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NOMBRElocationGran Bretaña, Reino, Reino Unido de Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del Norte, Reino Unido de la Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del Norte, Reino Unido, United Kingdoma monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles
locationGran Bretañaan island comprising England and Scotland and Wales
Español > Gran Bretaña: 2 sentidos > nombre 1, location
SentidoA monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles; divided into England and Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland; 'Great Britain' is often used loosely to refer to the United Kingdom.
SinónimosReino, Reino Unido de Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del Norte, Reino Unido de la Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del Norte, Reino Unido, United Kingdom
Caso dereinoA country with a king as head of state
Miembro deC.E.E., CEE, Comunidad Económica Europea, Mercado Común, UE, Unión EuropeaAn international organization of European countries formed after World War II to reduce trade barriers and increase cooperation / cooperation among its members
NATO, Organización del Tratado del Atlántico Norte, O.T.A.N., OTANAn international organization created in 1949 by the North Atlantic Treaty for purposes of collective security
Part deIslas británicas, Islas BritánicasGreat Britain and Ireland and adjacent islands in the north Atlantic
PartesCymru, Gales, País de Gales, WalesOne of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
England, inglaterra, InglaterraA division of the United Kingdom
Escocia, ScotlandOne of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Irlanda del Norte, Northern IrelandA division of the United Kingdom located on the northern part of the island of Ireland
Región11-plus(formerly in Britain) an examination taken by 11 and 12 year old students to select suitable candidates for grammar school
5 de noviembreanniversary of the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot
Boxing DayFirst weekday after Christmas
Carta Magna, Magna CartaThe royal charter of political rights given to rebellious English barons by King John in 1215
Colonel BlimpAny elderly pompous reactionary ultranationalistic person (after the cartoon character created by Sir David Low)
Consejo Privado de la ReinaAn advisory council to a ruler (especially to the British Crown)
Consejo del CondadoThe elected governing body of a county
Gran BretañaAn island comprising England and Scotland and Wales
GuidoAn effigy of Guy Fawkes that is burned on a bonfire on Guy Fawkes Day
MI5, servicio de seguridadThe government agency in the United Kingdom that is responsible / responsible for internal security and counterintelligence on British territory
National TrustAn organization concerned to preserve historic monuments and buildings and places of historical interest or natural beauty
Open UniversityA British university that is open to people without formal academic qualifications and where teaching is by correspondence or broadcasting or summer school
Ordnance SurveyThe official cartography agency of the British government
SA, sociedad anónimaA company that is organized to give its owners limited liability
Servicio Aéreo EspecialA specialist regiment of the British army that is trained in commando techniques of warfare and used in clandestine operations (especially against terrorist groups)
Servicio de Inteligencia SecretoThe government agency in the United Kingdom that is responsible / responsible for internal security and counterintelligence overseas
a mal tiempo buena caraAccept the unpleasant consequences of one's actions
abuela, abuelita, abuelo, abue, gran, nana, nan, tata, yayaThe mother of your father or mother
abuelita, nanYour grandmother
aceite de cacahueteAn oil from peanuts
acuñador ilegalA maker of counterfeit coins
adorno central, centro de mesaSomething placed at the center of something else (as on a table)
agente de investigaciónA private detective
agente parlamentarioA person who is employed to look after the affairs of businesses that are affected by legislation of the British Parliament
agiotista, bolsistaOne who deals only with brokers or other jobbers
agitar, convulsionar, sacudirse, sacudir, zarandearshake or vibrate rapidly and intensively
agresión, agresivo(informal British usage) aggravation or aggression
aire cargado, aire viciado(British informal) an airless smoky smelly atmosphere
alineaciónA line of persons arranged by police for inspection or identification
aljofaina, jofaina, lavabo, lavatorio, palanganaA basin for washing the hands ('wash-hand basin' is a British expression)
almirantazgoThe department in charge of the navy (as in Great Britain)
almíbar, melado, melazaA pale cane syrup
altavozA loudspeaker
anglosajónA person of Anglo-Saxon (especially British) descent whose native tongue is English and whose culture is strongly influenced by English culture as in WASP for 'White Anglo-Saxon Protestant'
anorac, anorak, parkaA kind of heavy jacket ('windcheater' is a British term)
antecocina, fregadero, office, recocina, trascocinaA small room (in large old British houses) next to the kitchen
apestoso(British informal) malodorous
arcilla endurecidahardened clay
arcénA paved strip beside a motorway (for stopping in emergencies)
arcénA grass border along a road
areneroA plaything consisting of a pile of sand or a box filled with sand for children to play in
