Madagascar plum, ramontchi, batoko palm, Flacourtia indicasmall shrubby tree of Madagascar / Madagascar cultivated in tropical regions as a hedge plant and for its deep red acid fruits resembling small plums
greasewood, black greasewood, Sarcobatus vermiculatusLow hardy much-branched spiny shrub common in alkaline soils of western America
grevilleaAny shrub or tree of the genus Grevillea
groundsel tree, groundsel bush, consumption weed, cotton-seed tree, Baccharis halimifoliaA shrub of salt marshes of eastern and south central North America and West Indies
guelder rose, European cranberrybush, European cranberry bush, crampbark, cranberry tree, Viburnum opulusdeciduous thicket-forming Old World shrub with clusters of white flowers and small bright red berries
guinea gold vine, guinea flowerAny of several Australasian evergreen vines widely cultivated in warm regions for their large bright yellow single flowers
hameliaAny of several flowering tropical or subtropical shrubs of the genus Hamelia
hawthorn, hawA spring-flowering shrub or small tree of the genus Crataegus
heathA low evergreen shrub of the family Ericaceae
helianthemum, sunrose, sun roseAny plant of the genus Helianthemum
hiccup nut, hiccough nut, Combretum bracteosumOrnamental African shrub or climber with red flowers
hoary golden bush, Hazardia canawestern American shrubs having white felted foliage and yellow flowers that become red-purple
honey bell, honeybells, Hermannia verticillata, Mahernia verticillataAfrican shrub having decumbent stems and slender yellow honey-scented flowers either solitary or in pairs
honeyflower, honey-flower, mountain devil, Lambertia formosaErect bushy shrub of eastern Australia having terminal clusters of red flowers yielding much nectar
honeysuckleshrub or vine of the genus Lonicera
hovea, purple peaAny of several attractive evergreen shrubs of Australia grown for their glossy deep green foliage and flowers in rich blues and intense violets
huckleberryAny of several shrubs of the genus Gaylussacia bearing small berries resembling blueberries
huckleberry oak, Quercus vaccinifoliaA low spreading or prostrate shrub of southwestern United States with small acorns and leaves resembling those of the huckleberry
hydrangeaAny of various deciduous or evergreen shrubs of the genus Hydrangea
impala lily, mock azalia, desert rose, kudu lily, Adenium obesum, Adenium multiflorumSouth African shrub having a swollen succulent stem and bearing showy pink and white flowers after the leaves fall
indigo, indigo plant, Indigofera tinctoriadeciduous subshrub of southeastern Asia having pinnate leaves and clusters of red or purple flowers
jasmineAny of several shrubs and vines of the genus Jasminum chiefly native to Asia
jujube, jujube bush, Christ's-thorn, Jerusalem thorn, Ziziphus jujubaSpiny tree having dark red edible fruits
kalmiaAny plant of the genus Kalmia
kapuka, Griselinia littoralissmall New Zealand broadleaf evergreen tree often cultivated in warm regions as an ornamental
kei apple, kei apple bush, Dovyalis caffravigorous South African spiny shrub grown for its round yellow juicy edible fruits
lady-of-the-night, Brunfelsia americanaWest Indian shrub with fragrant showy yellowish-white flowers
laurel sumac, Malosma laurina, Rhus laurinasmall aromatic evergreen shrub of California having paniculate leaves and whitish berries
lavenderAny of various Old World aromatic shrubs or subshrubs with usually mauve or blue flowers
lavender cotton, Santolina chamaecyparissusBranching aromatic Mediterranean shrub with woolly stems and leaves and yellow flowers
leadwort, Plumbago europaeaA plant of the genus Plumbago with blue flowers
leatherleaf, Chamaedaphne calyculatanorth temperate bog shrub with evergreen leathery leaves and small white cylindrical flowers
leatherwood, moosewood, moose-wood, wicopy, ropebark, Dirca palustrisdeciduous shrub of eastern North America having tough / tough flexible branches and pliable bark and small yellow flowers
leucothoeAny plant of the genus Leucothoe
lilacAny of various plants of the genus Syringa having large panicles of usually fragrant flowers
lomatiaAny of various ornamental evergreens of the genus Lomatia having attractive fragrant flowers
lotus tree, Ziziphus lotusshrubby deciduous tree of the Mediterranean region
makomako, New Zealand wine berry, wineberry, Aristotelia serrata, Aristotelia racemosagraceful deciduous shrub or small tree having attractive foliage and small red berries that turn black at maturity and are used for making wine
