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Español > 4 sentidos de la palabra enriquecer:
VERBOchangeenriquecer, ameliorar, arreglar, corregir, mejorar, perfeccionarto make better
changeenriquecermake better or improve in quality
possessionenriquecermake wealthy or richer
changeenriquecer, fortalecer, fortificar, substanciar, sustanciaradd nutrients to
Español > enriquecer: 4 sentidos > verbo 1, change
SentidoTo make better.
Sinónimosameliorar, arreglar, corregir, mejorar, perfeccionar
Causa deadelantar, ganar, mejorar, progresarGet better
Específicoacondicionar, condicionarput into a better state
adornar, decorar, embellecer, hermosearmake more beautiful
afilar, afinar, perfeccionar, piedra de afilarmake perfect or complete
afinar, perfeccionar, pulimentar, pulir, refinarimprove or perfect by pruning or polishing
aliviar, apaciguar, mitigar, paliar, salvar, suavizarProvide physical relief, as from pain
alzar, animar, elevar, levantarinvigorate or heighten
anticipar, avanzarDevelop further
arreglar, atender, componer, recomponer, reparar, restaurar, restituirrestore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn / torn or broken
aumentar, destacar, realzarmake better or more attractive
auxilio, ayudar, ayudaimprove the condition of
ayudar, mejorarimprove
corregir, enmendarmake improvements or corrections to
dar frutos, fructificarmake productive or fruitful
desarrollarchange the use of and make available or usable
destilar, purificar, sublimarRemove impurities from, increase the concentration of, and separate through the process of distillation
educarGive an education to
enriquecermake better or improve in quality
mantener a raya, poner a rayaSettle or put right
mejorarTo improve what was old or outdated
reformar, remodelarmake changes for improvement in order to remove abuse and injustices
reformarimprove by alteration or correction of errors or defects and put into a better condition
regenerarse, regenerar, revitalizarrestore strength
Generalalterar, cambiar, modificar, mudar, retocar, transformar, variarCause to change
Contrarioagravar, empeorar, exacerbar, exasperar, recrudecermake worse
Similaradelantar, ganar, mejorar, progresarGet better
Inglésbetter, improve, amend, ameliorate, meliorate
Adjetivocorregible, enmendablecapable of being corrected by additions
NombresadiciónA component that is added to something to improve it
enmienda, mejoramiento, mejoraThe act of improving something
humanitariosomeone devoted to the promotion of human welfare and to social reforms
mejorThe superior one of two alternatives
mejora, mejoríaThe act of relieving ills and changing for the better
mejoraA condition superior to an earlier condition
Español > enriquecer: 4 sentidos > verbo 2, change
Sentidomake better or improve in quality.
Específicoabonar, fertilizarProvide with fertilizers or add nutrients to
completar, rellenarmake bigger or better or more complete
Generalameliorar, arreglar, corregir, enriquecer, mejorar, perfeccionarTo make better
Contrariodesproveer, empobrecer, privartake away
NombresenriquecimientoAct of making fuller or more meaningful or rewarding
Español > enriquecer: 4 sentidos > verbo 3, possession
Sentidomake wealthy or richer.
Generaladicionar, agregarse, agregar, añadir, juntar, sumarmake an addition (to)
Contrarioempobrecermake poor
NombresenriquecimientoA gift that significantly increases the recipient's wealth
Español > enriquecer: 4 sentidos > verbo 4, change
Sentidoadd nutrients to.
Sinónimosfortalecer, fortificar, substanciar, sustanciar
Categoríacocción, cocinaThe act of preparing something (as food) by the application of heat
Generaladicionar, agregarse, agregar, añadir, juntar, sumarmake an addition (to)
Catalánenfortir, enriquir, substanciar
NombresfortificaciónThe addition of an ingredient for the purpose of enrichment (as the addition of alcohol to wine or the addition of vitamins to food)

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