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Español > 10 sentidos de la palabra entrar:
VERBOcommunicationentrar, consignar, hacer constar, introducir, registrarmake a record of
competitionentrar, intervenir, participarbecome a participant
motionentrar, ingresar, moverse adentroto come or go into
socialentrar, alistar, apuntar, enrolar, inscribirse, inscribir, matricular, reclutarregister formally as a participant or member
competitionentrar, abordar, encarar, hacer una entradaseize and throw down an opponent player, who usually carries the ball
stativeentrar, caber, irconform to some shape or size
creationentrar, salir a escena, salircome on stage
motionentrar, arribar, hacer su llegada, ingresar, llegarof trains
possessionentrarenter a computer
motionentrar, llegarbe received
Español > entrar: 10 sentidos > verbo 1, communication
Sentidomake a record of; set down in permanent form.
Sinónimosconsignar, hacer constar, introducir, registrar
Categoríagrabación, transcripciónThe act of making a record (especially an audio record)
Específicoanotar, puntuarKeep score, as in games / games / games
archivarplace in a container for keeping records / records
censar, registrarse, registrarrecord in writing
documentarrecord in detail
escribirMaintain by writing regular records / records
fichar, marcar, picarRegister one's arrival at work
filmar, rodarmake a film or photograph of something
filmar, rodarrecord in film
fotografiarrecord on photographic film
grabar, registrarRegister electronically
grabarrecord on videotape
inscribirWrite, engrave, or print as a lasting record
marcar, señalarmake underscoring marks
mellarnotch a surface to record something
registrarEnter into a log, as on ships and planes
Generalahorrar, conservar, preservar, resguardarTo keep up and reserve for personal or special use
Inglésrecord, enter, put down
Catalánconsignar, entrar, fer constar, registrar
Nombresconstancia, registroAnything (such as a document or a phonograph record or a photograph) providing permanent evidence of or information about past events
constancia, registroA document that can serve as legal evidence of a transaction
entrada, registroAn item inserted in a written record
equipo de grabaciónequipment for making records
grabadora, grabador, registradorsomeone responsible for keeping records / records
Español > entrar: 10 sentidos > verbo 2, competition
SentidoBecome a participant; be involved in.
Sinónimosintervenir, participar
Contrarioabandonar, arrojar la toalla, dejar, desistir, rendirse, retirarse, tirar la toallaGive up in the face of defeat of lacking hope
Inglésenter, participate
Catalánintervenir, participar
Adjetivoparticipativoaffording the opportunity for individual participation
Nombrescompromiso, implicación, participaciónThe act of sharing in the activities of a group
participantesomeone who takes part in an activity
participanteOne who enters a competition
Español > entrar: 10 sentidos > verbo 3, motion
SentidoTo come or go into.
Sinónimosingresar, moverse adentro
Específicoabordar, embarcar, montar, subirse aGet on board of (trains, buses, ships, aircraft, etc.)
adentrarse, penetrar, profundizarPass into or through, often by overcoming resistance
aparcer sin invitación, entrometerse, inmiscuirse, invadir, violar, vulnerarTo intrude upon, infringe, encroach on, violate
atracarCome into dock
hacer escalaEnter a harbor
reentrarEnter again
tomar el terrenogo on the playing field, of a football team
Tambiénadueñarse, encontrarseTake possession of
instalarseMove into a new house or office
Contrariodejar, irse, largarse, marcharse, marchar, partir, retirarse, salirMove out of or depart from
Inglésenter, come in, get into, get in, go into, go in, move into
Nombresacceso, boca, entrada, ingreso, vía de accesoSomething that provides access (to get in or get out)
entradaThe act of entering
entradaA movement into or inward
Español > entrar: 10 sentidos > verbo 4, social
Sentidoregister formally as a participant or member.
Sinónimosalistar, apuntar, enrolar, inscribirse, inscribir, matricular, reclutar
Específicoagremiar, sindicarrecruit for a union or organize into a union
alistar, enrolarEngage somebody to enter the army
censar, inscribirseenroll to vote
matricularse, matricularenroll as a student
Generalcensar, registrarse, registrarrecord in writing
Inglésenroll, inscribe, enter, enrol, recruit
Catalánapuntar, inscriure's, inscriure, matricular-se, matricular, reclutar
Nombresenrolamiento, inscripción, matriculación, registración, registroThe act of enrolling / enrolling
fichaje, reclutaAny new member or supporter (as in the armed forces)
inscritoA person who enrolls in (or is enrolled in) a class or course of study
reclutadorsomeone who supplies members or employees
Español > entrar: 10 sentidos > verbo 5, competition
Sentidoseize and throw down an opponent player, who usually carries the ball.
Sinónimosabordar, encarar, hacer una entrada
Categoríabalompié, futbol, fútbolAny of various games / games played with a ball (round or oval) in which two teams try to kick or carry or propel the ball into each other's goal
Generalagreder, arremeter, atacarTake the initiative and go on the offensive
Catalánabordar, encarar, entrar, fer una entrada
NombresplacadorA football player who tackles the ball carrier
tacleada(American football) grasping an opposing player with the intention of stopping by throwing to the ground
Español > entrar: 10 sentidos > verbo 6, stative
Sentidoconform to some shape or size.
Sinónimoscaber, ir
Generalestar, serHave the quality of being
Cataláncaber, cabre, entrar
Español > entrar: 10 sentidos > verbo 7, creation
SentidoCome on stage.
Sinónimossalir a escena, salir
Categoríaarte dramático, dramaturgia, teatroThe art of writing and producing plays
Implicainterpretar, jugar, representar, tocarPlay a role or part
Catalánentrar, sortir a escena
NombresentradaThe act of entering
Español > entrar: 10 sentidos > verbo 8, motion
SentidoOf trains; move into (a station).
Sinónimosarribar, hacer su llegada, ingresar, llegar
Generalalcanzar, arribar, llegar, venirreach a destination
Similaracercarse a, dirigirse aAdvance or converge on
Ingléspull in, get in, move in, draw in
Español > entrar: 10 sentidos > verbo 9, possession
SentidoEnter a computer.
GeneralaccederObtain or retrieve from a storage device
ContrariosalirExit a computer
Ingléslog in, log on, log-in
Catalánentrar, iniciar una sessió
Español > entrar: 10 sentidos > verbo 10, motion
SentidoBe received.
Generalalcanzar, arribar, llegar, venirreach a destination
Ingléscome, come in

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