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Català > 5 sentits de la paraula realitzar:
VERBcreationrealitzar, causar, confeccionar, crear, fer, formarmake or cause to be or to become
changerealitzar, executar, fer efectiu, implementar, portar a termepursue to a conclusion or bring to a successful issue
socialrealitzar, acomplir, dur a terme, ferget (something) done
socialrealitzar, dur a terme, efectuar, feract so as to bring into existence
possessionrealitzarconvert into cash
Català > realitzar: 5 sentits > verb 1, creation
Sentitmake or cause to be or to become.
Sinònimscausar, confeccionar, crear, fer, formar
Específicabreujar, atallar, fer dreceracreate a short circuit in
acoblar, ajuntar, armar, collar, concentrar, congregar, muntarCreate by putting components or members together
adonar-se, advertirmake real or concrete
articular, confeccionar, construir, crear, edificar, fer, formarmake by combining materials and parts
articular, constituir, coordinar, formar, organitzarcreate (as an entity)
causar, crear, ocasionar, produir, provocarCause to happen, occur or exist
causar, despertar, estimular, evocar, excitar, incitar, moure, suscitarCall forth (emotions, feelings, and responses)
començar, estrenar, incoar, iniciar, originarBring into being
compondre, integrar, redactarWrite music
construir, instaurarbuild or establish something abstract
copiar, recrearmake a replica of
crear, parirbring forth or yield
crear, fer, formarcreate by artistic means
derivar, eduir, provenirDevelop or evolve from a latent or potential state
destil·lar, extreureextract by the process of distillation
dirigir, encaminarGuide the actors in (plays and films)
donar estil, estilitzarmake consistent with a certain fashion or style
elaborar, fabricarmake from scratch
engendrar, generarmake children
engendrar, generarBring into existence
fer, retallar, tallarform or shape by cutting or incising
fer, ocasionar, provocargive rise to
fer la coreografiaCompose a sequence of dance steps, often to music
filmar, rodarrecord in film
implantar, instaurar, instituirAdvance or set forth in court
incorporarform a corporation
multiplicar, procrear, reproduir-se, reproduirhave offspring or produce more individuals of a given animal or plant
prepararTo prepare verbally, either for written or spoken delivery
recrear, regenerarform or produce anew
recrearcreate anew
recrearcreate anew
Tambéfabricar, inventarmake up something artificial or untrue
refermake new
Anglèsmake, create
Espanyolcausar, confeccionar, construir, crear, criar, formar, hacer, producir, provocar, realizar
Nomsanimal, bèstia, criatura, faunaA living organism characterized by voluntary movement
confecció, elaboració, fabricació, preparacióThe act that results in something coming to be
criaturaA human being
Català > realitzar: 5 sentits > verb 2, change
Sentitpursue to a conclusion or bring to a successful issue.
Sinònimsexecutar, fer efectiu, implementar, portar a terme
Generalacabar, completar, complir, enllestir, finalitzar, finir, terminarCome or bring to a finish or an end / end
Tambécol·locar, posar, situarCause to be in a certain state
Similarcompletar, complir, executar, portar a termeput in effect
Anglèsfollow through, follow up, follow out, carry out, implement, put through, go through with
Espanyolejecutar, implementar, realizar
Nomsacompliment, compliment, execució, posada en pràctica, realitzacióThe act of accomplishing some aim or executing some order
complimentcarrying some project or intention to full completion
revisió, seguimentA subsequent examination of a patient for the purpose of monitoring earlier treatment
Català > realitzar: 5 sentits > verb 3, social
SentitGet (something) done.
Sinònimsacomplir, dur a terme, fer
Específicespatllar-hoDo wrongly or improperly
exercirapply oneself diligently
fer el màxim que es pot, fer el millor que es potPerform a task as well as possible
Generalcompletar, complir, executar, portar a termeput in effect
Anglèsdo, perform
Espanyolcumplir, hacer, realizar
Nomsfactor, faedorA person who acts and gets things done
Català > realitzar: 5 sentits > verb 4, social
Sentitact so as to bring into existence.
Sinònimsdur a terme, efectuar, fer
Específicposar una data enderrarida amake effective from an earlier date
Generalactuar, ferPerform an action, or work out or perform (an action)
Espanyolefectuar, hacer, llevar a cabo, realizar
Nomsconseqüència, efecte, resultatA phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon
Català > realitzar: 5 sentits > verb 5, possession
Sentitconvert into cash; of goods and property.
Categoriacomercialisme, comerç, mercantilismetransactions (sales and purchases) having the objective of supplying commodities (goods and services)
GeneralvendreExchange or deliver for money or its equivalent
Anglèsrealize, realise

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