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Español > 10 sentidos de la palabra humano:
ADJETIVOallhumanohaving human form or attributes as opposed to those of animals or divine beings
perthumano, humanacharacteristic of humanity
perthumanorelating to a person
allhumano, humanitariomarked or motivated by concern with the alleviation of suffering
allhumano, humanista, humanístico, humanitario, solidariomarked by humanistic values and devotion to human welfare
allhumano, faliblecapable of making an error
allhumanoshowing evidence of moral and intellectual advancement
allhumanoof earthly origin (as mortals are)
NOMBRETopshumano, alguien, alguno, alma, individuo, mortal, persona, ser humano, sera human being
animalhumano, hombre, homo, humana, humanidad, ser humanoany living or extinct member of the family Hominidae characterized by superior intelligence, articulate speech, and erect carriage
Español > humano: 10 sentidos > adjetivo 1
SentidoHaving human form or attributes as opposed to those of animals or divine beings.
Cualidad dehumanidadThe quality of being human
Específicoantropoideresembling human beings
antropomorfa, antropomórfico, antropomorfo, humanoideSuggesting human characteristics / characteristics for animals or inanimate things
débil, falible, frágil, imperfectoWanting in moral strength, courage, or will
Tambiénhumanitario, humanomarked or motivated by concern with the alleviation of suffering
Contrariono humanonot human / human
Nombreshombre, homo, humana, humanidad, humano, ser humanoAny living or extinct member of the family Hominidae characterized by superior intelligence, articulate speech, and erect carriage
humanidadThe quality of being human
Español > humano: 10 sentidos > adjetivo 2, pert
Sentidocharacteristic of humanity.
Catalánhumà, humana
Nombreshombre, homo, humana, humanidad, humano, ser humanoAny living or extinct member of the family Hominidae characterized by superior intelligence, articulate speech, and erect carriage
humanidadThe quality of being human
AdverbioshumanamenteIn the manner of human beings
Español > humano: 10 sentidos > adjetivo 3, pert
Sentidorelating to a person.
NombreshumanidadThe quality of being human
Español > humano: 10 sentidos > adjetivo 4
Sentidomarked or motivated by concern with the alleviation of suffering.
Cualidad debondad, humanidad, humanitarismoThe quality of compassion or consideration for others (people or animals)
Específicohumanista, humanístico, humanitario, humano, solidariomarked by humanistic values and devotion to human welfare
TambiéncivilizadoHaving a high state of culture and development both social and technological
clemente, compasivo, misericordiosa, misericordiososhowing or giving mercy
compasivoshowing or having compassion / compassion
humanoHaving human form or attributes as opposed to those of animals or divine beings
Contrarioinhumanolacking and reflecting lack of pity / pity or compassion / compassion
Nombresbondad, humanidad, humanitarismoThe quality of compassion or consideration for others (people or animals)
Español > humano: 10 sentidos > adjetivo 5
Sentidomarked by humanistic values and devotion to human welfare.
Sinónimoshumanista, humanístico, humanitario, solidario
Región deCanada, CanadáA nation in northern North America
Gran Bretaña, Reino, Reino Unido de Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del Norte, Reino Unido de la Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del Norte, Reino Unido, United KingdomA monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles
Generalhumanitario, humanomarked or motivated by concern with the alleviation of suffering
Ingléshuman-centered, human-centred, humanist, humanistic, humanitarian
Catalánhumà, humanitari
Nombreshumanitarianismo, humanitarismoThe doctrine that people's duty is to promote human welfare
Español > humano: 10 sentidos > adjetivo 6
Sentidocapable of making an error.
Generalfaliblelikely to fail or make errors
Ingléserring, error-prone
Catalánfal·lible, humà
Español > humano: 10 sentidos > adjetivo 7
Sentidoshowing evidence of moral and intellectual advancement.
GeneralcivilizadoHaving a high state of culture and development both social and technological
Español > humano: 10 sentidos > adjetivo 8
SentidoOf earthly origin (as mortals are).
GeneralmortalSubject to death
Español > humano: 10 sentidos > nombre 1, Tops
SentidoA human being.
