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Español > 7 sentidos de la palabra abertura:
NOMBREobjectabertura, apertura, claroan open or empty space in or between things
bodyabertura, orificio, porta, puertaan aperture or hole that opens into a bodily cavity
artifactabertura, claroa vacant or unobstructed space that is man-made
artifactabertura, hendidura, ranuraa long narrow opening
artifactabertura, aperturaa device that controls amount of light admitted
communicationabertura, apertura, comienzothe initial part of the introduction
actabertura, hendidura, raja, rasgadurathe act of rending or ripping or splitting something
Español > abertura: 7 sentidos > nombre 1, object
SentidoAn open or empty space in or between things.
Sinónimosapertura, claro
Part desuperficie, superficie terrestreThe outermost level of the land or sea
Específicoabismo, cañón, fisura, fosa, garganta, precipicio, simaA deep opening in the earth's surface
agujero, cavidad, hoyo, hueco, orificioAn opening into or through something
batería, boquete, brechaAn opening (especially a gap in a dike or fortification)
bocaAn opening that resembles a mouth (as of a cave or a gorge)
desgarrón, rasgadura, rasgónAn opening made forcibly as by pulling apart
diastemaA gap or vacant space between two teeth
fisura, grieta, hendidura, quebradura, quebraja, raja, rendija, resquebraduraA long narrow opening
hiatoA natural opening or perforation through a bone or a membranous structure
riftA gap between cloud masses
troneraAn opening at the corner or on the side / side of a billiard table into which billiard balls are struck
GeneralespacioAn empty area (usually bounded in some way between things)
Inglésopening, gap
Verbosabrir brechamake an opening or gap in
Español > abertura: 7 sentidos > nombre 2, body
SentidoAn aperture or hole that opens into a bodily cavity.
Sinónimosorificio, porta, puerta
Específicoano, cloacaexternal opening of urinary or genital system of a lower vertebrate
ano, anus, ojeteThe excretory opening at the end of the alimentary canal
blastoporo, blastóporoThe opening into the archenteron
boca, narizThe externally visible part of the oral cavity on the face and the system of organs surrounding the opening
cervix, cérvix, cuello del útero, cuello uterinonecklike opening to the uterus
espiráculo, poroA breathing orifice
estomaA mouth or mouthlike opening (especially one created by surgery on the surface of the body to create an opening to an internal organ)
fenestra, fosa temporalA small opening covered with membrane (especially one in the bone between the middle and inner ear)
fontanelaAny membranous gap between the bones of the cranium in an infant or fetus
introitoentrance or opening to a hollow organ or tube (especially the vaginal opening)
orificio nasalAny of the openings to the nasal cavities that allow air to flow through the cavities to the pharynx
orificio uretralThe orifice through which urine is discharged
píloro, portanarioA small circular opening between the stomach and the duodenum
rimaA narrow elongated opening or fissure between two symmetrical parts
GeneralconductoA path or channel or duct through or along which something may pass
Inglésorifice, opening, porta
Catalánorifici, porta
Verbosdar, permitirafford access to
Español > abertura: 7 sentidos > nombre 3, artifact
SentidoA vacant or unobstructed space that is man-made.
EspecíficoGap, intersticio, resquicioA narrow opening
abertura, hendidura, ranuraA long narrow opening
agujero, cavidad, hueco, orificioAn opening deliberately made in or through something
barbacana, cañonera, porta, troneraAn opening (in a wall or ship or armored vehicle) for firing through
campanaThe flared opening of a tubular device
canal, canalón, canilla, caño, chorrera, pico, pitón, pitorro, surtidorAn opening that allows the passage of liquids / liquids or grain
cuelloAn opening in a garment for the neck of the wearer
desahogo, salidaAn opening that permits escape or release
fenestellaoval or circular opening
gargantaAn opening in the vamp of a shoe at the instep
intersticiosmall opening between things
recámaraopening in the rear of the barrel of a gun where bullets can be loaded
rejillasmall opening (like a window in a door) through which business can be transacted
tomaAn opening through which fluid is admitted to a tube or container
ventana, ventanillaA transparent opening in a vehicle that allow vision out of the sides or back
GeneralartefactoA man-made object taken as a whole
Español > abertura: 7 sentidos > nombre 4, artifact
SentidoA long narrow opening.
Sinónimoshendidura, ranura
EspecíficoranuraA small slit (as for inserting a coin or depositing mail / mail)
Generalabertura, claroA vacant or unobstructed space that is man-made
Catalánclivella, fenedura
Verboshender, rajarcut a slit into
Español > abertura: 7 sentidos > nombre 5, artifact
SentidoA device that controls amount of light admitted.
Part deanteojo, catalejo, telescopioA magnifier of images of distant objects
cámara fotográfica, cámaraequipment for taking photographs (usually consisting of a lightproof box with a lens at one end and light-sensitive film at the other)
GeneralreguladorAny of various controls or devices for regulating or controlling fluid flow, pressure, temperature, etc.
Español > abertura: 7 sentidos > nombre 6, communication
SentidoThe initial part of the introduction.
Sinónimosapertura, comienzo
EspecíficoganchoAn attention-getting opening presented at the start of a television show
salutaciónword of greeting used to begin a letter
GeneralintroducciónThe first section of a communication
Español > abertura: 7 sentidos > nombre 7, act
SentidoThe act of rending or ripping or splitting something.
Sinónimoshendidura, raja, rasgadura
Generaldesgarrón, rasgónThe act of tearing / tearing
Inglésrent, rip, split
Catalánesquinçada, estripada
Verbosdesdoblar, hender, partir, rajar, rasgar, surcarseparate or cut with a tool, such as a sharp instrument
rajar, rasgartear or be torn violently

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