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English > 1 sense of the word annihilate:
VERBchangeannihilate, eliminate, extinguish, eradicate, wipe out, decimate, carry offkill / kill / kill in large numbers
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English > annihilate: 1 sense > verb 1, change
Meaningkill / kill / kill in large numbers.
PatternSomebody ----s somebody; Something ----s somebody
Synonymseliminate, extinguish, eradicate, wipe out, decimate, carry off
BroaderkillCause to die
Similar todecimatekill one in every ten, as of mutineers in Roman armies
Spanishanihilar, aniquilar, diezmar, eliminar, erradicar
Catalananihilar, aniquilar, delmar, eliminar, eradicar, erradicar
Adjectivesannihilativewreaking or capable of wreaking complete destruction
Nounsannihilationdestruction by annihilating something
annihilationtotal destruction
annihilatora total destroyer

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