Sinónimosalguien, alguno, alma, individuo, mortal, persona, ser humano, ser
Miembro degente, personas, pueblo(plural) any group of human beings (men or women or children) collectively
Partesanatomía, carne, cuerpo humano, cuerpo, figura, físico, forma, somaAlternative names for the body of a human being
perfil, personalidadThe complex of all the attributes--behavioral, temperamental, emotional and mental--that characterize a unique individual
EspecíficoGéminis(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Gemini
Latin, latinoA person who is a member of those peoples whose languages derived from Latin
Leo(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Leo
ababol, crédulo, ingenuo, inocente, simple, simplónA person lacking intelligence or common sense
abjurerA person who abjures
aborigen, indígena, nativa, nativoAn indigenous person who was born in a particular place
abridorA person who unfastens or unwraps or opens
abstinenteA person who refrains from drinking intoxicating beverages
acreedorA person to whom money is owed by a debtor
actor, factor, hacedorA person who acts and gets things done
adjudicador, juezA person who studies and settles conflicts / conflicts and disputes
adoptada, adoptadosomeone (such as a child) who has been adopted
adulador, encantadora, encantador, zalameroA person who charms others (usually by personal attractiveness)
adulta, adulto, mayor, persona mayorA fully developed person from maturity onward
adversaria, adversario, antagonista, contendedor, contraria, contrario, enemigo, oponente, opositorsomeone who offers opposition
adversario, concursante, contendiente, participanteA person who participates in competitions
aficionada, aficionado, amateursomeone who pursues a study or sport as a pastime
africana, africanoA native or inhabitant of Africa
afroamericano, negra, negroA person with dark skin who comes from Africa (or whose ancestors came from Africa)
agente monetarioA person who receives or invests or pays out money
agnóstica, agnósticosomeone who is doubtful / doubtful or noncommittal about something
albina, albinoA person with congenital albinism
alfabetoA person who can read and write
alfeñique, débil, debilucho, enclenque, merengue, naco, pelele, piltrafa, poroto, sietemesino, wussA person who is physically weak and ineffectual
alguien que empolvasomeone who applies or scatters powder
allayerA person who reduces the intensity (e.g., of fears) and calms and pacifies
ama, amo, dueña, dueño, poseedora, poseedor, posesora, posesor, propietaria, propietarioA person who owns something
amante, enamorada, enamoradoA person who loves someone or is loved by someone
amenaza, azote, terrorA person who inspires fear or dread
amerindioAny member of the peoples living in North or South America before the Europeans arrived
amiga, amigo, camaradaA person you know well and regard with affection and trust
amiga, amigo, amistad, conocidoA person with whom you are acquainted
amigoA person (or thing) that breaks up or overpowers something
anacronismoA person who seems to be displaced in time
animador, artista, humoristaA person who tries to please or amuse
aper, copiador, copiona, copión, copycat, emuladora, emulador, imitador, imitamonas, plagiadorsomeone who copies the words or behavior of another
apoderado, fiduciaria, fiduciario, mandatarioA person who holds assets in trust for a beneficiary
aprendiz, estudiantesomeone (especially a child) who learns (as from a teacher) or takes up knowledge or beliefs
asesino, homicidasomeone who causes the death of a person or animal
asmáticoA person suffering from asthma
aspirante, candidato, solicitanteA person who requests or seeks something such as assistance or employment / employment or admission
aspirante, candidata, candidatosomeone who is considered for something (for an office or prize or honor etc.)