aristócrata, dama, nobleA woman of the peerage in Britain
arpilleraA carpet pad of thick felt
arrobaA quarter of a hundredweight (28 pounds)
asquerosoVery unpleasant or offensive
autopista, camino real, carretera, vía rápidaA highway
autoridad localAn administrative unit of local government
avispado, espabilado(British informal) not to be deceived / deceived or hoodwinked
bar, pub, taberna, taphousetavern consisting of a building with a bar / bar and public rooms
barca de remos, bote de remosA rowboat
baricentropoint representing the mean position of the matter in a body
barraA heating element in an electric fire
bedelA minor parish official who serves a ceremonial function
berlina, furgonetaAnother name for a station wagon
besuqueo(British informal) cuddle and kiss
bicicletaA bicycle that must be pedaled
billóndenoting a quantity consisting of one million million items or units in Great Britain
billónThe number that is represented as a one followed by 12 zeros
bizco(British informal) cross-eyed
bizcocho borrachoA trifle soaked in wine and decorated with almonds and candied fruit
bocadillo, bocata, sándwichA sandwich
boffin, científico(British slang) a scientist or technician engaged in military research
bosquecillo, bosqueteA copse that shelters game
brava, bravo, excelente, magníficoVery good
brazo de gitanopudding made of suet pastry spread with jam or fruit and rolled ... / rolled up and baked or steamed
brezal, brezoA tract of level wasteland
broma pesada, burla, novatadaA boisterous practical joke (especially by college students)
budín, puding, pud(British) the dessert course of a meal ('pud' is used informally)
budín de guisantes, pudding de guisantes, pudín de guisantesA pudding made with strained split peas mixed with egg
cabezada, siesta, sueñecitosleep
cacao, chapucería, chapuza, follón, líoSomething badly botched or muddled
cacumen, caletre, chirume, inteligencia, mollera, pesquis, razóncommon sense
caffinformal British term for a cafe
café de carreteraA roadside cafe especially for lorry drivers
caja de comidaA box for storing eatables (especially at boarding school)
calceteríasocks and stockings and tights collectively (the British include underwear)
call centerA center equipped to handle a large volume of telephone calls (especially for taking orders or serving customers)
calzada, carrilOne of the two sides of a motorway where traffic travels in one direction only usually in two or three lanes
canastillaA small light basket used as a measure for fruits
canciller, rectorThe honorary or titular head of a university / university
cantinero, publicano, taberneroThe keeper of a public house
capitán(British slang) boss
cargado(British informal) poorly ventilated
carretera de circunvalación, circunvalación, disyuntor, ronda, varianteA highway that encircles an urban area so that traffic does not have to pass through the center
carretilla, tranvía, trolebus, troleA wheeled vehicle that runs on rails and is propelled by electricity
casa cural, casa del cura, casa parroquialA parsonage (especially one provided for the holder of a benefice)
casa de té, salón de téA restaurant where tea and light meals are available
cascarrabias, intratable, irasciblestubbornly obstructive and unwilling to cooperate
cascoA crash helmet
casilla de maniobras, garita de señalesA building from which signals are sent to control the movements of railway trains
cc, centímetro cúbico, mililitro, mlA metric unit of volume equal to one thousandth of a liter
cebolla verde, cebolleta, escaloniaA young / young onion before the bulb has enlarged
celador, cuidador, vigilantesomeone who watches examination candidates to prevent cheating
celdaA large cell where prisoners (people awaiting trial or sentence or refugees or illegal immigrants) are confined together temporarily
centare, metro cuadradoA centare is 1/100th of an are
centrar, clavar, concentrarse, concentrar, enfocar, fijardirect one's attention on something
centroA building dedicated to a particular activity
centro, corazón, enjundia, esencia, médula, meollo, núcleo, quid, sustanciaThe choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience
centro, corazón, medio, ojoAn area that is approximately central within some larger / larger region
centro, medio, mitad, punto medioA point equidistant from the ends of a line or the extremities of a figure
centroThe central part of a city
centro comercial, galerías, mall, plazamercantile establishment consisting of a carefully landscaped complex of shops representing leading merchandisers
centro de atenciónThe object upon which interest and attention focuses
centro de gravedadThe point within something at which gravity can be considered to act
centro nerviosoA cluster of nerve cells governing a specific bodily process
centímetro, cmA metric unit of length equal to one hundredth of a meter
certamen de whistA progressive whist party
certezaAn absolute certainty
chacinero, charcutero, tocineroA vendor of pork and products made from pork
chacra, microfundio, minifundio, parcelaA piece of land under 50 acres that is sold or let to someone for cultivation
chalanaSailing barge used especially in East Anglia
chaleco, jersey, suéterA crocheted / crocheted or knitted garment covering the upper part of the body
chalé adosadoA house that is part of a terrace
chanchulleroA person without employment who makes money by various dubious schemes
charretera, palaSomething worn on the shoulder of a military uniform as an emblem of a division / division etc.
