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Català > 6 sentits de la paraula planta:
NOMTopsplanta, flora, plantae(botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion
artifactplanta, fàbrica, factoria, molía plant consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing
artifactplanta, fàbrica, factoria, nau industrialbuildings for carrying on industrial labor
bodyplanta, planta del peuthe underside of the foot
artifactplanta, pisa structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale
artifactplantascale drawing of a horizontal section through a building at a given level
Català > planta: 6 sentits > nom 1, Tops
Sentit(botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion.
Sinònimsflora, plantae
Categoria deacidòfilThriving in a relatively acidic environment (especially of plants requiring a pH well below 7)
aclimatar-se, naturalitzaradapt (a wild plant or unclaimed land) to the environment
acréixer, augmentarGrow together (of plants and organs)
apocàrpic(of ovaries of flowering plants) consisting of carpels that are free from one another as in buttercups or roses
caduc, caducifoli, decidu(of plants and shrubs) shedding foliage at the end of the growing season
carnívor, haragijale(used of plants as well as animals) feeding on animals
circulacióFree movement or passage / passage (as of cytoplasm within a cell or sap through a plant)
decolorat, etiolat(especially of plants) developed without chlorophyll by being deprived of light
eriçat, estarrufat(of animals or plants) having stiff coarse hairs or bristles
escampar, propagarCause to propagate, as by grafting or layering
etiolar-sebleach and alter the natural development of (a green plant) by excluding sunlight
fitoteràpiaThe use of plants or plant extracts for medicinal purposes (especially plants that are not part of the normal diet / diet)
flora, vegetacióAll the plant life in a particular region or period
fotosíntesisynthesis of compounds with the aid of radiant energy (especially in plants)
insectívor(of animals and plants) feeding on insects
invertit(of a plant ovule) completely inverted
microorganismeAny organism of microscopic size
nitrificacióThe oxidation of ammonium compounds in dead organic material into nitrates and nitrites by soil bacteria (making nitrogen available to plants)
paràsitAn animal or plant that lives in or on a host (another animal or plant)
perenne, perennifoli(of plants and shrubs) bearing foliage throughout the year
peroxidasaAny of a group of enzymes (occurring especially in plant cells) that catalyze the oxidation of a compound by a peroxide
sincàrpic(of ovaries of flowering plants) consisting of united carpels
tenderiserA substance (as the plant enzyme papain) applied to meat to make it tender
tendre(of plants) not hardy
Categoriabotànica, fitologiaThe branch of biology that studies plants
Membre dePlantae, plantae(botany) the taxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct plants
PartspartAny part of a plant or fungus
Específicacrogen, planta acrògenaAny flowerless plant such as a fern (pteridophyte) or moss (bryophyte) in which growth occurs only at the tip of the main stem
aerophyte, epífit, planta epífitaplant that derives moisture and nutrients from the air and rain
autophyte, autotròfia, autotròfica, autòtrofplant capable of synthesizing its own food from simple organic substances
criptògama, planta criptògamaformerly recognized / recognized taxonomic group including all flowerless and seedless plants that reproduce by means of spores
embrió(botany) a minute rudimentary plant contained within a seed or an archegonium
esporòfitThe spore-producing individual or phase in the life cycle of a plant having alternation of generations
fitoplànctonphotosynthetic or plant constituent of plankton
gametòfitThe gamete-bearing individual or phase in the life cycle of a plant having alternation of generations
higròfitA plant that grows in a moist habitat
microfloraMicroscopic plants
mirmecòfit, myrmecophyteplant that affords shelter or food to ants that live in symbiotic relations with it
ornamentalAny plant grown for its beauty or ornamental value
perennifoli, planta perenne(botany) a plant lasting / lasting for three seasons or more
planta anual(botany) a plant that completes its entire life cycle within the space of a year
planta apomícticaA plant that reproduces or is reproduced by apomixis
planta bianual(botany) a plant having a life cycle that normally takes two seasons from germination to death to complete
planta d'interiorAny of a variety of plants grown indoors for decorative purposes
planta de jardíAny of a variety of plants usually grown especially in a flower or herb garden
planta monocàrpicaA plant that bears fruit once and dies
planta vasculargreen plant having a vascular system
planta verinosaA plant that when touched or ingested in sufficient quantity can be harmful or fatal to an organism
Generalésser, ésser viu, organismeA living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently
Anglèsplant, flora, plant life
Espanyolflora, mata, plantae, planta, plantas, vegetación, vida vegetal
AdjectiusfloralOf or relating to the plant life in a particular region / region
Verbsplantarput or set (seeds, seedlings, or plants) into the ground
Català > planta: 6 sentits > nom 2, artifact
SentitA plant consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing.
