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English > 2 senses of the word periodical:
NOUNcommunicationperiodicala publication that appears at fixed intervals
ADJECTIVEallperiodical, periodichappening or recurring at regular intervals
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English > periodical: 2 senses > adjective 1
Meaninghappening or recurring at regular intervals.
Narrowerannual, yearlyOccurring or payable every year
biennial, biyearlyOccurring every second year
bimonthly, bimestrialOccurring every two months
cyclicmarked by repeated cycles
daily, day-to-day, day-by-day, day-after-dayOf or belonging to or occurring every day
diurnalHaving a daily cycle or occurring every day
fortnightly, biweeklyOccurring every two weeks
half-hourlyOccurring ever half hour
hourlyOccurring every hour or payable by the hour
midweeklyOccurring during the middle of the week
monthlyOf or occurring or payable every month
nightlyHappening every night
oscillatory, oscillatingHaving periodic vibrations
semestral, semestrialOccurring every six months or during every period of six months
semiannual, biannual, biyearly, half-yearlyOccurring or payable twice each year
semimonthly, bimonthlyOccurring twice a month
semiweekly, biweeklyOccurring twice a week
triennialOccurring every third year or lasting 3 years
weekly, hebdomadal, hebdomadaryOf or occurring every seven days
Oppositeaperiodic, nonperiodicnot recurring at regular intervals
Nounsperiodthe interval taken to complete one cycle of a regularly repeating phenomenon
periodicala publication that appears at fixed intervals
Adverbsperiodicallyin a sporadic manner
English > periodical: 2 senses > noun 1, communication
MeaningA publication that appears at fixed intervals.
NarrowerdigestA periodical that summarizes the news
issue, numberOne of a series published periodically
journalA periodical dedicated to a particular subject
organA periodical that is published by a special interest group
pictorialA periodical (magazine or newspaper) containing many pictures / pictures
reviewA periodical that publishes / publishes critical essays on current affairs or literature or art
series, serial, serial publicationA periodical that appears at scheduled times
BroaderpublicationA copy of a printed work offered for distribution
Spanishperiódico, publicación periódica, revista
Catalanperiòdic, publicació periòdica
Adjectivesperiodicalhappening or recurring at regular intervals

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