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English > 1 sense of the word opportunity:
NOUNstateopportunity, chancea possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances
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English > opportunity: 1 sense > noun 1, state
MeaningA possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances.
Example"the holiday gave us the opportunity to visit Washington"
Narrowerbrass ringA rich opportunity or a prize
dayA period of opportunity
fresh start, clean slate, tabula rasaAn opportunity to start over without prejudice
hearing, audienceAn opportunity to state your case and be heard
hunting groundA place where opportunities abound
occasionAn opportunity to do something
openingopportunity especially for employment or promotion
roomopportunity for
sayThe chance to speak
shot, crackA chance to do something
streetA situation offering opportunities
throwA single chance or instance
Broaderpossibility, possiblenesscapability of existing or happening / happening / happening or being true
Spanishchance, ocasión, oportunidad, posibilidad
Catalanocasió, oportunitat
Adjectivesopportunesuitable or at a time that is suitable or advantageous especially for a particular purpose

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