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Español > 2 sentidos de la palabra calidad:
NOMBREattributecalidad, cualidadan essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone
cognitioncalidad, característica, caráctera characteristic property that defines the apparent individual nature of something
Español > calidad: 2 sentidos > nombre 1, attribute
SentidoAn essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone.
CualidadesbuenoHaving desirable / desirable or positive qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified
mal, maloHaving undesirable or negative qualities
negativoCharacterized by or displaying negation or denial / denial or opposition or resistance
positivo, útilCharacterized by or displaying affirmation or acceptance or certainty etc.
Específicoaceptabilidad, admisibilidad, satisfacción, satisfactoresThe quality of giving satisfaction sufficient to meet a demand or requirement
activo, baza, bien, recurso, ventaja, virtudA useful or valuable quality
adecuación, conveniencia, propiedadThe quality of having the properties that are right for a specific purpose
aire, auraA distinctive but intangible quality surrounding a person or thing
apariencia, aspecto, cara, presenciaoutward or visible aspect of a person or thing
aptitud, capacidad, habilidadThe quality of being able to perform
arabilidad, cultivabilidadThe quality of land that is appropriate for cultivation
aridez, esterilidad, infructuosidadThe quality of yielding nothing of value
atracción, atractivoThe quality of arousing interest
bien, buenoThat which is pleasing or valuable or useful / useful
bondad, humanidad, humanitarismoThe quality of compassion or consideration for others (people or animals)
braquiocefaliaThe quality of being brachycephalic
calaña, madera, naturaleza, naturaThe essential qualities or characteristics / characteristics by which something is recognized
candor, ingenuidad, sencillezlack of sophistication or worldliness
característica, característicoA distinguishing quality
carácter agradableThe quality of giving pleasure
carácter desagradableThe quality of giving displeasure
certezaSomething that is certain
claridad, nitidezThe quality of clear water
claridad, comprensibilidadThe quality of comprehensible language or thought
combustibilidadThe quality of being capable of igniting and burning
complejidadThe quality of being intricate and compounded
constructividadThe quality of serving to build or improve
contrasentido, ilógico, inconsecuencia, insensatez, irracionalidadinvalid or incorrect reasoning
corrección, correctitud, propiedadconformity to fact or truth
cotidianidadThe quality of being commonplace and ordinary
credibilidad, fiabilidadThe quality of being believable or trustworthy
cualidades, virtudesartistic / artistic quality
demérito, desmerecimiento, ineptitudHaving no qualities that would render it valuable or useful
deslucimiento, ineleganciaThe quality of lacking refinement and good taste
desnaturalidadThe quality of being unnatural or not based on natural principles
desprestigio, impopularidadThe quality of lacking general approval or acceptance
destructividadThe quality of causing destruction
diferenciaThe quality of being unlike or dissimilar
dificultadThe quality of being difficult
divinidadThe quality of being divine
divisibilidadThe quality of being divisible
domesticidadThe quality of being domestic or domesticated
efectividad, provecho, utilidad, útilThe quality of being of practical use
eleganciaA refined quality of gracefulness and good taste
etnicidadAn ethnic quality or affiliation resulting from racial or cultural / cultural ties
exactitud, precisión, rigor, verdadThe quality of being near to the true value
excelenciaThe quality of excelling
excepcionalidadThe quality of being extraordinary and not commonly encountered
expresividadThe quality of being expressive
extrañeza, rarezaThe quality of being alien or not native
facilidad, naturalidad, simpleza, simplicidad, solturafreedom from difficulty / difficulty or hardship / hardship or effort
fecundidadThe quality of something that causes or assists healthy growth
fidelidadThe quality of being faithful
finitudThe quality of being finite
generalidadThe quality of being general or widespread or having general applicability
humanidadThe quality of being human
humorThe quality of being funny
igualdad, semejanza, similitudThe quality of being alike
impenetrabilidadThe quality of being impenetrable (by people or light or missiles etc.)
impiedadThe quality of being unholy
importanciaThe quality that renders something desirable or valuable or useful
impotenciaThe quality of lacking strength or power
inadecuación, inaptitud, inconveniencia, inepcia, ineptitudThe quality of having the wrong properties for a specific purpose
inalterabilidadThe quality of being unchangeable
incapacidadlacking the power to perform
incerteza, incertidumbre, precariedadunsettled or in doubt or dependent on chance
incomprensibilidadThe quality of being incomprehensible
incorrecciónThe quality of not conforming to fact or truth
incredibilidadThe quality of being incredible
inestabilidad, mutabilidad, variabilidadThe quality of being changeable
inexactitudThe quality of being inaccurate and having errors
infidelidadThe quality of being unfaithful
infinidad, infinito, infinitudThe quality of being infinite
inhumanidadThe quality of lacking compassion or consideration for others
inmaterialidad, inmaterialThe quality of not being physical
inmoralidadThe quality of not being in accord / accord with standards of right or good conduct
inmovilidadThe quality of not moving
inoperancia, inutilidadThe quality of having no practical use
insatisfacciónThe quality of being inadequate / inadequate or unsuitable
irregularidadnot characterized by a fixed principle or rate
legalidadThe quality of conforming to law
lógica, racionalidadcorrect and valid reasoning
maldadThat which is below standard or expectations as of ethics or decency
materialidadThe quality of being physical
mesurabilidadThe quality of being measurable
moralidadconcern with the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong
morbosidadThe quality of being unhealthful and generally bad for you
movilidadThe quality of moving freely
mundología, sofisticaciónThe quality or character of being intellectually sophisticated and worldly through cultivation or experience or disillusionment
naturalidadThe quality of being natural or based on natural principles
navegabilidadThe quality of being suitable for the passage of a ship or aircraft
negatividad, negativismoCharacterized by habitual skepticism and a disagreeable tendency to deny or oppose or resist suggestions or commands
objetividadThe quality of being actual or based on fact
occidentalismoThe quality or customs or mannerisms characteristic of Western civilizations
opacidadThe quality of being opaque to a degree
originalidadThe quality of being new and original (not derived from something else)
particularidadThe quality of being particular and pertaining to a specific case or instance
patetismoA quality that arouses emotions (especially pity or sorrow)
penetrabilidadThe quality of being penetrable (by people or light or missiles etc.)
poder, potenciapossession of controlling influence
popularidadThe quality of being widely admired or accepted or sought after
positivismoA quality or state characterized by certainty or acceptance or affirmation and dogmatic assertiveness
probabilidadThe quality of being probable
publicidadThe quality of being open to public view
regularidadThe quality of being characterized by a fixed principle or rate
romanticismoAn exciting and mysterious quality (as of a heroic time or adventure)
sanctitude, santidadThe quality of being holy
sencillez, simpleza, simplicidadThe quality of being simple or uncompounded
solubilidadThe quality of being soluble and easily dissolved in liquid / liquid
suficienciaThe quality of being sufficient for the end in view
Generalatributo, característica, rasgoAn abstraction belonging to or characteristic of an entity
Verboscalificar, caracterizardescribe or portray the character or the qualities or peculiarities of
Español > calidad: 2 sentidos > nombre 2, cognition
SentidoA characteristic property that defines the apparent individual nature of something.
Sinónimoscaracterística, carácter
EspecíficotexturaThe essential quality of something
Generalatributo, cualidad, propiedad, virtudA construct whereby objects or individuals can be distinguished
Inglésquality, character, lineament
Cataláncaracterística, qualitat
Adjetivocaracterístico, típicotypical or distinctive / distinctive
Verboscalificar, restringirmake more specific
calificar, caracterizardescribe or portray the character or the qualities or peculiarities of
caracterizarBe characteristic of

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