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NOUNartifactcocaine, cocaina narcotic (alkaloid) extracted from coca leaves
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English > cocaine: 1 sense > noun 1, artifact
MeaningA narcotic (alkaloid) extracted from coca leaves; used as a surface anesthetic or taken for pleasure; can become powerfully addictive.
Narrowerbasucolow-grade cocaine mixed with coca paste and cannabis
coke, blow, nose candy, snow, Cstreet names for cocaine
crack, crack cocaine, tornadoA purified and potent form of cocaine that is smoked rather than snorted
Broaderhard drugA narcotic that is considered relatively strong and likely / likely to cause addiction
Substance ofcocadried leaves of the coca plant (and related plants that also contain cocaine)
Spanishbasuko, blanca, blanca nieves, cocaína, coca, dama blanca, farla, farlopa, harina, nieve, perica, perico, polvo blanco, polvo
Catalanbasuki, cocaïna, coca, dama blanca, farla, farlopa, neu, perica, perico

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