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Español > 5 sentidos de la palabra concertar:
VERBOcontactconcertar, asegurar, fijar, reparar, sujetar, unircause to be firmly attached
communicationconcertar, determinar, especificar, fijar, precisardecide upon or fix definitely
creationconcertarcontrive (a plan) by mutual agreement
creationconcertar, fijarset or place definitely
communicationconcertarsettle by agreement
Español > concertar: 5 sentidos > verbo 1, contact
SentidoCause to be firmly attached.
Sinónimosasegurar, fijar, reparar, sujetar, unir
Causa deamarrar, atar, fijarBecome fixed or fastened
Implicado poratarSecure with or as if with ropes
lacrar, precintar, sellarClose with or as if with a seal
Específicoabotonar, abrocharFasten with buttons
abrocharFasten with or as if with a brooch
adherir, calzar, depositar, encajar, enganchar, pegarPut, fix, force, or implant
alambrarFasten with wire
amarrar, atar, empatar, ligarFasten or secure with a rope, string, or cord
amarrar, anclar, atracarSecure in or as if in a berth or dock
amarrarFasten a boat to a bitt, pin, or cleat
amarrarSecure with cables or ropes
anclarSecure a vessel with an anchor
anclarFix firmly and stably
apretarse, ceñirfasten with a belt
atrancarSecure with, or as if with, bars
bordar, confeccionar, coserFasten by sewing
calzarSecure with chocks
candar, cerrarFasten with a lock
cementar, pegarBind or join with or as if with cement
cerrarSecure by locking
cincharTie a cinch around
clavarSecure with spikes
colgarCause to be hanging or suspended
encadenarFasten or secure with chains
encordarstring together
engancharFasten with a hook
engarzar, engazarFasten with a bight
enhebillarFasten with a buckle or buckles
enlecharBind with grout
estacarFasten with a picket
graparSecure with a cramp
graparSecure or fasten with a staple or staples
prenderattach or fasten with pins or as if with pins
remacharFasten with a rivet or rivets
remacharflatten the ends (of nails and rivets)
vendarwrap / wrap around with something so as to cover or enclose
Generaladjuntar, unirCause to be attached
Contrariodesabrochar, desatar, desprenderCause to become undone
Inglésfasten, fix, secure
Catalánassegurar, concertar, fixar, reparar
Nombrescierre, ligadura, sujeciónrestraint that attaches to something or holds something in place
continuidad, fijeza, persistencia, pervivenciaThe quality of being fixed in place as by some firm attachment
fijación, sujeciónThe act of fastening things together
instalación fija, mueble fijoAn object firmly fixed in place (especially in a household)
Español > concertar: 5 sentidos > verbo 2, communication
Sentidodecide upon or fix definitely.
Sinónimosdeterminar, especificar, fijar, precisar
EspecíficocuantificarUse as a quantifier
definirGive a definition for the meaning / meaning of a word
especificar, llamar, nombrar, precisarmention and identify by name
Generalcoger, decantar, elegir, escoger, optar, seleccionar, tomar, triarpick out, select, or choose from a number of alternatives
Inglésspecify, set, determine, define, fix, limit
Catalánconcertar, determinar, especificar, fixar
Adjetivodecisivo, determinante, influyenteHaving the power or quality of deciding
Nombrescondicionante, determinante, factor causal, factor concluyente, factor decisivo, factor determinanteA determining or causal element or factor
determinanteOne of a limited class of noun modifiers that determine the referents of noun phrases
frontera, límite, rayaThe greatest possible degree of something
inclinaciónA relatively permanent inclination to react in a particular way
límite, punto final, terminus ad quem, umbralfinal / final or latest limiting point
Español > concertar: 5 sentidos > verbo 3, creation
Sentidocontrive (a plan) by mutual agreement.
Generalplanear, planificarmake or work out a plan for
Español > concertar: 5 sentidos > verbo 4, creation
SentidoSet or place definitely.
Generalconstituir, encontrar, establecer, fundar, implantar, instaurar, instituir, integrar, plantarSet up or lay the groundwork for
Catalánconcertar, fixar
Español > concertar: 5 sentidos > verbo 5, communication
SentidoSettle by agreement.
Generalacordar, decidir, determinar, resolverSettle conclusively

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