chatarreroA retail dealer in yard goods
chipolataA small thin sausage
chubasquero, impermeable, macintosh, macA waterproof raincoat made of rubberized fabric
chusqueroAn enlisted / enlisted soldier who serves in the ranks of the armed forces
chusqueroA commissioned officer who has been promoted from enlisted / enlisted status
circuito de carreras, circuitoA racetrack for automobile races
coche de policíaA police cruiser
cocoAn informal British expression for head / head or mind / mind
coladura, metedura de pata, planchaA conspicuous mistake whose effects seem to reverberate
coloquial, vulgarnot characteristic of the upper classes especially in language / language use
comerciante, dependiente, empleado, tendero, vendedorA salesperson in a store
comerciante de textiles, merceroA dealer in textiles (especially silks)
comilonaA large satisfying meal
compartimento de equipaje, maletero, portamaletasBritish term for the luggage compartment in a car
compra a plazosinstallment plan
compresaA disposable absorbent pad (trade name Kotex)
compásrhythm as given by division into parts of equal duration
condado(United Kingdom) a region created by territorial division for the purpose of local government
condado, shireA former administrative district of England
condestableA police officer of the lowest rank
confeccionador, confeccionistasomeone who sells men's clothes
cono indicadorA canvas cone hoisted to warn of high winds
conserje, porteroA uniformed doorman
crema cuajada, crema DevonshireThick cream made from scalded milk
crema para ensaladasA creamy salad dressing resembling mayonnaise
crossbencherA member of the House of Commons who does not vote regularly with either the government or the Opposition
cuatrillónThe number that is represented as a one followed by 24 zeros
cuenta corriente, cuentaA bank account against which the depositor can draw checks that are payable on demand
cálculo de costes, evaluación de costescost accounting
cámara acorazadaA burglarproof and fireproof room in which valuables are kept
decámetro, dekameter, dekametre, dkmA metric unit of length equal to ten meters
decímetro, dmA metric unit of length equal to one tenth of a meter
decímetro cúbico, litro, lA metric unit of capacity, formerly defined as the volume of one kilogram of pure water under standard conditions
dervdiesel oil used in cars and lorries with diesel engines
desagüeA hole into which a plug fits (especially a hole where water drains away)
descomunal, enorme(British informal) enormous
desván, trastera, trasteroA storeroom in a house where odds and ends can be stored (especially furniture)
devolución del alquilerA rebate on rent given by a local government authority
diez peniquesA decimal coin worth ten pennies
dificultoso, dolor de cabezaSomething outstandingly difficult
diplomado en medicina, diplomatura en medicina, MB(a British degree) a bachelor's degree in medicine / medicine
diputadoA member of the House of Commons who is not a party leader
efecto secundarioA secondary or incidental effect
egocéntrico, egoístaLimited to or caring only about yourself and your own needs
embarullo, jerigonzaAn incomprehensible talk
empleado de apuestasA clerk in a betting shop who calculates the winnings
empleado de mudanzassomeone who works for a company that moves furniture
enchufe de pared, punto de corriente, toma de corrienteA wall socket
epicentroThe point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake
escapadaA secret move (to avoid paying debts)
escaño traseroAny of the seats occupied by backbenchers in the House of Commons
estimador, tasadorsomeone who assesses the monetary worth of possessions
estipendiario(United Kingdom) a paid magistrate (appointed by the Home Secretary) dealing with police cases
evasorA shirker
fabianismosocialism / socialism to be established by gradual reforms within the law
facer(a dated Briticism) a serious difficulty with which one is suddenly faced
faz, fisiognomía, fisionomía, fisonomía, rostro, semblanteThe human face ('kisser' and 'smiler' and 'mug' are informal terms for 'face' and 'phiz' is British)
fecha de caducidadA date stamped on perishable produce indicating the date by which it should be sold
femtometer, femtometre, femtometroA metric unit of length equal to one quadrillionth of a meter
fleapitAn old shabby movie theater
frecuencia media, onda mediaA radio wave with a wavelength between 100 and 1000 meters (a frequency between 300 kilohertz and 3000 kilohertz)
fregonaA female domestic servant who does all kinds of menial work
fresqueraA safe for storing meat
frontbencherA member of the House of Commons who is a minister in the government or who holds an official position in an opposition party
frutero, verduleroA grocer who sells fresh fruits and vegetables
frutero, verdulera, verduleroA person who sells fruit
frutería, verduleríaA greengrocer's grocery store
furgoneta, van(Great Britain) a closed railroad car that carries baggage or freight
fútbol-rugby, rugbi, rugbyA form of football played with an oval ball
fútil, insignificante(British informal) trivial
