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Català > 5 sentits de la paraula desdoblar:
VERBsocialdesdoblar, dividir, partir, repartir, separarseparate into parts or portions
contactdesdoblar, desplegar, estendre, estrenar, obrir, propagarspread out or open from a closed or folded state
contactdesdoblar, esquerdissar, esquinçar, fendir, fendre, partir, tallarseparate or cut with a tool, such as a sharp instrument
motiondesdoblar, desembolicar, desplegar, distendre, estendre, estirarextend or stretch out to a greater or the full length
changedesdoblar, descosir-se, esberlar-se, esquerdar-se, explotar, rebentar-secome open suddenly and violently, as if from internal pressure
Català > desdoblar: 5 sentits > verb 1, social
Sentitseparate into parts or portions.
Sinònimsdividir, partir, repartir, separar
Específicasclar, esberlar-se, esberlar, estellardivide into slivers or splinters
balcanitzardivide a territory into small, hostile states
dividir en paràgrafsdivide into paragraphs, as of text
parcel·lardivide into parts
Generalcanviar físicamentchange in physical make-up
Contrariajuntar, cohesionar, reunir, unificar, uniract in concert or unite in a common purpose or belief
Anglèsdivide, split, split up, separate, dissever, carve up
Espanyoldesdoblar, desunir, dividir, escindir, fragmentar, partir, repartir, separar
Nomsdivisió, particióThe act or process of dividing
separadorA vertical structure that divides or separates (as a wall divides one room from another)
Català > desdoblar: 5 sentits > verb 2, contact
Sentitspread out or open from a closed or folded state.
Sinònimsdesplegar, estendre, estrenar, obrir, propagar
Específicaixamfranar-se, aixamfranarSpread open or apart
Generaldesfercancel, annul, or reverse an action or its effect
Contraridoblegar, plegarbend or lay so that one part covers the other
Anglèsunfold, spread, spread out, open
Espanyolabrir, desdoblar, desplegar, difundir, estrenar, extender, propagar
NomsoberturaBecoming open or being made open
Català > desdoblar: 5 sentits > verb 3, contact
Sentitseparate or cut with a tool, such as a sharp instrument.
Sinònimsesquerdissar, esquinçar, fendir, fendre, partir, tallar
Anglèscleave, split, rive
Espanyoldesdoblar, hender, partir, rajar, rasgar, surcar
NomsclivellaA split or indentation in something (as the palate or chin)
esquinç, estripAn opening made forcibly as by pulling apart
esquinçada, estripadaThe act of rending or ripping or splitting something
Català > desdoblar: 5 sentits > verb 4, motion
SentitExtend or stretch out to a greater or the full length.
Sinònimsdesembolicar, desplegar, distendre, estendre, estirar
Generaldeformarassume a different shape or form
Anglèsunfold, stretch, stretch out, extend
Espanyoldesdoblar, desenvolver, desplegar, distender, estirar, extender
Adjectiusextensiblecapable of being protruded or stretched or opened out
Català > desdoblar: 5 sentits > verb 5, change
SentitCome open suddenly and violently, as if from internal pressure.
Sinònimsdescosir-se, esberlar-se, esquerdar-se, explotar, rebentar-se
Específicdesfondar, trencarBurst or force (a hole) into something
Generalpartir-se, partir, trencar-se, trencarBecome separated / separated into pieces or fragments
Anglèsburst, split, break open
Espanyoldesdoblar, estallar, explotar, rajarse, reventarse, reventar
Nomserupció, esclat, explosióThe act of exploding / exploding or bursting

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