maleberry, male berry, privet andromeda, he-huckleberry, Lyonia ligustrinadeciduous much-branched shrub with dense downy panicles of small bell-shaped white flowers
mallowAny of various plants of the family Malvaceae
manzanitachiefly evergreen shrubs of warm dry areas of western North America
marlberry, Ardisia escallonoides, Ardisia paniculataTropical American shrub or small tree with brown wood and dark berries
marmalade bush, fire bush, fire-bush, Streptosolen jamesoniievergreen South American shrub having showy trumpet-shaped orange flowers
mastic, mastic tree, lentisk, Pistacia lentiscusAn evergreen shrub of the Mediterranean region that is cultivated for its resin
matrimony vine, boxthornAny of various shrubs or vines of the genus Lycium with showy flowers and bright berries
mesquite, mesquitAny of several small spiny trees or shrubs of the genus Prosopis having small flowers in axillary cylindrical spikes followed by large pods rich in sugar
mimosaAny of various tropical shrubs or trees of the genus Mimosa having usually yellow flowers and compound leaves
minniebush, minnie bush, Menziesia pilosaLow shrub of the eastern United States with downy twigs
mock privetevergreen shrub with white flowers and olivelike fruits
mountain rimu, Lepidothamnus laxifolius, Dacridium laxifoliuslow-growing to prostrate shrub with slender trailing branches
mucunaAny of several erect or climbing woody plants of the genus Mucuna
mule fat, Baccharis vimineaCalifornia shrub with slender leafy shoots that are important browse for mule deer
mutisiaAny of various plants of the genus Mutisia
naranjilla, Solanum quitoensesmall perennial shrub cultivated in uplands of South America for its edible bright orange fruits resembling tomatoes or oranges
native cranberry, groundberry, ground-berry, cranberry heath, Astroloma humifusum, Styphelia humifusumsmall prostrate or ascending shrub having scarlet flowers and succulent fruit resembling cranberries
native pear, woody pear, Xylomelum pyriformeTree bearing pear-shaped fruit with a thick woody epicarp
needlebush, needle-bush, needle bush, Hakea lissospermashrub with pungent rigid needle-shaped leaves and white flowers
needlewood, needle-wood, needle wood, Hakea leucopteralarge bushy shrub with pungent pointed leaves and creamy white flowers
negro peach, Sarcocephalus latifolius, Sarcocephalus esculentusA stout spreading or semi-climbing tropical shrub with round brownish-red warty fruit
night jasmine, night jessamine, Cestrum nocturnumWest Indian evergreen shrub having clusters of funnel-shaped yellow-white flowers that are fragrant by night
oleasterAny of several shrubs of the genus Elaeagnus having silver-white twigs and yellow flowers followed by olivelike fruits
othonnaA South African plant of the genus Othonna having smooth often fleshy leaves and heads of yellow flowers
paloverdeA thorny shrub of the genus Cercidium that grows in dry parts of the southwestern United States and adjacent Mexico
patchouli, patchouly, pachouli, Pogostemon cablinsmall East Indian shrubby mint
pavoniaAny of various evergreen plants of the genus Pavonia having white or yellow or purple flowers
pea tree, caraganaAny plant of the genus Caragana having even-pinnate leaves and mostly yellow flowers followed by seeds in a linear pod
pepper shrub, Pseudowintera colorata, Wintera colorataevergreen shrub or small tree whose foliage is conspicuously blotched with red and yellow and having small black fruits
phalsa, Grewia asiaticadrought-resistant Asiatic treelike shrub bearing pleasantly acid small red edible fruits commonly used in sherbets
philadelphusAny of various chiefly deciduous ornamental shrubs of the genus Philadelphus having white sweet-scented flowers, single or in clusters
pichi, Fabiana imbricataPeruvian shrub with small pink to lavender tubular flowers
pigeon pea, pigeon-pea plant, cajan pea, catjang pea, red gram, dhal, dahl, Cajanus cajanTropical woody herb with showy yellow flowers and flat pods
pink fivecorner, Styphelia trifloraheathlike shrub of southwestern Australia grown for its sharply scented foliage and pink flowers followed by pentagonal fruit
pitcher sage, Lepechinia calycina, Sphacele calycinaCalifornia plant with woolly stems and leaves and large white flowers
poison bush, poison pea, gastrolobiumAny of various Australian evergreen shrubs of the genus Gastrolobium having whorled compound leaves poisonous to livestock and showy yellow to deep reddish-orange flowers followed by two-seeded pods
