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Español > 5 sentidos de la palabra relacionar:
VERBOcognitionrelacionar, asociar, comunicar, conectar, entroncar, ligar, unir, vincularmake a logical or causal connection
socialrelacionar, afiliarkeep company with
contactrelacionar, acoplar, casar, emparejarbring two objects, ideas, or people together
stativerelacionar, emparentar, entroncar, interrelacionarse, interrelacionarbe in a relationship with
communicationrelacionar, contar, emparentar, entroncar, narrar, relatargive an account of
Español > relacionar: 5 sentidos > verbo 1, cognition
Sentidomake a logical or causal connection.
Sinónimosasociar, comunicar, conectar, entroncar, ligar, unir, vincular
EspecíficocorrelacionarBring into a mutual, complementary, or reciprocal relation
identificarconceive of as united or associated
interrelacionarplace into a mutual relationship
pensarIntend to refer to
recordarExercise, or have the power of, memory
Generalcreer, discurrir, meditar, pensar, reflexionarUse or exercise the mind or one's power of reason in order to make inferences, decisions, or arrive at a solution or judgments
Contrariodesconectar, disociar, separarregard as unconnected
Inglésassociate, tie in, relate, link, colligate, link up, connect
Catalánassociar, comunicar, connectar, entroncar, relacionar, vincular
Adjetivoasociablecapable of being associated
asociativoCharacterized by or causing or resulting from the process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination
conectorConnecting or tending to connect
Nombresasociación, conexiónThe process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination / imagination
asociaciónThe state of being connected together as in memory or imagination
co, conexión, interrelación, unión, vinculación, vínculoAn associative relation
conexión, vínculoThe state of being connected
conjunción, uniónThe state of being joined together
relación, vínculoAn abstraction belonging to or characteristic of two entities or parts together
Español > relacionar: 5 sentidos > verbo 2, social
Sentidokeep company with; hang out with.
EspecíficoacompañarBe a companion / companion / companion to somebody
aliarse, aliar, emparentarseBecome an ally or associate, as by a treaty or marriage
salirdate regularly
Generalinteraccionar, interactuar, relacionarseAct together or towards others or with others
Inglésconsort, associate, affiliate, assort
Nombresacompañante, amigo, camarada, compañera, compañeroA friend who is frequently in the company of another
asociaciónThe act of consorting with or joining with others
asociación, clubA formal organization of people or groups of people
consorteThe husband or wife of a reigning monarch
Español > relacionar: 5 sentidos > verbo 3, contact
SentidoBring two objects, ideas, or people together.
Sinónimosacoplar, casar, emparejar
Generalacoplar, juntar, reunir, unirCause to become joined / joined or linked
SimilarcasarGive or join in marriage
Inglésmatch, mate, couple, pair, twin
Catalánacoblar, aparellar, casar, relacionar
Nombrescoincidencia, contraparte, equivalente, pareja, par, semejanteAn exact duplicate
dúo, pareja, par, tándemTwo items of the same kind
matrimonio, parejaA pair of people who live together
parA set of two similar things considered as a unit
parejaTwo people considered as a unit
partidoA person regarded as a good matrimonial prospect
yugoA connection (like a clamp or vise) between two things so they move together
Español > relacionar: 5 sentidos > verbo 4, stative
SentidoBe in a relationship with.
Sinónimosemparentar, entroncar, interrelacionarse, interrelacionar
Específicoenseñar, instruir, representaract as a guardian to someone
Generalestar, serHave the quality of being
Similarinterrelacionarplace into a mutual relationship
Inglésrelate, interrelate
Catalánemparentar, entroncar, interrelacionar-se, interrelacionar, relacionar, tenir a veure
Nombresinterrelaciónmutual or reciprocal relation or relatedness
relación, vínculoAn abstraction belonging to or characteristic of two entities or parts together
Español > relacionar: 5 sentidos > verbo 5, communication
SentidoGive an account of.
Sinónimoscontar, emparentar, entroncar, narrar, relatar
Generalcontar, explicar, narrar, recontar, relatarnarrate or give a detailed account of
Catalánemparentar, entroncar, relacionar, relatar
Nombresrelación, relatoAn act of narration

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