autodidacta, autodidactoA person who has taught himself
autoridad, dirigente, líderA person who rules or guides or inspires others
autoridad(usually plural) persons who exercise (administrative) control over others
autóctono, nativo, naturalA person born in a particular place or country
autómata, zombisomeone who acts or responds in a mechanical or apathetic / apathetic way
aventureroA person who enjoys / enjoys / enjoys taking risks
bailarínA person who participates in a social gathering arranged for dancing (as a ball)
baldado, coja, cojo, disminuido, impedido, lisiado, mutilado, tullido, tuncosomeone who is unable to walk normally because of an injury or disability to the legs or back
balker, baulkerA person who refuses / refuses to comply
batallador, beligerante, combatiente, guerrero, luchadorsomeone who fights (or is fighting)
bicho raro, chiflado, majara, majareta, pájaro raro, tipo rarosomeone regarded as eccentric or crazy and standing out from a group
bicho raro, rara avisA rare or unique person
blanco, caucásico, persona blancaA member of the Caucasoid race
blogger, bloguera, blogueroA person who keeps and updates a blog
bluecoatA person dressed all in blue (as a soldier or sailor)
braquicéfaloA brachycephalic person
brunet, morena, moreno, morochaA person with dark (brown) hair
buena personaA person who is good to other people
buenoAny person who is on your side
buscador, investigador, questersomeone making a search / search / search / search / search or inquiry
cajeroA person responsible for receiving payments for goods and services (as in a shop or restaurant)
calvoA person whose head is bald
camaleónA changeable / changeable or inconstant person
capitalistaA person who invests capital in a business (especially a large business)
caprichoso, especial, maniáticoA person who subscribes to a variety of fads
captora, captorA person who captures and holds people or animals
caraA part of a person that is used to refer to a person
celebranteA person who is celebrating
censor, censurador, prohibidorsomeone who censures or condemns
científica, científicoA person with advanced knowledge of one or more sciences
citado, cita, nombramiento, persona designadaA person who is appointed to a job or position
ciudadanoA person who owes allegiance to that nation
cobardeA person who shows fear or timidity
colaborador, cooperador, copartícipe, socioA person who is a member of a partnership
coleccionador, coleccionistaA person who collects things
colorín, pelirroja, pelirrojo, redheadersomeone who has red hair
compañero de camaA person with whom you share a bed
comunicadora, comunicador, comunicanteA person who communicates with others
consumidor de drogasA person who takes drugs
contestatario, disidencia, disidente, manifestante, objetante, objetorA person who dissents from some established policy
contraterroristasomeone who attempts to prevent terrorism
contriver, planificadorA person who makes plans
conversoA person who has been converted to another religious or political belief
creadorA person who grows or makes or invents / invents things
creatura, criatura, persona, ser humanoA human being
culturista, fisicoculturistasomeone who does special exercises to develop a brawny musculature
debaserA person who lowers the quality or character or value (as by adding cheaper metal to coins)
debitor, deudora, deudorA person who owes a creditor
declaranteA person who makes an affidavit
defecatorA person who defecates
defensor, partidaria, partidario, portavoz, proponente, representante, voceroA person who pleads for a cause or propounds an idea
demandante, solicitanteA person who makes demands / demands
desafecto, descontento, malcontento, revoltosoA person who is discontented or disgusted
desdichado, desgraciado, desventuradoA person who suffers misfortune
desertor, fugitivo, tránsfugosomeone who flees from an uncongenial situation
desnudoA naked person
diestro, lidiador, maestro, matador, torera, torerosomeone who fights bulls
diestroA person who uses the right hand more skillfully than the left
difunta, difunto, extinta, extinto, fallecida, fallecido, muerta, muertosomeone who is no longer alive
discapacitado, disminuido, impedido, inválido, minusválidoA person who has some condition that markedly restricts their ability to function physically or mentally or socially
disputador, polemistaA person who disputes
doble, imagensomeone who closely resembles a famous person (especially an actor)
dormilona, dormilón, lirón, marmotaA sleepy person
engrupido, incauta, incauto, inocentón, prima, primo, víctimaA person who is tricked or swindled
esclava, esclavoA person who is owned by someone
esfingeAn inscrutable person who keeps his thoughts and intentions secret
eslava, eslavoAny member of the people of eastern Europe or Asian Russia who speak a Slavonic language
espectador, observadorA person who becomes aware (of things or events) through the senses
esperanzasomeone (or something) on which expectations are centered
estrafalario, excéntrico, geekA person with an unusual or odd personality
experto, peritoA person with special knowledge or ability who performs skillfully
