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NOUNplantfernany of numerous flowerless and seedless vascular plants having true roots from a rhizome and fronds that uncurl upward
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English > fern: 1 sense > noun 1, plant
MeaningAny of numerous flowerless and seedless vascular plants having true roots from a rhizome and fronds that uncurl upward; reproduce by spores.
Member ofFilicopsida, class Filicopsida, Filicinae, class Filicinaeferns
Partsfern seedThe asexual spore of ferns that resembles dust
NarrowerChristmas fern, canker brake, dagger fern, evergreen wood fern, Polystichum acrostichoidesNorth American evergreen fern having pinnate leaves and dense clusters of lance-shaped fronds
Indian button fern, Tectaria macrodontafern of tropical Asia having round buttonlike bulbils
Massachusetts fern, Parathelypteris simulata, Thelypteris simulataDelicate feathery shield fern of the eastern United States
New York fern, Parathelypteris novae-boracensis, Dryopteris noveboracensisSlender shield fern of moist woods of eastern North America
Pteris creticacultivated in many varieties as houseplants
Schaffneria nigripes, Asplenium nigripes, Scolopendrium nigripesA fern of the genus Schaffneria
adder's tongue, adder's tongue fernferns with fertile spikes shaped like a snake's tongue
annual fern, Jersey fern, Anogramma leptophyllasmall short-lived fern of Central and South America
aquatic fern, water fernferns that grow in water
bamboo fern, Coniogramme japonicafast-growing sturdy Japanese fern
basket fern, Drynaria rigidulagiant epiphytic or lithophytic fern
bear's-paw fern, Aglaomorpha meyenianaepiphytic fern with large fronds
beech fernAny fern of the genus Phegopteris having deeply cut triangular fronds
bird's nest fern, Asplenium nidusTropical Old World or Australian epiphytic fern frequently forming tufts in tree crotches
bladder fernAny fern of the genus Cystopteris characterized by a hooded indusium or bladderlike membrane covering the sori
bracken, pasture brake, brake, Pteridium aquilinumlarge coarse fern often several feet high
bracken, Pteridium esculentumfern of southeastern Asia
brakeAny of various ferns of the genus Pteris having pinnately compound leaves and including several popular houseplants
bristle fern, filmy fernAny fern of the genus Trichomanes having large pinnatifid often translucent fronds
button fern, Tectaria cicutariaJamaican fern having round buttonlike bulbils
button fern, Pellaea rotundifoliafern of New Zealand and Australia having trailing fronds with dark green buttonlike leaflets
chain fernA fern of the genus Woodwardia having the sori in chainlike rows
christellaAny of several tropical ferns of the genus Christella having thin brittle fronds
cliff brake, cliff-brake, rock brakeAny of several small lithophytic ferns of tropical and warm temperate regions
climbing bird's nest fern, Microsorium punctatumTropical Africa to Australasia and Polynesia
climbing fernAny of several ferns of the genus Lygodium that climb by twining
crape fern, Prince-of-Wales fern, Prince-of-Wales feather, Prince-of-Wales plume, Leptopteris superba, Todea superbaNew Zealand with pinnate fronds and a densely woolly stalks
crepe fern, king fern, Todea barbarafern of rain forests of tropical Australia and New Zealand and South Africa
curly grass, curly grass fern, Schizaea pusillaRare small fern of northeastern North America having numerous slender spiraling fronds and forming dense tufts
davalliaAny fern of the genus Davallia
doodia, rasp fernAny fern of the genus Doodia having pinnate fronds with sharply dentate pinnae
false bracken, Culcita dubiaresembles Pteridium aquilinum
felt fern, tongue fern, Pyrrosia lingua, Cyclophorus linguaeast Asian fern having fronds shaped like tongues
filmy fern, film fernAny fern of the genus Hymenophyllum growing in tropical humid regions and having translucent leaves
flowering fern, osmundAny fern of the genus Osmunda
flowering fern, Helminthostachys zeylanicaAustralasian fern with clusters of sporangia on stems of fertile fronds
giant scrambling fern, Diplopterygium longissimumlarge scrambling fern forming large patches to 18 feet high
gold fern, Pityrogramma chrysophyllafern of West Indies and South America having fronds with bright golden-yellow undersides
golden fern, leather fern, Acrostichum aureumstout tropical swamp fern (especially tropical America) having large fronds with golden yellow sporangia covering the undersides
golden fern, Pityrogramma calomelanos aureoflavaTropical American fern having fronds with light golden undersides
golden polypody, serpent fern, rabbit's-foot fern, Phlebodium aureum, Polypodium aureumTropical American fern with brown scaly rhizomes cultivated for its large deeply lobed deep bluish-green fronds
grape fernA fern of the genus Botrychium having a fertile frond bearing small grapelike clusters of spore cases
grass fern, ribbon fern, Vittaria lineataepiphytic fern found in lowland forests / forests of tropical America
hand fern, Doryopteris pedataTropical American fern with coarsely lobed to palmatifid fronds
hard fernAny of several ferns of the genus Blechnum
