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NOMBREcommunicationcoloquialismo, expresión coloquial, vulgarismoa colloquial expression
Español > coloquialismo: 1 sentido > nombre 1, communication
SentidoA colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech.
Sinónimosexpresión coloquial, vulgarismo
GeneralexpresiónThe style of expressing yourself
Usoa plomo, completamenteexactly
abemoladamente, angelicalmente, dulcemente, gustosamente, ricamente, sabrosamenteIn an affectionate or loving manner ('sweet' is sometimes a poetic or informal variant of 'sweetly')
abrirse, esfumarse, largarseLeave suddenly
acabado, perdidoDestroyed or killed / killed
agallas, cojones, coraje, discernimiento, huevos, moxie, nervio, sangre fría, valorfortitude and determination
agitado, perturbadoThrown into a state of agitated confusion / confusion
agotado, derrotado, hecho polvoVery tired
agresión, agresivo(informal British usage) aggravation or aggression
agua de fuegoAny strong spirits (such as strong whisky or rum)
aguafiestas, cenizo, gafesomeone who spoils the pleasure of others
aire cargado, aire viciado(British informal) an airless smoky smelly atmosphere
ajetreadomarked by excited activity
alcornoque, atún, bobales, bobalicón, bobo, bodoque, borrico, cateto, cebollino, ceporro, cernícalo, ganso, gaznápiro, imbécil, lechuzo, lila, majadero, memo, mentecato, percebe, simple, tarado, tontaina, tontorrón, vaina, zopenco, zoteA stupid incompetent person
alucinado, colocado, flipadoUnder the influence of narcotics
ambulancia de locosAn ambulance used to transport / transport patients to a mental hospital
andar a pie, ir a piewalk
ansioso, deseosoeagerly desirous
aparentemente, claramente, claro, evidentemente, manifiestamente, obviamente, patentementeunmistakably ('plain' is often used informally for 'plainly')
apestoso, asqueroso, podridoVery bad
apestoso(British informal) malodorous
aplastar, derrota, golpe bajo, golpe decisivoA crushing remark
apuestaA risky and uncertain venture
arengaA speech of exhortation attempting to instill enthusiasm and determination in a team or staff
arriesgado, azarososubject to accident or chance or change
atontado, aturdido, groguidazed from or as if from repeated blows
atrevido, estrafalario, extravagante, originalinformal terms
avispado, espabilado(British informal) not to be deceived / deceived or hoodwinked
badana, flojo, holgazán, manta, perezosoA lazy person
baladí, fútil, insignificante, insustancial, intrascendente, nimio, pequeño, trivial(informal) small and of little importance
barato, caseoso, chungo, maloOf very poor quality
besuqueo(British informal) cuddle and kiss
bien, correctosatisfactory or in satisfactory condition
bien, satisfactoriamenteIn a satisfactory / satisfactory or adequate manner
bien, exhaustivamente, minuciosamente, profundamenteCompletely and absolutely ('good' is sometimes used informally for 'thoroughly')
bizco(British informal) cross-eyed
bobo, estúpido, ridículo, tontoHaving or revealing stupidity
bofia, gris, guili, guindilla, guripa, madero, marrón, pasma, pitufo, policía, poli, polizonte, romano, tira, tombouncomplimentary terms for a policeman
boquiabierto, pasmado, patidifuso, patitiesoWith eyes or mouth open in surprise
botínValuable goods
brava, bravo, excelente, magníficoVery good
brillante, rocadiamonds
bromista, chistosoA witty amusing person who makes jokes
buena prendaAn attractive outfit
bárbaro, bestial, brutal, chachi, enorme, fenomenal, genial, gran, guay, súperVery good
cabezada, cabezadilla, pestañada, siesta liviana, siesta, sueñecitoSleeping for a short period of time (usually not in bed)
cabreado, enfadado, mosqueadoroused to anger
caldoAn unfortunate / unfortunate situation
cantarinaA female singer
carcamal, carroza, fósil, vejestoriosomeone whose style is out of fashion
cargado(British informal) poorly ventilated
carne de cañónsoldiers who are regarded as expendable in the face of artillery fire
cazacerebros, cazador de cabezas, cazaejecutivos, cazatalentosA recruiter of personnel (especially for corporations)
chalado, excéntriconot behaving normally
chalado, chiflado, ido, majara, majareta, pirado, tipo rarosomeone deranged and possibly dangerous
charla inconsistentevoluble conversation
chico, chiquitín, pequeñito(used informally) very small
ciertamente, con bastante seguridad, con certeza, con seguridad, seguramente, seguro, sin dudadefinitely or positively ('sure' is sometimes used informally for 'surely')
claseelegance in dress or behavior
cobarde, gallina, miedoso, temerosoeasily frightened
colosal, enorme, gigante(used informally) very large
complejo, cuelgue, lío emocional, traumaAn emotional preoccupation / preoccupation
comprender, entender, figurarse, representarseunderstand
