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English > 1 sense of the word intensifier:
NOUNcommunicationintensifier, intensivea modifier that has little meaning / meaning except to intensify the meaning / meaning it modifies
English > intensifier: 1 sense > noun 1, communication
MeaningA modifier that has little meaning / meaning except to intensify the meaning / meaning it modifies.
  • "'up' in 'finished up' is an intensifier"
  • "'honestly' in 'I honestly don't know' is an intensifier"
Broadermodifier, qualifierA content word that qualifies the meaning / meaning of a noun or verb
Usagebloody, damn, all-fired, all-firedlyExtremely
ever, ever so(intensifier for adjectives) very
every last(used as intensive) every
goddam, goddamn, goddamnedExtremely
honestly, candidly, frankly(used as intensives reflecting the speaker's attitude) it is sincerely the case that
in truth, really, trulyIn fact (used as intensifiers or sentence modifiers)
infernally, hellishlyExtremely
just, simplyabsolutely
literally(intensifier before a figurative expression) without exaggeration
living(informal) absolute
madly, insanely, deadly, deucedly, devilishly(used as intensives) extremely
mighty, mightily, powerful, right(Southern regional intensive) very
precious, preciouslyExtremely
soTo a very great extent or degree
suchTo so extreme a degree
well(used for emphasis or as an intensifier) entirely or fully
wonderfully, wondrous, wondrously, superbly, toppingly, marvellously, terrifically, marvelously(used as an intensifier) extremely well
Spanishintensificador, intensivo
Adjectivesintensivetending to give force or emphasis
Verbsintensifymake more intense, stronger, or more marked

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