potato tree, Brazilian potato tree, Solanum wrightii, Solanum macranthumSouth American shrub or small tree widely cultivated in the tropics
privetAny of various Old World shrubs having smooth entire leaves and terminal panicles of small white flowers followed by small black berries
proteaAny tropical African shrub of the genus Protea having alternate rigid leaves and dense colorful flower heads resembling cones
puka, Griselinia lucidaSouth American shrub or small tree having long shining evergreen leaves and panicles of green or yellow flowers
pyxie, pixie, pixy, Pyxidanthera barbulataCreeping evergreen shrub having narrow overlapping leaves and early white star-shaped flowers
rauwolfia, rauvolfiaAny shrub or small tree of the genus Rauwolfia having leaves in whorls and cymose flowers
red angel's trumpet, Brugmansia sanguinea, Datura sanguineaarborescent South American shrub having very large orange-red flowers
red shrubby penstemon, redwood penstemonLow branching dark green shrub with bunches of brick-red flowers at ends of branches
retem, raetam, juniper bush, juniper, Retama raetam, Genista raetamdesert shrub of Syria and Arabia having small white flowers
rhododendronAny shrub of the genus Rhododendron
rockrose, rock rosesmall shrubs of scrub and dry woodland regions / regions of southern Europe and North Africa
rooibos, Aspalathus linearis, Aspalathus cedcarbergensisSouth African shrub having flat acuminate leaves and yellow flowers
rose, rosebushAny of many shrubs of the genus Rosa that bear roses
sabicu, Lysiloma sabicuWest Indian tree yielding a hard dark brown wood resembling mahogany in texture and value
salal, shallon, Gaultheria shallonsmall evergreen shrub of Pacific coast of North America having edible dark purple grape-sized berries
salt tree, Halimodendron halodendron, Halimodendron argenteumSpiny shrub of the Caspian salt plains and Siberia having elegant silvery, downy young / young foliage and mildly fragrant pink-purple blooms
saltbushAny of various shrubby plants of the genus Atriplex that thrive in dry alkaline soil
saltwort, Batis maritimalow-growing strong-smelling coastal shrub of warm parts of the New World having unisexual flowers in conelike spikes and thick succulent leaves
saltwort, barilla, glasswort, kali, kelpwort, Salsola kali, Salsola sodabushy plant of Old World salt marshes and sea beaches having prickly leaves
sand cherry, Prunus pumila, Prunus pumilla susquehanae, Prunus susquehanae, Prunus cuneatasmall straggling American cherry growing on sandy soil and having minute scarcely edible purplish-black fruit
sand myrtle, Leiophyllum buxifoliumlow-growing evergreen shrub of New Jersey to Florida grown for its many white star-shaped flowers and glossy foliage
screw treeA tree or shrub of the genus Helicteres
sea holly, sea holm, sea eryngium, Eryngium maritimumEuropean evergreen eryngo with twisted spiny leaves naturalized on United States east coast
sennaAny of various plants of the genus Senna having pinnately compound leaves and showy usually yellow flowers
shrubletdwarf shrub
silversword, Argyroxiphium sandwicenselow-growing plant found only in volcanic craters on Hawaii having rosettes of narrow pointed silver-green leaves and clusters of profuse red-purple flowers on a tall stem
slipper spurge, slipper plantAny of several tropical American shrubby succulent plants resembling cacti but having foot-shaped bracts
smoke bushAny of various shrubs of the genus Conospermum with panicles of mostly white woolly flowers
smoke tree, smoke bushAny of several shrubs or shrubby trees of the genus Cotinus
smoke tree, Dalea spinosaGreyish-green shrub of desert regions / regions of southwestern United States and Mexico having sparse foliage and terminal spikes of bluish violet flowers
sow thistle, milk thistleAny of several Old World coarse prickly-leaved shrubs and subshrubs having milky juice and yellow flowers
spicebush, spice bush, American spicebush, Benjamin bush, Lindera benzoin, Benzoin odoriferumdeciduous shrub of the eastern United States having highly aromatic leaves and bark and yellow flowers followed by scarlet or yellow berries
spindle tree, spindleberry, spindleberry treeAny shrubby trees or woody vines of the genus Euonymus having showy usually reddish berries
spirea, spiraeaAny rosaceous plant of the genus Spiraea
spurgeAny of numerous plants of the genus Euphorbia
staff treeAny small tree or twining shrub of the genus Celastrus
staggerbush, stagger bush, Lyonia marianadeciduous shrub of coastal plain of the eastern United States having nodding pinkish-white flowers
