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Español > 3 sentidos de la palabra soltura:
NOMBREattributesoltura, facilidad, naturalidad, simpleza, simplicidadfreedom from difficulty / difficulty or hardship / hardship or effort
actsoltura, disolución, libertinajedissolute indulgence in sensual pleasure
attributesoltura, amplitud, holguramovement or space for movement
Español > soltura: 3 sentidos > nombre 1, attribute
Sentidofreedom from difficulty / difficulty or hardship / hardship or effort.
Sinónimosfacilidad, naturalidad, simpleza, simplicidad
Cualidadesfácilposing no difficulty
Generalcalidad, cualidadAn essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone
ContrariodificultadThe quality of being difficult
Inglésease, easiness, simplicity, simpleness
Catalánfacilidad, naturalitat, simplicitat, soltura
Adjetivoapacible, plácido, sosegado, tranquilonot hurried or forced
elemental, simpleEasy and not involved or complicated
fácilposing no difficulty
suavemarked by moderate steepness
Español > soltura: 3 sentidos > nombre 2, act
Sentidodissolute indulgence in sensual pleasure.
Sinónimosdisolución, libertinaje
Generalintemperanciaexcess in action and immoderate indulgence of bodily appetites, especially in passion or indulgence
Inglésprofligacy, dissipation, dissolution, licentiousness, looseness
Catalándissolució, llibertinatge
Adjetivolascivo, libertino, licencioso, lujurioso, promiscuocasual and unrestrained in sexual behavior
VerbosdisiparLive a life of pleasure, especially with respect to alcoholic consumption
Español > soltura: 3 sentidos > nombre 3, attribute
Sentidomovement or space for movement.
Sinónimosamplitud, holgura
EspecíficobalanceoA jerky back and forth kind of mobility
flojedadThe quality of being loose (not taut)
GeneralmovilidadThe quality of being movable / movable
Contrariotensión, tirantezlack of movement or room for movement
Ingléslooseness, play
Catalánamplitud, deseiximent, folga, folgança, soltesa

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