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Català > 7 sentits de la paraula encaminar:
VERBmotionencaminar, apuntar, dirigir, guiar, liderar, maniobrardirect the course
cognitionencaminar, articular, coordinar, dirigir, organitzarplan and direct (a complex undertaking)
motionencaminar, apoderar, conduir, copar, dirigir, guiar, portartake somebody somewhere
creationencaminar, dirigirguide the actors in (plays and films)
contactencaminar, guiar, passarpass over, across, or through
creationencaminar, dirigirlead, as in the performance of a composition
socialencaminar, guiarbe a guiding or motivating force or drive
Català > encaminar: 7 sentits > verb 1, motion
Sentitdirect the course; determine the direction of travelling.
Sinònimsapuntar, dirigir, guiar, liderar, maniobrar
Específicamarrar, atracarManeuver into a dock
aparcar, estacionarmaneuver a vehicle into a parking space
canalitzardirect the flow of
conduir, guiar, pilotaract as the navigator / navigator in a car, plane, or vessel and plan, direct, plot the path and position of the conveyance
fer-se a la marSteer away from shore, of ships
Generalcomandar, controlar, dominar, manarExercise authoritative control or power over
Anglèssteer, maneuver, manoeuver, manoeuvre, direct, point, head, guide, channelize, channelise
Espanyolapuntar, canalizar, dirigir, encaminar, guiar, indicar, liderar, maniobrar
Nomsacomodador, guiasomeone employed to conduct others
canalitzaciómanagement through specified channels of communication
conducció, control, guiatgeThe act of guiding or showing the way / way
governThe act of steering a ship
guiasomeone who shows the way / way by leading or advising
maniobraA deliberate coordinated movement requiring dexterity and skill
timonerThe person who steers a ship
Català > encaminar: 7 sentits > verb 2, cognition
Sentitplan and direct (a complex undertaking).
Sinònimsarticular, coordinar, dirigir, organitzar
Generalplanejar, planificarmake plans for something
Anglèsmastermind, engineer, direct, organize, organise, orchestrate
Espanyolarticular, coordinar, dirigir, encaminar, organizar, orquestar
Nomsadministració, gerència, organitzacióThe persons (or committees or departments etc.) who make up a body for the purpose of administering something
causant, conceiver, creador, inspirador, originadorsomeone who creates new things
direcció, organitzacióThe act of organizing a business or an activity related to a business
enginyera, enginyer, tecnòleg, tecnòlogaA person who uses scientific knowledge to solve practical problems
organitzacióThe activity or result of distributing or disposing persons or things properly or methodically
orquestracióAn arrangement of events that attempts to achieve a maximum effect
sindicadorsomeone who enlists workers to join a union
Català > encaminar: 7 sentits > verb 3, motion
SentitTake somebody somewhere.
Sinònimsapoderar, conduir, copar, dirigir, guiar, portar
Específicanunciar, guiar, introduirTake (someone) to their seats / seats / seats, as in theaters or auditoriums
Anglèslead, take, direct, conduct, guide
Espanyolapoderar, conducir, copar, dirigir, encaminar, guiar, llevar
Nomsacomodador, guiasomeone employed to conduct others
autoritat, dirigent, líderA person who rules or guides or inspires others
Català > encaminar: 7 sentits > verb 4, creation
SentitGuide the actors in (plays and films) .
Generalcausar, confeccionar, crear, fer, formar, realitzarmake or cause to be or to become
Espanyoldirigir, encaminar
Nomsdirectora, director d'escena, directorsomeone who supervises the actors and directs the action in the production of a show
Català > encaminar: 7 sentits > verb 5, contact
Sentitpass over, across, or through.
Sinònimsguiar, passar
Específicfregar-se, fregar, refregar-se, refregarMove over something with pressure
Tambéassecar, eixugar, netejar, treurerub with a circular motion
difondre, dispensar, dispersar, disseminar, distribuir, propagar, repartirCause to become widely known
Similarenfilarthread on or as if on a string
Anglèsguide, run, draw, pass
Espanyolencaminar, guiar, pasar, recorrer
Català > encaminar: 7 sentits > verb 6, creation
SentitLead, as in the performance of a composition.
Categoriamúsicamusical activity (singing / singing / singing or whistling etc.)
Generaldur a terme, executar, fer, interpretar, practicarcarry out or perform an action
Anglèsconduct, lead, direct
Espanyoldirigir, encaminar
Nomsconductor, directora, director d'orquestra, directorThe person who leads a musical group
director d'orquestraThe direction of an orchestra or choir
Català > encaminar: 7 sentits > verb 7, social
SentitBe a guiding or motivating force or drive.
GeneraldirigirBe in charge of
Anglèsguide, steer
Espanyolencaminar, guiar
Nomsconducció, control, guiatgeThe act of guiding or showing the way / way
consell, idea, indicacióAn indication of potential opportunity
direccióThe act of setting and holding a course
guiasomeone who shows the way / way by leading or advising

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