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NOUNfooddessert, sweet, aftersa dish served as the last course of a meal
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English > dessert: 1 sense > noun 1, food
MeaningA dish served as the last course of a meal.
Synonymssweet, afters
Narrowerambrosiafruit dessert made of oranges and bananas with shredded coconut
baked Alaskacake covered with ice cream and meringue browned quickly in an oven
blancmangesweet almond-flavored milk pudding thickened with gelatin or cornstarch
charlotteA mold lined with cake or crumbs and filled with fruit or whipped cream or custard
compote, fruit compotedessert of stewed or baked fruit
dumplingdessert made by baking fruit wrapped in pastry
flanopen pastry filled with fruit or custard
frozen dessertAny of various desserts prepared by freezing
junketdessert made of sweetened milk coagulated with rennet
mold, mouldA dish or dessert that is formed in or on a mold
mousseA rich, frothy, creamy dessert made with whipped egg whites and heavy cream
pavlovaA dessert consisting of a meringue base or cup filled with fruit and whipped cream
peach melbaIce cream and peaches with a liqueur
puddingAny of various soft sweet desserts thickened usually with flour and baked or boiled or steamed
pudding, pud(British) the dessert course of a meal ('pud' is used informally)
syllabub, sillabubsweetened cream beaten with wine or liquor
tiramisuAn Italian dessert consisting of layers of sponge cake soaked with coffee and brandy or liqueur layered with mascarpone cheese and topped with grated chocolate
whipA dessert made of sugar and stiffly beaten egg whites or cream and usually flavored with fruit
zabaglione, sabayonlight foamy custard-like dessert served hot or chilled
BroadercoursePart of a meal served at one time
Spanishdulce, postre, postres
Catalandolç, postres

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