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Català > 4 sentits de la paraula arribada:
NOMeventarribada, cloenda, conclusió, finalització, finalevent whose occurrence ends something
actarribadathe act of arriving at a certain place
actarribadathe act of coming to land after a voyage / voyage
actarribada, aconseguiment, assoliment, consecucióaccomplishment of an objective
Català > arribada: 4 sentits > nom 1, event
Sentitevent whose occurrence ends something.
Sinònimscloenda, conclusió, finalització, final
Específicalto, aturada, interrupció, paradaThe event of something ending
demolició, destrucció, enderrocament, enderrocAn event (or the result of an event) that completely destroys something
derrota, desfetaAn unsuccessful ending to a struggle or contest / contest
fiThe concluding parts of an event or occurrence
omega, zThe ending of a series or sequence
resultant, resultatSomething that results
resultat inevitableAn inevitable ending
victòriaA successful ending of a struggle or contest / contest
Generalesdeveniment, fet, succésAn event that happens
Contraricomençament, inici, principiThe event consisting of the start of something
Anglèsending, conclusion, finish
Espanyolconclusión, finalización, final, llegada, terminación
Verbsacabar, completar, complir, enllestir, finalitzar, finir, terminarCome or bring to a finish or an end / end
acabarCause to finish a relationship / relationship with somebody
acabar, aturar, cessar, enllestir, finalitzar, finir, parar, terminarHave an end, in a temporal, spatial, or quantitative sense
Català > arribada: 4 sentits > nom 2, act
SentitThe act of arriving at a certain place.
Específicamarrament, amarratge, ancoratge, atracadaThe act of securing an arriving vessel with ropes
aparicióThe act of appearing in public view
arribadaThe act of coming to land after a voyage / voyage
aterratgeThe act of coming down to the earth (or other surface / surface)
entradaThe act of entering
facturacióThe act of reporting your presence (as at an airport or a hotel)
retorn, tornadaA coming to or returning home / home
Generalacció, acte, fetSomething done (usually as opposed to something said)
Espanyolarribo, llegada, venida
Verbsarribar, venirreach a destination
Català > arribada: 4 sentits > nom 3, act
SentitThe act of coming to land after a voyage / voyage.
Específicdesembarcada, desembarcamentThe act of passengers and crew getting off of a ship or aircraft
GeneralarribadaThe act of arriving at a certain place
Català > arribada: 4 sentits > nom 4, act
Sentitaccomplishment of an objective.
Sinònimsaconseguiment, assoliment, consecució
Específicadveniment, vingudaarrival / arrival that has been awaited (especially of something momentous)
assolimentarrival at a new stage / stage
Generalaconseguiment, assoliment, consecució, èxit, realitzacióThe action of accomplishing something
Anglèsarrival, reaching
Espanyolconsecución, cumplimiento, llegada, logro, obtención

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