Sinònimsfàbrica, factoria, molí
Categoria decinta transportadora, transportadorA moving belt that transports objects (as in a factory)
circuit tancat de televisióA television system that is not used for broadcasting but is connected by cables to designated monitors (as in a factory or theater)
Partscadena de muntatge, cadena de producciómechanical system in a factory whereby an article is conveyed through sites at which successive operations are performed on it
Específicacereria, fàbrica d'acerA factory where steel is made
conserveria, fàbrica de conservesA factory where food is canned
foneriafactory where metal castings are produced
fàbrica de paperA mill where paper is manufactured
fàbrica de segellsA mill in which ore is crushed with stamps
fàbrica tèxtilA factory for making textiles
serradoraA mill for dressing logs and lumber
taller de treball esclaufactory where workers do piecework for poor pay and are prevented from forming unions
Generalfàbrica, factoria, nau industrial, plantabuildings for carrying on industrial labor
Anglèsfactory, mill, manufacturing plant, manufactory
Espanyolfabrica, fábrica, factoría, molino, planta
Català > planta: 6 sentits > nom 3, artifact
Sentitbuildings for carrying on industrial labor.
Sinònimsfàbrica, factoria, nau industrial
Categoria desistema del gasfacility (plant and equipment) for providing natural-gas service
Específicbodega, vinateriadistillery where wine is made
cerveseria, fàbrica de cervesaA plant where beer is brewed by fermentation
destil·leria, destilleria, fassinaA plant and works where alcoholic drinks are made by distillation
fonedorAn industrial plant for smelting
fàbrica, factoria, molí, plantaA plant consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing
planta d'embalament, planta d'embalatgeA plant where livestock are slaughtered and processed and packed as meat products
planta de reciclatgeA plant for reprocessing used or abandoned materials
planta de residusA plant for disposing of sewage
refineriaAn industrial plant for purifying a crude substance
salinaA plant where salt / salt is produced commercially
Generalcomplex, instal·lacionsA whole structure (as a building) made up of interconnected or related structures
Anglèsplant, works, industrial plant
Espanyolfábrica, factoría, planta
Català > planta: 6 sentits > nom 4, body
SentitThe underside of the foot.
Sinònimplanta del peu
Part depes, peuThe part of the leg of a human being below the ankle joint
PartsmetatarsA more or less rounded anatomical body or mass
Generalàrea, regió, zonaA part of an animal that has a special function or is supplied by a given artery or nerve
Adjectiusplantarrelating to or occurring on the undersurface of the foot
Català > planta: 6 sentits > nom 5, artifact
SentitA structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale.
Part deconstrucció, edifici, immobleA structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place
Específicentresòl, entresolIntermediate floor just above the ground floor
golfesFloor consisting of a large unpartitioned space over a factory or warehouse or other commercial space
planta baixa, principalThe floor of a building that is at or nearest to the level of the ground around the building
soterraniThe lowermost portion of a structure partly or wholly below ground level
àtic, entresolat, golfesFloor consisting of open space at the top of a house just below roof
Generalconstrucció, estructuraA thing constructed
Anglèsfloor, level, storey, story
Espanyolpiso, planta
Català > planta: 6 sentits > nom 6, artifact
Sentitscale drawing of a horizontal section through a building at a given level; contrasts with elevation.
Generalplànolscale drawing of a structure
Anglèsfloor plan

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