exploradora, exploradorsomeone who travels into little known regions (especially for some scientific purpose)
extravertido, extrovertido(psychology) a person concerned more with practical realities than with inner thoughts and feelings
extraño, persona extraña, raroA person who is unusual
extremista, radicalA person who has radical ideas or opinions
firmante, signatario, signatoriosomeone who signs and is bound by a document
gay, homosexualsomeone who practices homosexuality
gentil, paganoA person who is not a member of one's own religion
gobernador, gobernante, soberanoA person who rules or commands
guerrerosomeone engaged in or experienced in warfare
habitante, habitantes, moradora, morador, residente, vecina, vecinoA person who inhabits a particular place
hebrea, hebreo, judía, judíoA person belonging to the worldwide / worldwide group claiming descent from Jacob (or converted to it) and connected by cultural / cultural or religious ties
hembraA person who belongs to the sex that can have babies
hetero, heterosexualA heterosexual person
hombre, macho, masculino, varónA person who belongs to the sex that cannot have babies
hombre, personaThe generic use of the word to refer to any human being
homónimo, tocaya, tocayoA person with the same name as another
igual, parA person who is of equal standing with another in a group
inadaptadosomeone unable to adapt to their circumstances
individualistaA person who pursues independent thought or action
inexperto, ingenuo, inocenteA person who lacks knowledge of evil
ingeniera, ingeniero, tecnóloga, tecnólogoA person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems
inmuneA person who is immune to a particular infection
inscritoA person who enrolls in (or is enrolled in) a class or course of study
intelectualA person who uses the mind creatively
introvertido(psychology) a person who tends to shrink from social / social contacts and to become preoccupied with their own thoughts
intérpretesomeone who uses art to represent something
isabelinoA person who lived during the reign of Elizabeth I
jotera, pantallaA person who diverts suspicion from someone (especially a woman who accompanies a male homosexual in order to conceal his homosexuality)
joyaA person who is as brilliant and precious as a piece of jewelry
jugadora, jugador, tahúrA person who wagers money on the outcome of games / games / games or sporting events
juvenil, menorA young person, not fully developed
lanzador, tiradorsomeone who projects something (especially by a rapid motion of the arm)
libradorA person who gives up or transfers money or goods
mala personaA person who does harm to others
malcriador, mimadorsomeone who pampers or spoils by excessive indulgence
maloAny person who is not on your side
masturbadorA person who practices masturbation
mediocreA person of second-rate ability or value
mejorThe person who is most outstanding / outstanding or excellent
menorThe younger of two persons
mestizoA person of mixed racial ancestry (especially mixed European and Native American ancestry)
millonaria, millonario, potentada, potentado, rica, ricoA person who possesses great material wealth
miracle man, taumaturgoA person who claims or is alleged to perform miracles
modernoA contemporary person
mordedor, picantesomeone who bites
mouse, ratónperson who is quiet or timid
máquinaAn efficient person
namerA person who gives a name or names
neutralOne who does not side with any party / party / party in a war / war / war or dispute
niña, niñoAn immature childish person
no fumadorA person who does not smoke tobacco
nonpartizanA person who is nonpartisan
novioA person (not necessarily a spouse) with whom you cohabit and share a long-term sexual relationship
ocultistaA believer in occultism
optimistaA person disposed to take a favorable view of things
pansexualA person who participates in (or is open to) sexual activities of many kinds
parienteA person related by blood or marriage
parteA person involved in legal proceedings
partidaria, partidario, secuaz, seguidora, seguidorA person who accepts the leadership / leadership of another
patito feoAn ugly or unpromising child who grows into a beautiful or worthy person
pellejaA person who is unusually thin and scrawny
persona de color(formal) any non-European non-white person
persona emotivaA person subject to strong states of emotion
persona no cualificadaA person who lacks technical training
persona no religiosaA person who does not manifest devotion to a deity
persona non grataA person who for some reason is not wanted or welcome
persona religiosaA person who manifests devotion to a deity
personajeAnother word for person
personificaciónA person who represents an abstract quality
plebeyoA person who holds no title
poliglota, políglota, poligloto, políglotoA person who speaks more than one language
precursorA person who goes before or announces the coming of another
preservadorsomeone who keeps safe from harm or danger
primitivoA person who belongs to an early stage / stage of civilization
propositusThe person immediately affected by or concerned with an action
prójimo, vecina, vecinoA person who lives (or is located) near another
