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NOUNartifactaircrafta vehicle that can fly
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English > aircraft: 1 sense > noun 1, artifact
MeaningA vehicle that can fly.
Category ofblackout, brownout, dimoutdarkness resulting from the extinction of lights (as in a city invisible to enemy / enemy aircraft)
crash landingAn emergency landing under circumstances where a normal landing is impossible (usually damaging the aircraft)
crop-dusting, sprayingThe dispersion of fungicides or insecticides or fertilizer on growing crops (often from a low-flying aircraft)
destabilizationAn event that causes a loss of equilibrium (as of a ship or aircraft)
driftageThe deviation (by a vessel or aircraft) from its intended course due to drifting / drifting
fly, aviate, pilotOperate an airplane
flyover, fly-by, flypastA flight at a low altitude (usually of military aircraft) over spectators on the ground
heavier-than-airrelating to an aircraft heavier than the air it displaces
lighter-than-airrelating to a balloon or other aircraft that flies because it weighs less than the air it displaces
pilot, airplane pilotsomeone who is licensed to operate an aircraft in flight
stabilization, stabilisationThe act of making something (as a vessel or aircraft) less likely to overturn
sweptback(especially of aircraft wings) angled rearward from the point of attachment
sweptwing(of an aircraft) having sweptback wings
touch downCome or bring (a plane) to a landing
Member offleetgroup of aircraft operating together under the same ownership
Partsaircraft engineThe engine that powers and aircraft
bayA compartment in an aircraft used for some specific purpose
cabinThe enclosed compartment of an aircraft or spacecraft where passengers are carried
cockpitcompartment where the pilot sits while flying the aircraft
fuel systemequipment in a motor vehicle or aircraft that delivers fuel to the engine
noseA front that resembles a human nose (especially the front of an aircraft)
skeleton, skeletal frame, frame, underframeThe internal supporting structure that gives an artifact its shape
skinAn outer surface (usually thin)
Narrowerbogy, bogie, bogeyAn unidentified (and possibly enemy) aircraft
cruise missileAn unmanned aircraft that is a self-contained bomb
heavier-than-air craftA non-buoyant aircraft that requires a source of power to hold it aloft and to propel it
lighter-than-air craftaircraft supported by its own buoyancy
stealth aircraftAn aircraft designed in accordance with technology that makes detection by radar difficult
BroadercraftA vehicle designed for navigation in or on water or air or through outer space
Spanishaeronave, aeroplano, avión

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