galletaAny of various small flat sweet cakes ('biscuit' is the British term)
gastadoVery tired
geninformal term for information
giro cheque, giroA check given by the British government to someone who is unemployed
golosinaseatables (especially sweets / sweets)
gratuitofree of charge
guapo(informal British) sexually attractive
guardia de tráfico, guardia urbano, urbanoA policeman stationed at an intersection to direct traffic
guay, tope, total(British informal) very chic
gymslipA sleeveless tunic worn by English girls as part of a school uniform
harina de trigo integral, harina Grahamflour made by grinding the entire wheat berry including the bran
hectómetro, hmA metric unit of length equal to 100 meters
hediondez, hedor, peste, pong, tufillo, tufoAn unpleasant smell
hipermercado, hiperA huge supermarket (usually built on the outskirts of a town)
hombre, tío, tipoAn informal British term for a youth or man
hora del té, meriendaA light midafternoon meal of tea and sandwiches or cakes
hortaliza, legumbre, verdura, verdurasedible seeds or roots or stems or leaves or bulbs or tubers or nonsweet fruits of any of numerous herbaceous plant
houseman, interne, internoAn advanced student or graduate in medicine gaining supervised / supervised practical experience ('houseman' is a British term)
huelga de celoA form of protest by workers in which they deliberately slow down in order to cause problem from their employers
humanista, humanístico, humanitario, humano, solidariomarked by humanistic values and devotion to human welfare
imponibleliable to payment of locally assessed property taxes
instante, minuto, momento, segundoAn indefinitely short time
jobcentreA government office in a town where information about available jobs is displayed and where unemployment benefits are administered
juego de guerraDrill on a barracks square
juego del tejoA game / game in which coins or discs are slid by hand across a board toward a mark
junta de empresa(chiefly Brit) a council representing employer and employees of a plant or business to discuss working conditions etc
kedgereeA dish of rice and hard-boiled eggs and cooked flaked fish
kilolitro, metro cúbico, quilolitroA metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 1000 liters
kilometro, kilómetro, km, quilómetroA metric unit of length equal to 1000 meters (or 0.621371 miles)
kilometro cúbicoA unit of capacity equal to the volume of a cube one kilometer on each edge
kilómetros por hora, Km/h, quilómetros por horaThe ratio of the distance traveled (in kilometers) to the time spent traveling (in hours)
lagunaA small pond of standing water
lidoA recreational facility including a swimming pool for water sports
lotería, sorteoA selection or decision purely at random
ludoA simple board game in which players move counters according to the throw of dice
mala patabad luck
manija, manilla, perilla, picaporte, pomo, tiradorA knob used to release the catch when opening a door (often called 'doorhandle' in Great Britain)
mayorOf the elder of two boys with the same family name
menorOf the younger of two boys with the same family name
metro, mThe basic unit of length adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites (approximately 1.094 yards)
micromicron, picometre, picómetroA metric unit of length equal to one trillionth of a meter
micromilímetro, micromillimeter, micromillimetre, millimicron, nanómetroA metric unit of length equal to one billionth of a meter
millardo, mil millonesA billion
milímetroA metric unit of length equal to one thousandth of a meter
milímetro cúbicoA metric measure of volume or capacity equal to a cube 1 millimeter on each edge
minicabA minicar used as a taxicab
minifundistaA person owning or renting a smallholding
ministroThe job of a head of a government department
modA British teenager or young adult in the 1960s
molido(British informal) exhausted or worn out
mono(British informal) pretty and neat
mono, overolA loose protective coverall or smock worn over ordinary clothing for dirty work
mortadela boloñesa, polonyAnother name for Bologna sausage
muffin man, vendedor de muffinsformerly an itinerant peddler of muffins
mym, myriameter, myriametreA metric unit of length equal to 10,000 meters
neceserA waterproof bag for holding bathrooms items (soap and toothpaste etc.) when you are travelling
nick(British slang) a prison
obligación con primaA government bond that bears no interest or capital gains but enters the holder into lotteries
orza de derivaA retractable fin keel used on sailboats to prevent drifting to leeward
pale aleAn amber colored ale brewed with pale malts
pantoAn abbreviation of pantomime
parA nobleman (duke or marquis or earl or viscount / viscount or baron) who is a member of the British peerage
parlamento, ParlamentoA legislative assembly in certain countries
pasadorA decorative hinged clip that girls and women put in their hair to hold it in place
paso cebra, paso de cebra, paso de peatonesstreet crossing where pedestrians have right of way
pastas de téFlat semisweet cookie or biscuit usually served with tea
