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English > 6 senses of the word story:
NOUNcommunicationstory, narrative, narration, talea message that tells the particulars of an act or occurrence or course of events
communicationstorya piece of fiction that narrates a chain of related events
artifactstory, floor, level, storeya structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale
communicationstory, history, account, chroniclea record or narrative description of past events
communicationstory, report, news report, account, write upa short / short account of the news
communicationstory, fib, tale, tarradiddle, taradiddlea trivial lie
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English > story: 6 senses > noun 1, communication
MeaningA message that tells the particulars of an act or occurrence or course of events; presented in writing or drama or cinema or as a radio or television program.
Synonymsnarrative, narration, tale
InstancesCanterbury TalesAn uncompleted series of tales written after 1387 by Geoffrey Chaucer
Narrowerfairytale, fairy tale, fairy storyA story about fairies
folktale, folk taleA tale circulated by word of mouth among the common folk
nursery rhymeA tale in rhymed verse for children
sob story, sob stuffA sentimental story (or drama) of personal distress
tall taleAn improbable (unusual or incredible or fanciful) story
tearjerkerAn excessively sentimental narrative
Broadermessage, content, subject matter, substanceWhat a communication that is about something is about
Spanishnarración, narrativa, relato
English > story: 6 senses > noun 2, communication
MeaningA piece of fiction that narrates a chain of related events.
Partsanticlimax, bathosA change from a serious subject / subject to a disappointing one
climax, culminationThe decisive moment in a novel or play
Narroweradventure story, heroic taleA story of an adventure
fable, parable, allegory, apologueA short / short moral story (often with animal characters)
legend, fableA story about mythical or supernatural beings or events
love story, romanceA story dealing with love
mystery, mystery story, whodunitA story about a crime (usually murder) presented as a novel or play or movie
mythA traditional story accepted as history
parable(New Testament) any of the stories told by Jesus to convey his religious message
plotThe story that is told in a novel or play or movie etc.
short storyA prose narrative shorter / shorter than a novel
BroaderfictionA literary work based on the imagination / imagination and not necessarily on fact
Spanishhistoria, relato
Catalanhistòria, relat
English > story: 6 senses > noun 3, artifact
MeaningA structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale.
Synonymsfloor, level, storey
Part ofbuilding, edificeA structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place
Narrowerbasement, cellarThe lowermost portion of a structure partly or wholly below ground level
ground floor, first floor, ground levelThe floor of a building that is at or nearest to the level of the ground around the building
loft, attic, garretFloor consisting of open space at the top of a house just below roof
loftFloor consisting of a large unpartitioned space over a factory or warehouse or other commercial space
mezzanine, mezzanine floor, entresolIntermediate floor just above the ground floor
Broaderstructure, constructionA thing constructed
Spanishpiso, planta
Catalanpis, planta
English > story: 6 senses > noun 4, communication
MeaningA record or narrative description of past events.
  • "a history of France"
  • "the story of exposure to lead"
Synonymshistory, account, chronicle
CategoryhistoryThe discipline that records and interprets past events involving human beings
Narrowerancient historyA history of the ancient world
annals, chronological recordA chronological account of events in successive years
biography, life, life story, life historyAn account of the series of events making up a person's life
case historyDetailed record of the background of a person or group under study or treatment
etymologyA history of a word
historical document, historical paper, historical recordwriting having historical value (as opposed to fiction or myth etc.)
recitalA detailed account or description of something
BroaderrecordAnything (such as a document or a phonograph record or a photograph) providing permanent evidence of or information about past events
Spanishcrónica, historial, historia
Catalancrónica, crònica, historial, història
English > story: 6 senses > noun 5, communication
MeaningA short / short account of the news.
Example "the story was on the 11 o'clock news"
Synonymsreport, news report, account, write up
NarrowerbulletinA brief report (especially an official statement issued for immediate publication or broadcast)
dispatch, despatch, communiqueAn official report (usually sent in haste)
exclusive, scoopA news report that is reported first by one news organization
newsletter, newssheetReport or open letter giving informal or confidential news of interest to a special group
urban legendA story that appears mysteriously and spreads spontaneously in various forms and is usually false
BroadernewsInformation reported in a newspaper or news magazine
Spanishartículo, crónica, historia, informe, relación, relato, reportaje
Catalanarticle, crònica, història, informe, relació, relat, reportatge
English > story: 6 senses > noun 6, communication
MeaningA trivial lie.
Synonymsfib, tale, tarradiddle, taradiddle
Narrowerfairytale, fairy tale, fairy story, cock-and-bull story, song and danceAn interesting but highly implausible / implausible story
Broaderlie, prevaricationA statement that deviates from or perverts the truth
Spanishbola, cuento, embuste, historia, mentira, patraña
Catalanbola, conte, història, mentida, trola

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