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English > 3 senses of the word knight:
NOUNperson knightoriginally / originally a person of noble birth trained to arms and chivalry
artifactknight, horsea chessman shaped to resemble the head of a horse
VERBsocialknight, dubraise (someone) to knighthood
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English > knight: 3 senses > noun 1, person
Meaningoriginally / originally a person of noble birth trained to arms and chivalry; today in Great Britain a person honored by the sovereign for personal merit.
InstancesGeraint, Sir Geraint(Arthurian legend) one of the knights of the Round Table
NarrowerKnight Templar, TemplarA knight of a religious military order established in 1118 to protect pilgrims and the Holy Sepulcher
Knight of the Round TableIn the Arthurian legend, a knight of King Arthur's court
carpet knightA knight who spends his time in luxury and idleness (knighted on the carpet at court rather than on the field of battle)
knight-errantA wandering knight travelling in search of adventure
knight bachelor, bachelor-at-arms, bachelorA knight of the lowest order
knight banneret, knight of the square flag, banneretA knight honored for valor
Broadermale aristocratA man who is an aristocrat
Adjectivesequestrianof or relating to or composed of knights
knightlybeing attentive to women like an ideal knight
knightlycharacteristic of the time of chivalry and knighthood in the Middle Ages
Verbsknightraise (someone) to knighthood
English > knight: 3 senses > noun 2, artifact
MeaningA chessman shaped to resemble the head of a horse; can move two squares horizontally and one vertically (or vice versa).
Categorychess, chess gameA board game for two players who move their 16 pieces according to specific rules
Broaderchessman, chess pieceAny of 16 white and 16 black pieces used in playing the game / game of chess
English > knight: 3 senses > verb 1, social
MeaningRaise (someone) to knighthood.
PatternSomebody ----s somebody
Example"The Beatles were knighted"
Broaderennoble, gentle, entitleGive a title / title to someone
Spanishnombrar caballero
Nounsknightoriginally / originally a person of noble birth trained to arms and chivalry

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