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English > 2 senses of the word adhesive:
NOUNsubstanceadhesive, adhesive material, adhesive agenta substance that unites or bonds surfaces together
ADJECTIVEalladhesivetending to adhere
adhesive > pronunciation
Soundsaedhhiy'sihv; ahdhhiy'sihv
Rhymesabortive ... vituperative: 304 rhymes with ihv...
English > adhesive: 2 senses > adjective 1
Meaningtending to adhere.
Narroweradherentsticking / sticking fast
agglutinate, agglutinativeUnited as if by glue
bondablecapable of holding together or cohering
coherent, tenacioussticking together
cohesiveCausing cohesion
gluey, glutinous, gummy, mucilaginous, pasty, sticky, viscid, viscousHaving the sticky properties of an adhesive
gooey, ickySoft and sticky
gum-likeresembling chewing gum
gummed, gummyCovered with adhesive gum
pitchy, resinous, resiny, tarryHaving the characteristics / characteristics of pitch or tar
self-sealingseals without the application of moisture
stick-onOf something (a paper label or postage stamp) gummed in advance
stickyCovered with an adhesive material
Oppositenonadhesivenot tending to adhere
Nounsadhesivea substance that unites or bonds surfaces together
adhesivenessthe property of sticking together (as of glue and wood) or the joining of surfaces of different composition
Verbsadherestick / stick to firmly
English > adhesive: 2 senses > noun 1, substance
MeaningA substance that unites or bonds surfaces together.
Synonymsadhesive material, adhesive agent
NarrowerbinderSomething used to bind separate particles together or facilitate adhesion to a surface
birdlime, limeA sticky adhesive that is smeared on small branches to capture small birds
cementSomething that hardens to act as adhesive material
paste, library pasteAn adhesive made from water and flour or starch
rubber cementAn adhesive made by dissolving unvulcanized rubber in a solvent like benzene or naphtha
spirit gumAn adhesive solution made of gum and ether and used to attach false hair to skin
Broadermaterial, stuffThe tangible / tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object
Substancesepoxy, epoxy resin, epoxy glueA thermosetting resin
Spanishadhesivo, material adhesivo, pegamento
Catalanadhesiu, material adhesiu
Adjectivesadhesivetending to adhere

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