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English > 1 sense of the word joining:
NOUNactjoining, connection, connexionthe act of bringing two things into contact (especially for communication)
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English > joining: 1 sense > noun 1, act
MeaningThe act of bringing two things into contact (especially for communication).
Example"the joining of hands around the table"
Synonymsconnection, connexion
Narrowerapproximation, bringing close togetherThe act of bringing near or bringing together especially the cut edges of tissue
articulationThe act of joining things in such a way that motion / motion is possible
concatenationThe act of linking together as in a series or chain
convergence, converging, convergencyThe act of converging (coming closer)
encounter, coming uponA casual meeting with a person or thing
fastening, attachmentThe act of fastening things together
hitA connection made via the internet to another website
interconnection(computer science) the act of interconnecting (wires or computers or theories etc.)
intersectionThe act of intersecting (as joining by causing your path to intersect your target's path)
junction, adjunctionAn act of joining or adjoining things
Broaderchange of integrityThe act of changing the unity or wholeness of something
Spanishconexión, confianza, enlace, unión
Catalanconnexió, enllaç, unió
Verbsjoinmake contact or come together
joincause to become joined / joined or linked
joinbe or become joined or united or linked

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