patatas fritasstrips of potato fried in deep fat
paternoster, paternósterA type of lift having a chain of open compartments that move continually in an endless loop so that (agile) passengers can step on or off at each floor
pedidoAn order for goods to be exported or imported
pendenciaA fistfight
picapedrerosomeone who breaks up stone
plataformaThe platform in the cab of a locomotive on which the engineer stands to operate the controls
playboxA box for a child's toys and personal things (especially at a boarding school)
poder temporal, segundo brazoThe nobility in France and the peerage in Britain
preceptorteacher at a university or college (especially at Cambridge or Oxford)
pulgadaA unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot
racanear, remolonear(British military language) avoid work
raseraA food turner with a broad blade used for turning or serving fish or other food that is cooked in a frying pan
raveA raucous gathering
repasoA review that refreshes your memory
residencia universitariaA university dormitory
sala común, sala, salónA sitting room (usually at school or university)
sala de suboficialesmilitary quarters of midshipmen and junior officers on a British warship
salpicadero, tablero de instrumentosinstrument panel on an automobile or airplane containing dials and controls
saveloyA ready-cooked and highly seasoned pork sausage
scrumpyStrong cider (as made in western England)
seis peniquesA small coin of the United Kingdom worth six pennies
señor, sirA title used before the name of knight or baronet
señor donA title of respect for a member of the English gentry ranking just below a knight
siestecitaA nap
sin sentidononsense
skidpanA paved surface on which cars can be made to skid so that drivers can practice controlling them
skiffleA style of popular music in the 1950s
slop-seller, slopsellerA dealer in cheap ready-made clothing
sobrecamaA long stay in bed in the morning
soplonAn informer or spy working for the police
subsidio de enfermedad, subsidio por enfermedadmoney paid (by the government) to someone who is too ill to work
sufragistaA woman advocate of women's right to vote (especially a militant advocate in the United Kingdom at the beginning of the 20th century)
suma anteriorThe accumulated and undivided profits / profits of a corporation after provision has been made for dividends and reserves
swizBritish slang for a swindle
tajoAn excavation
tartaA pastry cup with a filling of fruit or custard and no top crust
taza de té, A cup of tea
tearawayA reckless / reckless and impetuous person
thatcherismo, thatcheristaAn advocate of Thatcherism
tienda de golosinasA candy store in Great Britain
tierras de la coronaLand that belongs to the Crown
titferA hat (Cockney rhyming slang
titular encargadoThe person who holds an office
torre, villadetached or semidetached suburban house
tortícolisA painful muscle spasm especially in the neck or back ('rick' and 'wrick' are British)
tradTraditional jazz as revived in the 1950s
trekkingA sport in which people ride across country on ponies
tres peniquesformer cupronickel coin of the United Kingdom equal to three pennies
trillónOne quintillion in Great Britain
trillónThe number that is represented as a one followed by 18 zeros
tómbolaA lottery in which tickets are drawn from a revolving drum
urbanizaciónA residential area where the houses were all planned and built at the same time
vacinformal term for vacation
valleAn open river valley (in a hilly area)
vía arterial, vía principalA major or main route
winceyA plain or twilled fabric of wool and cotton used especially for warm shirts or skirts and pajamas
wog(offensive British slang) term used by the British to refer to people of color from Africa or Asia
InglésUnited Kingdom, UK, U.K., Britain, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Great Britain
CatalánGran Bretanya, Regne Unit de Gran Bretanya i Irlanda del Nord, Regne Unit de la Gran Bretanya i Irlanda del Nord, Regne Unit
AdjetivobritánicoOf Britain
Español > Gran Bretaña: 2 sentidos > nombre 2, location
SentidoAn island comprising England and Scotland and Wales.
Caso deisla, islasA land mass (smaller than a continent) that is surrounded by water
Miembrosbritánica, británicas, británico, británicosA native or inhabitant of Great Britain
Part deIslas británicas, Islas BritánicasGreat Britain and Ireland and adjacent islands in the north Atlantic
PartesEscocia, ScotlandOne of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Solway FirthA large firth on the west coast of Britain between England and Scotland
Región deGran Bretaña, Reino, Reino Unido de Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del Norte, Reino Unido de la Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del Norte, Reino Unido, United KingdomA monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles
InglésGreat Britain, GB
CatalánGran Bretanya
Adjetivobritánica, británicoOf or relating to or characteristic of Great Britain or its people or culture

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