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Español > 3 sentidos de la palabra trauma:
NOMBREstatetrauma, contusión, daño, herida, lesión, mal, traumatismoany physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc.
statetraumaan emotional wound or shock often having long-lasting effects
cognitiontrauma, complejo, cuelgue, lío emocionalan emotional preoccupation / preoccupation
Español > trauma: 3 sentidos > nombre 1, state
SentidoAny physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc..
Sinónimoscontusión, daño, herida, lesión, mal, traumatismo
Específicocardenal, contusión, golpe, hematoma, magulladura, morado, moratón, moretónAn injury that doesn't break the skin but results in some discoloration
chichón, tolondro, tolondrónA lump on the body caused by a blow / blow
congelamiento, criopatíaDestruction of tissue by freezing / freezing and characterized by tingling, blistering and possibly gangrene
desnucamiento, latigazoAn injury to the neck (the cervical vertebrae) resulting from rapid acceleration or deceleration (as in an automobile accident)
dislocaciónA displacement of a part (especially a bone) from its normal position (as in the shoulder or the vertebral column)
fractura, roturabreaking of hard tissue such as bone
hemorragiaThe flow of blood from a ruptured blood vessel
herida, lesiónAn injury to living tissue (especially an injury involving a cut or break in the skin)
lesión penetranteInjury incurred when an object (as a knife or bullet or shrapnel) penetrates into the body
picada, picadura, picotada, picotazo, piquetazoA painful wound caused by the thrust of an insect's stinger into skin
pápula, roncha, verdugónA raised mark on the skin (as produced by the blow / blow of a whip)
quemada, quemaduraAn injury caused by exposure to heat or chemicals or radiation
roturastate of being torn or burst open
torceduraA sharp strain on muscles or ligaments
Generalproblema de saludA state in which you are unable to function normally and without pain
Inglésinjury, hurt, harm, trauma
Cataláncontusió, dany, ferida, lesió, mal, trauma, traumatisme
Adjetivodeletereo, deletéreo, mortífero, nocivo, perjudicial, pernicioso, venenosoharmful to living things
traumáticoOf or relating to a physical injury or wound to the body
Verboscausar un trauma, traumatizarinflict a trauma upon
doler, lesionar, padecer, sufrirFeel pain or be in pain
doler, lastimar, sufrirFeel physical pain
herir, lastimar, lesionarCause injuries or bodily harm to
Español > trauma: 3 sentidos > nombre 2, state
SentidoAn emotional wound or shock often having long-lasting effects.
Generalestado mental, estado psicológico(psychology) a mental condition in which the qualities of a state are relatively constant even though the state itself may be dynamic
Ingléstrauma, psychic trauma
Adjetivotraumáticopsychologically painful
Verboscausar un trauma, traumatizarinflict a trauma upon
Español > trauma: 3 sentidos > nombre 3, cognition
SentidoAn emotional preoccupation / preoccupation.
Sinónimoscomplejo, cuelgue, lío emocional
GeneralpreocupaciónAn idea that preoccupies the mind and holds the attention
Uso decoloquialismo, expresión coloquial, vulgarismoA colloquial expression
Cataláncomplex, trauma

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