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NOUNbodycytoplasm, cytolthe protoplasm of a cell excluding the nucleus
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English > cytoplasm: 1 sense > noun 1, body
MeaningThe protoplasm of a cell excluding the nucleus; is full of proteins that control cell metabolism.
Part ofcell(biology) the basic structural and functional unit of all organisms
PartsGolgi body, Golgi apparatus, Golgi complex, dictyosomeA netlike structure in the cytoplasm of animal cells (especially in those cells that produce secretions)
cytoskeletonA microscopic network of actin filaments and microtubules in the cytoplasm of many living cells that gives the cell shape and coherence
microsomeA tiny granule in the cytoplasm that is where protein synthesis takes place under the direction of mRNA
Narrowercentrosome, central bodysmall region of cytoplasm adjacent to the nucleus
cytoplastThe intact cytoplasmic content of a cell
cytosolThe aqueous part of the cytoplasm within which various particles and organelles are suspended
ectoplasmThe outer granule-free layer of cytoplasm
endoplasmThe inner portion of the cytoplasm of a cell
hyaloplasm, ground substanceThe clear nongranular portion of the cytoplasm of a cell
plasmodiummultinucleate sheet of cytoplasm characteristic of some stages / stages of such organisms as slime molds
sarcoplasmThe cytoplasm of a striated muscle fiber
syncytiumA mass of cytoplasm containing several nuclei and enclosed in a membrane but no internal cell boundaries (as in muscle fibers)
Broaderprotoplasm, living substanceThe substance of a living cell (including cytoplasm and nucleus)
Adjectivescytoplasmic, cytoplasmaticof or relating to cytoplasm
cytoplasticof or relating to a cytoplast

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