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English > 2 senses of the word locomotion:
NOUNattributelocomotion, motive power, motivitythe power or ability to move
actlocomotion, travelself-propelled movement
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English > locomotion: 2 senses > noun 1, attribute
MeaningThe power or ability to move.
Synonymsmotive power, motivity
BroadermobilityThe quality of moving freely
Spanishfuerza motriz, locomoción, motricidad
Catalanforça motriu, locomoció, motricitat
Adjectiveslocomotiveof or relating to locomotion
Verbslocomotechange location
English > locomotion: 2 senses > noun 2, act
Meaningself-propelled movement.
Narrowerbrachiationswinging by the arms from branch to branch
crawl, crawling, creep, creepingA slow mode of locomotion on hands and knees or dragging the body
dance step, stepA sequence of foot movements that make up a particular dance
gaitA horse's manner of moving
jog, trot, lopeA slow pace of running
lap, circle, circuitmovement once around a course
run, runningThe act of running
stepThe act of changing location by raising the foot and setting it down
strokeAny one of the repeated movements of the limbs and body used for locomotion in swimming or rowing
walk, walkingThe act of traveling by foot
Broadermotion, movement, moveThe act of changing location from one place to another
Spanishlocomoción, viaje
Adjectiveslocomotive, locomotorof or relating to locomotion
Verbslocomotechange location

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