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Español > 7 sentidos de la palabra dictar:
VERBOcommunicationdictar, editar, publicar, sacarprepare and issue for public distribution or sale
changedictar, aparecer, emerger, salir, surgircome out of
socialdictar, abastar, abastecer, aprovisionar, facilitar, proveer, suministrarcirculate or distribute or equip with
communicationdictar, mandar, ordenar, prescribir, recetarissue commands or orders for
socialdictar, regirdirect or strongly influence the behavior of
cognitiondictarsay out loud for the purpose of recording
communicationdictar, emitir, entregar, pronunciarpass down
Español > dictar: 7 sentidos > verbo 1, communication
SentidoPrepare and issue for public distribution or sale.
Sinónimoseditar, publicar, sacar
Específicoeditarsupervise the publication of
Generalairear, divulgarmake public
Tambiéncausar, producir, provocarCause to come into a particular state or condition
Ingléspublish, bring out, put out, issue, release
Catalándictar, editar, publicar, treure
Nombresedición de libros, editorial, publicaciónThe business of issuing printed matter for sale or distribution
editorThe proprietor of a newspaper
editorA person engaged in publishing / publishing periodicals or books or music
editorial, editor, ed.A firm in the publishing business
ejemplar, númeroOne of a series published periodically
emisor, entidad emisoraAn institution that issues something (securities or publications or currency etc.)
estreno, lanzamientomerchandise issued for sale or public showing (especially a record or film)
publicaciónThe act of issuing printed materials
publicaciónA copy of a printed work offered for distribution
Español > dictar: 7 sentidos > verbo 2, change
SentidoCome out of.
Sinónimosaparecer, emerger, salir, surgir
Específicocaerse, salirseCome off
desagotarPass out or emerge
filtrarEnter or escape as through a hole or crack or fissure
irradiarissue or emerge in rays or waves
salirCome out
Inglésissue, emerge, come out, come forth, go forth, egress
Catalánaparèixer, brollar, dictar, emergir, sorgir, sortir
Nombresaparición, emergenciaThe act of emerging
desahogo, salidaAn opening that permits escape or release
emergenciaThe act of coming (or going) out
Español > dictar: 7 sentidos > verbo 3, social
Sentidocirculate or distribute or equip with.
Sinónimosabastar, abastecer, aprovisionar, facilitar, proveer, suministrar
Específicodesbloquear, descongelar, divulgar, liberar, soltarmake (assets) available
lanzar, liberarmake (information) available for publication
Generaldispensar, distribuir, repartirmake available
Contrarioretirarmake unavailable
Inglésissue, supply
Catalánabastar, aprovisionar, dictar, facilitar, fornir, proveir, subministrar
Nombresabastecimiento, abasto, aprovisionamiento, oferta, provisiónThe activity of supplying or providing something
emisión, emisorThe act of providing an item for general use or for official purposes (usually in quantity)
emisor, entidad emisoraAn institution that issues something (securities or publications or currency etc.)
ofertaoffering goods and services for sale
provisión, suministroAn amount of something available for use
Español > dictar: 7 sentidos > verbo 4, communication
Sentidoissue commands or orders for.
Sinónimosmandar, ordenar, prescribir, recetar
Específicoimponermake mandatory
Generalcargar, imponer, infligir, inflingirimpose something unpleasant
Inglésorder, prescribe, dictate
Catalándictar, manar, prescriure, receptar
Adjetivonormativo, prescriptivopertaining to giving directives or rules
Nombresacto, auto, decreto, decretos, edicto, orden, sentenciaA legally binding command or decision entered on the court record (as if issued by a court or judge)
autoritario, déspota, dictadora, dictador, tiranoA person who behaves in a tyrannical manner
dictadoA guiding principle
dictado, ordenAn authoritative direction or instruction to do something
mandato, orden(often plural) a command given by a superior (e.g., a military or law enforcement officer) that must be obeyed
mandatoAn authoritative rule
prescripciónDirections prescribed beforehand
Español > dictar: 7 sentidos > verbo 5, social
Sentidodirect or strongly influence the behavior of.
Generalcomandar, controlar, dominar, mandarExercise authoritative control or power over
Nombresadministración, gobernabilidad, gobiernoThe act of governing
Español > dictar: 7 sentidos > verbo 6, cognition
Sentidosay out loud for the purpose of recording.
Generaldeclamar, leerse, leerlook at, interpret, and say out loud something that is written or printed
NombresdictadoMatter that has been dictated and transcribed
dictadospeech intended for reproduction in writing
dictadorA speaker who dictates to a secretary or a recording machine
Español > dictar: 7 sentidos > verbo 7, communication
SentidoPass down.
Sinónimosemitir, entregar, pronunciar
Generalcomunicar, informar, transmitirtransmit information
Inglésrender, deliver, return
Catalándictar, emetre, entregar, pronunciar

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