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Español > 3 sentidos de la palabra normativo:
ADJETIVOpertnormativorelating to or dealing with norms
allnormativo, normativa, regulador, reguladorarestricting according to rules or principles / principles
allnormativo, prescriptivopertaining to giving directives or rules
Español > normativo: 3 sentidos > adjetivo 1, pert
Sentidorelating to or dealing with norms.
NombresnormaA standard or model or pattern regarded as typical
Español > normativo: 3 sentidos > adjetivo 2
Sentidorestricting according to rules or principles / principles.
Sinónimosnormativa, regulador, reguladora
GeneralrestrictivoServing to restrict
Inglésregulative, regulatory
Verbosmodular, regularFix or adjust the time, amount, degree, or rate of
Español > normativo: 3 sentidos > adjetivo 3
Sentidopertaining to giving directives or rules.
CategoríagramáticaThe branch of linguistics that deals with syntax and morphology (and sometimes also deals with semantics)
Contrariodescriptivodescribing the structure of a language
Inglésprescriptive, normative
Verbosdictar, mandar, ordenar, prescribir, recetarissue commands or orders for

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