HyperDic: misbehave

English > 1 sense of the word misbehave:
VERBsocialmisbehave, misconduct, misdemeanbehave badly
misbehave > pronunciation
Soundsmih.sbahhhey'v; mih.sbiyhhey'v
Rhymesairwave ... wave / Wave: 29 rhymes with eyv...
English > misbehave: 1 sense > verb 1, social
MeaningBehave badly.
PatternSomebody ----s; Somebody ----s somebody
Example"The children misbehaved all morning"
Synonymsmisconduct, misdemean
Narroweract up, carry onmisbehave badly
fall from gracerevert back to bad / bad behavior after a period of good behavior
Broaderact, movePerform an action, or work out or perform (an action)
Oppositebehave, comportBehave well or properly
Nounsmisbehaviorimproper or wicked or immoral behavior

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