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English > 6 senses of the word detached:
ADJECTIVEalldetached, degage, uninvolvedshowing lack of emotional involvement
alldetached, isolated, separated, set-apartbeing or feeling set or kept apart from others
alldetached, separatedno longer connected or joined
alldetachedused of buildings
alldetached, unaffectionate, uncaringlacking affection or warm feeling
alldetached, freenot fixed in position
detached > pronunciation
Soundsdihtae'cht; diytae'cht
Rhymesattached ... unmatched: 8 rhymes with aecht...
English > detached: 6 senses > adjective 1
Meaningshowing lack of emotional involvement.
Example "she may be detached or even unfeeling but at least she's not hypocritically effusive"
Synonymsdegage, uninvolved
Broaderunconcernedlacking in interest or care or feeling
Spanishdesapasionado, desinteresado, imparcial
English > detached: 6 senses > adjective 2
MeaningBeing or feeling set or kept apart from others.
Example"she felt detached from the group"
Synonymsisolated, separated, set-apart
Spanishaislado, segregado, separado
English > detached: 6 senses > adjective 3
Meaningno longer connected or joined.
  • "a detached part"
  • "on one side of the island was a hugh rock, almost detached"
Broaderunconnectednot joined or linked together
English > detached: 6 senses > adjective 4
MeaningUsed of buildings; standing apart from others.
  • "detached houses"
  • "a detached garage"
CategoryarchitectureThe discipline dealing with the principles of design and construction and ornamentation of fine buildings
Narrowerfreestanding, separateStanding apart
semidetachedattached on one side only
OppositeattachedUsed of buildings joined by common sidewalls
Spanishindependiente, separado, suelto
Catalanindependent, separat, solt
English > detached: 6 senses > adjective 5
MeaningLacking affection or warm feeling.
Synonymsunaffectionate, uncaring
Broaderunlovingnot giving or reciprocating affection
Spanishdespreocupado, frío
Catalandistant, fred
English > detached: 6 senses > adjective 6
Meaningnot fixed in position.
Example"the detached shutter fell on him"
Broaderunfixednot firmly placed or set or fastened

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