stephanotisAny of various evergreen climbing shrubs of the genus Stephanotis having fragrant waxy flowers
strawberry bush, wahoo, Euonymus americanusupright deciduous plant with crimson pods and seeds
strophanthusAny of various shrubs or small trees of the genus Strophanthus having whorled leaves and showy flowers of various colors in dense and corymbose clusters
styraxAny shrub or small tree of the genus Styrax having fragrant bell-shaped flowers that hang below the dark green foliage
subshrub, suffrutexlow-growing woody shrub or perennial with woody base
sumac, sumach, shumacA shrub or tree of the genus Rhus (usually limited to the non-poisonous members of the genus)
summer cypress, burning bush, fire bush, fire-bush, belvedere, Bassia scoparia, Kochia scopariadensely branched Eurasian plant
swamp oak, Viminaria juncea, Viminaria denudataAustralian leafless shrub resembling broom and having small yellow flowers
sweet bells, Leucothoe racemosabushy deciduous shrub of the eastern United States with long racemes of pinkish flowers
sweet fern, Comptonia peregrina, Comptonia asplenifoliadeciduous shrub of eastern North America with sweet scented fernlike leaves and tiny white flowers
sweet gale, Scotch gale, Myrica galebog shrub of north temperate zone having bitter-tasting fragrant leaves
sweet pepperbush, pepper bush, summer sweet, white alder, Clethra alnifoliashrub of eastern and southern coastal United States having beautiful racemes of spice-scented white flowers
tagasaste, Chamaecytisus palmensis, Cytesis proliferusshrub of Canary Islands having bristle-tipped oblanceolate leaves
tamariskAny shrub or small tree of the genus Tamarix having small scalelike or needle-shaped leaves and feathery racemes of small white or pinkish flowers
tea, Camellia sinensisA tropical evergreen shrub or small tree extensively cultivated in e.g. China and Japan and India
telegraph plant, semaphore plant, Codariocalyx motorius, Desmodium motorium, Desmodium gyransErect tropical Asian shrub whose small lateral leaflets rotate on their axes and jerk up and down under the influence of sunshine
thorn appleAny of several plants of the genus Datura
three-seeded mercury, Acalypha virginicaweedy herb of eastern North America
ti, Cordyline terminalisshrub with terminal tufts of elongated leaves used locally for thatching and clothing
toyon, tollon, Christmasberry, Christmas berry, Heteromeles arbutifolia, Photinia arbutifoliaOrnamental evergreen treelike shrub of the Pacific coast of the United States having large white flowers and red berrylike fruits
trailing arbutus, mayflower, Epigaea repenslow-growing evergreen shrub of eastern North America with leathery leaves and clusters of fragrant pink or white flowers
trapper's tea, glandular Labrador teaA Rocky Mountain shrub similar to Ledum groenlandicum
tree lupine, Lupinus arboreusevergreen shrub of the Pacific coast of the United States having showy yellow or blue flowers
tree mallow, velvetleaf, velvet-leaf, Lavatera arboreaarborescent perennial shrub having palmately lobed furry leaves and showy red-purple flowers
tree tomato, tamarilloSouth American arborescent shrub having pale pink blossoms followed by egg-shaped reddish-brown edible fruit somewhat resembling a tomato in flavor
umbrella tree, Schefflera actinophylla, Brassaia actinophyllaErect evergreen shrub or small tree of Australia and northern New Guinea having palmately compound leaves
undershrubA low shrub
wahoo, burning bush, Euonymus atropurpureusdeciduous shrub having purple capsules enclosing scarlet seeds
waratah, Telopea Oreadestall shrub of eastern Australia having oblanceolate to obovate leaves and red flowers in compact racemes
waratah, Telopea speciosissimastraggling shrub with narrow leaves and conspicuous red flowers in dense globular racemes
wax myrtleAny shrub or small tree of the genus Myrica with aromatic foliage and small wax-coated berries
wayfaring tree, twist wood, twistwood, Viburnum lantanaVigorous deciduous European treelike shrub common along waysides
weigela, Weigela floridadeciduous shrub widely cultivated for its white or pink or red flowers
western redbud, California redbud, Cercis occidentalisshrub of western United States having pink or crimson flowers
wild cinnamon, white cinnamon tree, Canella winterana, Canella-albalarge evergreen shrub or small tree having white aromatic bark and leathery leaves and small purple to red flowers in terminal cymes