hart's-tongue, hart's-tongue fern, Asplenium scolopendrium, Phyllitis scolopendriumEurasian fern with simple lanceolate fronds
hart's-tongue, hart's-tongue fern, Olfersia cervina, Polybotrya cervina, Polybotria cervinaTropical American terrestrial fern with leathery lanceolate fronds
hay-scented, hay-scented fern, scented fern, boulder fern, Dennstaedtia punctilobulafern of eastern North America with pale green fronds and an aroma / aroma like hay
holly fernAny of various ferns of the genus Polystichum having fronds with texture and gloss like holly
holly fern, Cyrtomium aculeatum, Polystichum aculeatumTropical Old World fern having glossy fronds suggestive of holly
lace fern, Cheilanthes gracillimasmall tufted fern of northwestern America
lady fern, Athyrium filix-feminaMost widely grown fern of the genus Athyrium for its delicate foliage
leather fern, leatherleaf fern, ten-day fern, Rumohra adiantiformis, Polystichum adiantiformiswidely distributed fern of tropical southern hemisphere having leathery pinnatifid fronds
lecanopterisAny of several bizarre ferns of the genus Lecanopteris having swollen hollow rhizomes that provide homes for symbiotic ants
limestone fern, northern oak fern, Gymnocarpium robertianumYellow-green fern of rocky areas of northern hemisphere
lip fern, lipfernAny of various terrestrial ferns of the genus Cheilanthes
maidenhair, maidenhair fernAny of various small to large terrestrial ferns of the genus Adiantum having delicate palmately branched fronds
marsh fern, Thelypteris palustris, Dryopteris thelypterisfern having pinnatifid fronds and growing in wet places
mountain fern, Oreopteris limbosperma, Dryopteris oreopterisCommon European mountain fern having fragrant lemon or balsam / balsam scented fronds
oak fern, Gymnocarpium dryopteris, Thelypteris dryopterisbright blue-green fern widely distributed especially in damp acid woodlands of temperate northern hemisphere
oleander fern, Oleandra neriiformis, Oleandra mollisTropical fern having leathery fronds resembling oleander
ostrich fern, shuttlecock fern, fiddlehead, Matteuccia struthiopteris, Pteretis struthiopteris, Onoclea struthiopteristall fern of northern temperate regions having graceful arched fronds and sporophylls resembling ostrich plumes
pecopterisCarboniferous fossil fern characterized by a regular arrangement of the leaflets resembling a comb
pine fern, Anemia adiantifoliafern of Florida and West Indies and Central America with rhizome densely clad in grown hairs
polypodyAny of numerous ferns of the genus Polypodium
potato fern, Solanopteris bifronssmall epiphytic fern of South America with tuberous swellings along rhizomes
potato fern, Marattia salicinalarge Australasian evergreen fern with an edible rhizome sometimes used as a vegetable by indigenous people
ribbon fern, spider fern, Pteris serrulatafern of North Africa and Azores and Canary Islands
rock brakeDwarf deciduous lithophytic ferns
scale fern, scaly fern, Asplenium ceterach, Ceterach officinarumsmall European fern with chaffy leathery fronds
scented fern, Mohria caffrorumsweetly scented African fern with narrow bipinnate fronds
scolopendriumA fern thought to resemble a millipede
sensitive fern, bead fern, Onoclea sensibilisbeautiful spreading fern of eastern North America and eastern Asia naturalized in western Europe
shield fern, buckler fernAny of various ferns of the genera ... / genera Dryopteris or Polystichum or Lastreopsis having somewhat shield-shaped coverings on the sori
silver fern, Pityrogramma argenteafern of southern tropical Africa having fronds with white undersides
silver fern, Pityrogramma calomelanosTropical American fern having fronds with white undersides
silvery spleenwort, glade fern, narrow-leaved spleenwort, Athyrium pycnocarpon, Diplazium pycnocarponNorth American fern with narrow fronds on yellowish leafstalks
silvery spleenwort, Deparia acrostichoides, Athyrium thelypteroidesfern with elongate silvery outgrowths enclosing the developing spores
snake polypody, Microgramma-piloselloidesepiphytic ferns with long rhizomes
spider brake, spider fern, Pteris multifidaAsiatic fern introduced in America
spleenwortAny of various chiefly rock-inhabiting ferns of the genus Asplenium
staghorn fernAny of various tropical ferns of the genus Platycerium having large flat lobed fronds often resembling the antlers of a stag
strap fernfern with long narrow strap-shaped leaves
sword fernAny of several tropical ferns having more or less sword-shaped fronds including one from which the Boston fern developed
tree fernAny of numerous usually tropical ferns having a thick woody stem or caudex and a crown of large fronds
umbrella fern, fan fern, Sticherus flabellatus, Gleichenia flabellatalarge Australasian fern with fanlike repeatedly forked fronds
wood fern, wood-fern, woodfernAny of various ferns of the genus Dryopteris
woodsiaAny fern of the genus Woodsia
Broaderpteridophyte, nonflowering plantplants having vascular tissue and reproducing by spores
Spanishhelecho, helechos
Catalanfalaguera, falguera
Adjectivesfernyabounding in or covered with ferns
fernyresembling ferns especially in leaf shape

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