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English > 3 senses of the word destination:
NOUNlocationdestination, finish, goalthe place designated as the end (as of a race or journey)
cognitiondestination, terminusthe ultimate goal for which something is done
communicationdestination, address, name and addresswritten directions for finding some location
destination > pronunciation
Soundsdeh.stahney'shahn; deh.stihney'shahn
RhymesAachen ... Zukerman: 2572 rhymes with ahn...
English > destination: 3 senses > noun 1, location
MeaningThe place designated as the end (as of a race or journey).
Example "he was nearly exhausted as their destination came into view"
Synonymsfinish, goal
Narrowerfinishing line, finish lineA line indicating the location of the finish of a race
Broaderend, terminalEither extremity of something that has length
Spanishdestinación, destino
Catalandestí, destinació
Verbsdestinedecree or designate beforehand
English > destination: 3 senses > noun 2, cognition
MeaningThe ultimate goal for which something is done.
Broadergoal, endThe state of affairs that a plan is intended to achieve and that (when achieved) terminates behavior intended to achieve it
Catalandestinació, terme
Verbsdestinedesign or destine
destinedecree or designate beforehand
English > destination: 3 senses > noun 3, communication
Meaningwritten directions for finding some location; written on letters or packages that are to be delivered to that location.
Synonymsaddress, name and address
Part ofletter, missiveA written message addressed to a person or organization
PartsZIP code, ZIP, postcode, postal codeA code of letters and digits added to a postal address to aid in the sorting of mail / mail
Narrowerreturn addressThe address of the sender of a letter or parcel indicating where it should be returned if it cannot be delivered
Broaderdirection, instructionA message describing how something is to be done
Spanishdestinación, destino, dirección
Catalanadreça, destí, destinació

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