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English > 4 senses of the expression carry on:
VERBsocialcarry on, conduct, dealdirect the course of
stativecarry on, continue, uphold, bear on, preservekeep or maintain in unaltered condition
communicationcarry on, continue, go on, proceedcontinue talking / talking / talking
socialcarry on, act upmisbehave badly
English > carry on: 4 senses > verb 1, social
Meaningdirect the course of; manage or control.
PatternSomebody ----s something
Synonymsconduct, deal
Narrowerracketeercarry on illegal business activities involving crime
Broadermanage, deal, care, handleBe in charge of, act on, or dispose of
Spanishconducir, llevar, manejar
Catalanconduir, portar
English > carry on: 4 senses > verb 2, stative
MeaningKeep or maintain in unaltered condition; cause to remain or last / last.
PatternSomebody ----s something; Something ----s something
Example "Carry on the old traditions"
Synonymscontinue, uphold, bear on, preserve
Narrowermummifypreserve while making lifeless
perpetuateCause to continue or prevail
persevere, persist, hang in, hang on, hold onBe persistent, refuse to stop
prolong, sustain, keep uplengthen or extend in duration or space
resume, restart, re-starttake up or begin anew
Broaderkeep, maintain, holdKeep in a certain state, position, or activity
Oppositediscontinue, stop, cease, give up, quit, lay offput an end to a state or an activity
Similar tocontinue, go on, proceed, go along, keepContinue a certain state, condition, or activity
proceed, go forward, continueMove ahead
Spanishcontinuar, mantener, persistir, preservar, seguir, sustentar
Catalancontinuar, persistir, seguir
English > carry on: 4 senses > verb 3, communication
MeaningContinue talking / talking / talking.
PatternSomebody ----s; Somebody ----s to INFINITIVE; Somebody ----s VERB-ing
Example "carry on--pretend we are not in the room"
Synonymscontinue, go on, proceed
Narrowerramble on, ramble, jogContinue talking / talking or writing in a desultory manner
segueproceed without interruption
Broadertalk, speakExchange thoughts
Spanishcontinuar, proseguir, seguir
Catalancontinuar, prosseguir, seguir
English > carry on: 4 senses > verb 4, social
Meaningmisbehave badly; act in a silly or improper way.
PatternSomebody ----s
Synonymact up
Broadermisbehave, misconduct, misdemeanBehave badly

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