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Español > 10 sentidos de la palabra hueco:
ADJETIVOallhueco, anodina, anodino, insubstancial, insustancial, irreallacking material form or substance
allhueconot solid
NOMBREartifacthueco, agujero, cavidad, orificioan opening deliberately made in or through something
objecthueco, agujero, cavidad, hoyo, orificioan opening into or through something
objecthueco, hoya, hoyo, socavóna depression hollowed out of solid matter
shapehuecoa small concavity
artifacthueco, apartadizo, hornacina, nichoa small recess opening off a larger / larger room
artifacthuecoa vertical passageway through a building (as for an elevator)
shapehuecoa cavity or space in something
artifacthueco, blanco, laguna, vacíoa blank gap or missing part
Español > hueco: 10 sentidos > adjetivo 1
Sentidolacking material form or substance; unreal.
Sinónimosanodina, anodino, insubstancial, insustancial, irreal
Cualidad desustancialidadThe quality of being substantial or having substance
EspecíficoetéreoCharacterized by lightness and insubstantiality
Tambiéninmaterialnot consisting of matter
Contrarioreal, sustancialHaving substance or capable of being treated as fact
Inglésinsubstantial, unsubstantial, unreal
Nombresinsubstancialidadlack of solid substance and strength
insustancialidadlacking substance or reality
irrealidadThe state of being insubstantial or imaginary
VerbosinmaterializarRender immaterial or incorporeal
Español > hueco: 10 sentidos > adjetivo 2
Sentidonot solid; having a space or gap / gap or cavity.
Cualidad desolidezstate of having the interior filled with matter
Específicocanular, tubularConstituting a tube
cavernosoBeing or suggesting a cavern
fistulosoHollow and tube-shaped like a reed
hundidoHaving a sunken area
Tambiénvacíoholding or containing nothing
Contrariomacizoentirely / entirely of one substance with no holes inside
NombreshondonadaA small valley between mountains
hoya, hoyo, hueco, socavónA depression hollowed out of solid matter
huecoA cavity or space in something
oquedadThe state of being hollow
Español > hueco: 10 sentidos > nombre 1, artifact
SentidoAn opening deliberately made in or through something.
Sinónimosagujero, cavidad, orificio
Específicoagujero para posteA hole dug in the ground to hold a fence post
arganeo, hawsepipeThe hole that an anchor rope passes through
aspillera, saeteraA small hole in a fortified wall
atisbadero, mirillaA hole (in a door or an oven etc) through which you can peep
avellanadoA hole (usually in wood) with the top part enlarged so that a screw or bolt will fit into it and lie below the surface
boca de accesoA hole (usually with a flush cover) through which a person can gain access to an underground structure
bocallaveThe hole where a key is inserted
desagüeA hole into which a plug fits (especially a hole where water drains away)
espiráculo, ventosaA hole that allows the passage of air
hoyoThe hole (or metal container in the hole) on a golf green
línea de puntosA line of small holes for tearing at a particular place
mortaja, muescaA square hole made to receive a tenon and so to form a joint
ojalA hole through which buttons are pushed
ojeteA small hole (usually round and finished around the edges) in cloth or leather for the passage of a cord or hook or bar
ojoA small hole or loop (as in a needle)
pinchazoA small hole made by a sharp object
piqueraA hole in a barrel or cask
respiraderoA hole for the escape of gas or air
sisa, sobaqueraA hole through which you put your arm and where a sleeve can be attached
Generalabertura, claroA vacant or unobstructed space that is man-made
Cataláncavitat, forat, orifici
Verbosagujerearmake holes in
Español > hueco: 10 sentidos > nombre 2, object
SentidoAn opening into or through something.
Sinónimosagujero, cavidad, hoyo, orificio
Específicoagujero, escape, gotera, pérdidaAn accidental hole that allows something (fluid or light etc.) to enter or escape
agujero de balaA hole made by a bullet passing through it
agujero de ozonoAn area of the ozone layer (near the poles) that is seasonally depleted of ozone
apertura, orificioA natural opening in something
grietaA small opening or crevice (especially in a rock face or wall)
nudoA hole in a board where a knot came out
perforaciónA hole made in something
ratoneraA hole (as in the wall of a building) made by rats
Generalabertura, apertura, claroAn open or empty space in or between things
Cataláncavitat, forat, orifici
AdjetivoporosoAllowing passage / passage in and out
Verbosagujerearmake holes in
Español > hueco: 10 sentidos > nombre 3, object
SentidoA depression hollowed out of solid matter.
Sinónimoshoya, hoyo, socavón
Específicoagujero de gusanohole made by a burrowing worm
bache, badénA pit or hole produced by wear or weathering (especially in a road surface)
brecha, cavidad, fosa, foso, hoyo, pozoA sizeable hole (usually in the ground)
conejera, madriguera, ratoneraA hole made by an animal, usually for shelter / shelter
conejera, gazapera, madrigueraA hole in the ground as a nest made by wild rabbits
Generaldepresión, depresión naturalA sunken or depressed geological formation
Ingléshole, hollow
Catalánclot, foia, forat, sot
Adjetivohueconot solid
Verbosahuecar, excavarRemove the interior of
cavar, excavarRemove the inner part or the core of
Español > hueco: 10 sentidos > nombre 4, shape
SentidoA small concavity.
GeneralconcavidadA shape that curves or bends inward
Inglésrecess, recession, niche, corner
VerbosacorralarForce a person or an animal into a position from which he cannot escape
rebajarmake a recess in
Español > hueco: 10 sentidos > nombre 5, artifact
SentidoA small recess opening off a larger / larger room.
Sinónimosapartadizo, hornacina, nicho
GeneralnichoAn enclosure that is set back or indented
Inglésalcove, bay
Catalánalcova, buit, fornícula
Español > hueco: 10 sentidos > nombre 6, artifact
SentidoA vertical passageway through a building (as for an elevator).
Part decasa, construcción, edificación, edificio, edificios, inmuebleA structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place
Generalcorredor, galería, pasillo, túnelA passage between rooms or between buildings
Español > hueco: 10 sentidos > nombre 7, shape
SentidoA cavity or space in something.
Generalcavidad, espacio cerradoSpace that is surrounded by something
Adjetivohueconot solid
Español > hueco: 10 sentidos > nombre 8, artifact
SentidoA blank gap or missing part.
Sinónimosblanco, laguna, vacío
GeneralGap, intersticio, resquicioA narrow opening
Ingléslacuna, blank
Catalánbuit, espai en blanc

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