pupiloA person who is under the protection or in the custody of another
rajadoA person who gives up too easily
recuperador, rescatador, salvadorsomeone who saves something from danger or violence
romántico, sentimentalsomeone who indulges in excessive sentimentality
rubia, rubioA person with fair skin and hair
selectorA person who chooses or selects out
sensualistaA person who enjoys / enjoys / enjoys sensuality
ser amadoA person who you love, usually a member of your family
slobbererA person who dribbles
socialiserA person who takes part in social activities
sordoA person with a severe auditory impairment
sospechososomeone who is under suspicion
squirmerOne who can't stay still (especially a child)
supervivencialistasomeone who tries to insure their personal survival or the survival of their group or nation
supervivienteOne who outlives another
símbolo sexualA person (especially a celebrity) who is well-known for their sexual attractiveness
tentadorA person who tempts others
testadorA person who makes a will
testigo(law) a person who testifies under oath in a court of law
tigreA fierce or audacious person
tipoA person of a particular character or nature
torpeA person with poor motor coordination
totemistA person who belongs to a clan or tribe having a totem
trabajadorA person who works at a specific occupation
transexualA person who has undergone a sex change operation
transformista, travestido, travesti, travestí, travestistasomeone who adopts the dress or manner or sexual role of the opposite sex
turista, viajante, viajera, viajeroA person who changes location
uno mismoA person considered as a unique individual
unpersonA person regarded as nonexistent and having no rights
usuarioA person who makes use of a thing
victorianoA person who lived during the reign of Victoria
vidaA living person
wanterA person who wants or needs something
welcomerA person who greets
yearnerA person with a strong desire for something
zurda, zurdoA person who uses the left hand with greater skill than the right
étnicoA person who is a member of an ethnic group
éxito, ganadorA person with a record / record of successes
Generalagente causal, causaAny entity that produces an effect or is responsible for events or results
criatura, organismo, organismos, ser, ser vivoA living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently
Inglésperson, individual, someone, somebody, mortal, soul
Catalánésser humà, humà, individu, mortal, persona
AdjetivomortalSubject to death
Verbosindividualizar, individuar, personalizarmake personal or more personal
personificarAttribute human qualities to something
Español > humano: 10 sentidos > nombre 2, animal
SentidoAny living or extinct member of the family Hominidae characterized by superior intelligence, articulate speech, and erect carriage.
Sinónimoshombre, homo, humana, humanidad, ser humano
Categoría decostado, ladoEither the left or right half of a body
cuerpo, estructura física, estructura orgánicaThe entire structure of an organism (an animal, plant, or human being)
dermatitis esquistosómicaA sensitization reaction to repeated invasion of the skin by cercariae of schistosomes
polidactiliabirth defect characterized by the presence of more than the normal number of fingers or toes
preadolescente, prepubescente(especially of human beings) at the age immediately before puberty
sindactiliabirth defect in which there is partial or total webbing connecting two or more fingers or toes
Miembro degénero Homo, genus homotype genus of the family Hominidae
Partesanatomía, carne, cuerpo humano, cuerpo, figura, físico, forma, somaAlternative names for the body of a human being
brazoA human limb
cabellera, cabellogrowth of hair covering the scalp of a human being
cabeza humanaThe head of a human being
cara, faz, rostro humano, rostroThe front of the human head from the forehead to the chin and ear to ear
ijada, lomo, lumbusEither side of the backbone between the hipbone and the ribs in humans as well as quadrupeds
mano, manus, palma, pata, zarpaThe (prehensile) extremity of the superior limb
pata, pes, pieThe part of the leg of a human being below the ankle joint
vello androgénico, vello corporalshort hair growing over a person's body
Específicoespecie humana, género humano, hombre, humanidad, mundo, raza humana, tierraAll of the living human inhabitants of the earth
hombre de RodesiaA primitive hominid resembling Neanderthal man but living in Africa
hombre del neanthertal, Homo sapiens neanderthalensis, neandertal, Neandertal, Neanderthal, neanthertalExtinct robust human of Middle Paleolithic in Europe and western Asia
homo erectusExtinct species of primitive hominid with upright stature but small brain
homo habilisExtinct species of upright East African hominid having some advanced humanlike characteristics / characteristics
homo sapiensThe only surviving hominid
GeneralhomínidoA primate of the family Hominidae
Ingléshomo, man, human being, human
Catalánésser humà, home, homo, humà
Adjetivohumana, humanocharacteristic of humanity
humanoHaving human form or attributes as opposed to those of animals or divine beings

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