wild peach, Kiggelaria africanalarge much-branched shrub grown primarily for its evergreen foliage
wild rosemary, marsh tea, Ledum palustrebog shrub of northern and central Europe and eastern Siberia to Korea and Japan
winged pigweed, tumbleweed, Cycloloma atriplicifoliumbushy annual weed of central North America having greenish flowers and winged seeds
winter hazel, flowering hazelAny of several Asiatic deciduous shrubs cultivated for their nodding racemes of yellow flowers that appear before the leaves
winter sweet, poison arrow plant, Acocanthera oblongifolia, Acocanthera spectabilismedium-sized shrubby tree of South Africa having thick leathery evergreen leaves and white or pink flowers and globose usually two-seeded purplish black fruits
witch hazel, witch hazel plant, wych hazel, wych hazel plantAny of several shrubs or trees of the genus Hamamelis
xylosma, Xylosma congestumshrub or small tree grown as an ornamental in mild climates for its neat evergreen foliage and fragrant late flowers
yellow oleander, Thevetia peruviana, Thevetia neriifoliaTropical American shrub or small tree having glossy dark green leaves and fragrant saffron yellow to orange or peach- colored flowers
yerba santa, Eriodictyon californicumviscid evergreen shrub of western United States with white to deep lilac flowers
yuccaAny of several evergreen plants of the genus Yucca having usually tall stout stems and a terminal cluster of white flowers
Broaderwoody plant, ligneous plantA plant having hard lignified tissues or woody parts especially stems
Spanisharbusto, mata
Catalanarbust, mata
Adjectivesbushyresembling a bush in being thickly branched and spreading
English > bush: 9 senses > noun 2, location
MeaningA large wilderness area.
NarroweroutbackThe bush country of the interior of Australia
Broaderwilderness, wildA wild and uninhabited area left in its natural condition
English > bush: 9 senses > noun 3, group
Meaningdense vegetation consisting of stunted trees or bushes.
Synonymsscrub, chaparral
Broadervegetation, flora, botanyAll the plant life in a particular region or period
Spanishbreña, chaparral, chaparro, maleza, matorral
Catalanbreny, matoll, sotabosc
Adjectivesbushyresembling a bush in being thickly branched and spreading
English > Bush: 9 senses > noun 4, person
Meaning43rd President of the United States; son of George Herbert Walker Bush (born in 1946).
SynonymsGeorge Bush, George W. Bush, George Walker Bush, President Bush, President George W. Bush, Dubyuh, Dubya
Instance ofPresident of the United States, United States President, President, Chief ExecutiveThe person who holds the office of head of state of the United States government
SpanishGeorge Bush, George Walker Bush, George W. Bush
CatalanGeorge Bush, George Walker Bush, George W. Bush
English > Bush: 9 senses > noun 5, person
MeaningUnited States electrical engineer who designed an early analogue computer and who led the scientific program of the United States during World War II (1890-1974).
SynonymVannevar Bush
Instance ofelectrical engineerA person trained in practical applications of the theory of electricity
SpanishVannevar Bush
CatalanVannevar Bush
English > Bush: 9 senses > noun 6, person
Meaningvice president under Reagan and 41st President of the United States (born in 1924).
SynonymsGeorge Bush, George H.W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, President Bush
Instance ofPresident of the United States, United States President, President, Chief ExecutiveThe person who holds the office of head of state of the United States government
SpanishBush, George Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, George H.W. Bush
CatalanBush, George Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, George H.W. Bush
English > bush: 9 senses > noun 7, body
Meaninghair growing in the pubic area.
Synonymspubic hair, crotch hair
Part ofadult bodyThe body of an adult human being
NarrowermingeVulgar term for a woman's pubic hair or genitals
BroaderhairA covering for the body (or parts of it) consisting of a dense growth of threadlike structures (as on the human head)
Spanishpendejo, vello púbico
Catalanpèl púbic
English > bush: 9 senses > verb 1, possession
MeaningProvide with a bushing.
PatternSomebody ----s something
Broadersupply, provide, render, furnishGive something useful or necessary to
Nounsbushinga cylindrical metal lining used to reduce friction
bushingan insulating liner in an opening through which conductors / conductors pass

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