conejito(usually informal) especially a young rabbit
correcto, de lleno, exactamenteexactly
cuchitrilfilthy run-down dilapidated housing
cupón, valeA source of income or livelihood
cómodo, confortableProviding or experiencing physical well-being or relief ('comfy' is informal)
de cabeza, de lleno, directamente, directodirectly
de llenoheartily or earnestly
de ninguna forma, de ninguna manera, en ningun casodefinitely not
decente, visibledecently clothed
derrotamientoA state of extreme / extreme exhaustion
desastre, inútilsomeone who is unsuccessful
descabellado, disparatadofoolish
descargaAn informal expression for a mildly depressed state
descomunal, enorme(British informal) enormous
divertidísimo, divertidoVery funny
dondequiera, en cualquier parteAt or in or to any place
dudoso, extraño, raro, sospechosonot as expected
económico, frugalavoiding waste
embarullo, jerigonzaAn incomprehensible talk
en alguna parte, en algún lugarIn or at or to some place
en cualquier casodefinitely or certainly
en todas partes, por todas partesTo or in any or all places
endiablado, infernalVery unpleasant
enterado, listillo, marisabidilla, sabelotodo, sabidillo, sabihondosomeone who thinks he knows everything and refuses to accept advice or information from others
enésimolast in an indefinitely numerous series
estafador, falsificadorsomeone who passes bad checks or counterfeit paper money
estirado, persona estirada, pureta, viroteA bore who is extremely formal, pompous, and old-fashioned
estrafalario, tontoLudicrous, foolish
estropeadoOut of working order ('busted' is an informal substitute for 'broken')
exageradopretentious (especially with regard to language or ideals)
excelente, gran, grande, magníficoOf the highest quality
facilmente, fácilmente, fácilWith ease / ease / ease / ease ('easy' is sometimes used informally for 'easily')
favorito, protegidofavorite
faz, fisiognomía, fisionomía, fisonomía, rostro, semblanteThe human face ('kisser' and 'smiler' and 'mug' are informal terms for 'face' and 'phiz' is British)
filmadorecorded / recorded for broadcast / broadcast
fútil, insignificante(British informal) trivial
gafe(usually used colloquially) causing or accompanied by misfortune
ganancioso, sustanciosolucrative
ganchoAn attention-getting opening presented at the start of a television show
gandul, holgazán, indolente, perezoso, vagoconstitutionally lazy or idle
gran, grandesignificant / significant / significant / significant
guapo(informal British) sexually attractive
guay, tope, total(British informal) very chic
hombreA male person who plays a significant role (husband or lover or boyfriend) in the life of a particular woman
incurrently fashionable
informalnot homosexual
intelectualHighly cultured or educated
intentoA chance to do something
johnny'Johnny' was applied as a nickname for Confederate soldiers by the Federal soldiers in the American Civil War
jurásico, prehistóricono longer fashionable
lataSomething tedious and boring
lata, paloA conservative who is old-fashioned or dull in attitude or appearance
lavado de dinero, operación ficticiaAny enterprise in which losses and gains cancel out
lentamenteWithout speed ('slow' is sometimes used informally for 'slowly')
liquidaciónA very large profit
llenocrammed with food
lleno, repletoFilled to capacity
locopossessed by inordinate excitement
luego(old-fashioned or informal) in a little while
lunáticoinsane and believed to be affected by the phases of the moon
lívidofuriously angry
mafiaAny tightly knit group of trusted associates / associates
magnitud, realidad, tamañoThe actual state of affairs
malFeeling physical discomfort or pain ('tough' is occasionally used colloquially for 'bad')
manojoA bunch
molido(British informal) exhausted or worn out
mono(British informal) pretty and neat
máxima aceleración(colloquial) the application of maximum thrust
negocioYour occupation or line of work
oculus, ojoThe organ of sight
orden de arrestoA warrant to take someone into custody
pajaritosmall bird
peristaA dealer in stolen property
pez gordoAn important influential person
plagaAn annoyance
plopWith a short hollow thud
portavoz, representanteA spokesperson (as a lawyer)
precisoaccurate and to the point
radiocasetA portable stereo
ratoneraA small dirty uncomfortable room
sabuesosomeone who is a detective
salirhappen or take place
suavenot burdensome or demanding
tajoAn excavation
temibleimpressively difficult
terriblementeUsed as intensifiers
trabajo sucioDifficult work
trompaThe human nose (especially when it is large)
víaA situation offering opportunities
ásperamente, belicosamente, bruscamente, brusquedad, toscamenteWith roughness or violence ('rough' is an informal variant for 'roughly')
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