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English > 2 senses of the word pastry:
NOUNfoodpastry, pastry dougha dough of flour and water and shortening
foodpastryany of various baked foods made of dough or batter
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English > pastry: 2 senses > noun 1, food
MeaningA dough of flour and water and shortening.
Synonympastry dough
Narrowerpuff paste, pate feuilletedough used for very light flaky rich pastries
BroaderdoughA flour mixture / mixture stiff enough to knead or roll
Spanishmasa, pasta, pastelería
Catalanmassa, pasta
English > pastry: 2 senses > noun 2, food
MeaningAny of various baked foods made of dough or batter.
NarrowerFrench pastrySweet filled pastry made of especially puff paste
baklavaRich Middle Eastern cake made of thin layers of flaky pastry filled with nuts and honey
dowdy, pandowdyDeep-dish apple dessert covered with a rich crust
frangipanepastry with a creamy almond-flavored filling
patty shell, boucheeShell of puff paste
piedish baked in pastry-lined pan often with a pastry top
pie crust, pie shellpastry used to hold pie fillings
profiteroleA small hollow pastry that is typically filled with cream and covered with chocolate
puffA light inflated pastry or puff shell
rugulah, rugelach, ruggelachpastry made with a cream cheese dough and different fillings (as raisins and walnuts and cinnamon or chocolate and walnut and apricot preserves)
sausage rollsausage meat rolled and baked in pastry
streuselPastry with a topping of streusel
strudelThin sheet of filled dough rolled and baked
tartA pastry cup with a filling of fruit or custard and no top crust
timbale, timbale casesmall pastry shell for creamy mixtures of minced foods
toad-in-the-holesausage baked in batter
vol-au-ventpuff paste shell filled with a savory meat mixture usually with a sauce
Broaderbaked goodsFoods (like breads and cakes and pastries) that are cooked in an oven
Substancesflourfine powdery foodstuff obtained by grinding and sifting the meal of a cereal grain
Spanishpastas, pastelería, pastel, repostería
Catalanpastes, pastissos, rebosteria

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