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Català > 1 sentit de la paraula foia:
NOMobjectfoia, clot, forat, sota depression hollowed out of solid matter
Català > foia: 1 sentit > nom 1, object
SentitA depression hollowed out of solid matter.
Sinònimsclot, forat, sot
Específiccatau, cau, llodrigueraA hole made by an animal, usually for shelter / shelter
cavitat, clot, fossa, sotA sizeable hole (usually in the ground)
clot, sotA pit or hole produced by wear or weathering (especially in a road surface)
conillera, llorigueraA hole in the ground as a nest made by wild rabbits
forat de cuchole made by a burrowing worm
GeneraldepressióA sunken or depressed geological formation
Anglèshole, hollow
Espanyolhoya, hoyo, hueco, socavón
Adjectiusbuitnot solid
VerbscavarRemove the inner part or the core of
excavarRemove the interior of

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