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Español > 7 sentidos de la palabra someter:
VERBOcommunicationsometer, presentar, proponerrefer for judgment or consideration
socialsometer, subyugarmake subservient
competitionsometeryield to the control of another
changesometer, amansar, contener, domar, domeñar, dominarovercome the wildness of
communicationsometer, presentar una mociónpropose formally
communicationsometer, presentarsubmit (a report, etc.) to someone in authority
possessionsometer, devolver, entregar, presentar, referir, rendir, retornarmake over as a return
Español > someter: 7 sentidos > verbo 1, communication
Sentidorefer for judgment or consideration.
Sinónimospresentar, proponer
Específicopresentar, sometersubmit (a report, etc.) to someone in authority
transmitirrefer to another person for decision or judgment
Generalreferir, remitirSend or direct for treatment, information, or a decision
Español > someter: 7 sentidos > verbo 2, social
Sentidomake subservient; force to submit / submit or subdue.
Específicoesclavizarmake a slave of
tiranizarsubjugate by imposing troops
GeneraldominarHave dominance or the power to defeat over
Ingléssubjugate, subject
Catalánsotmetre, subjugar
NombresciudadanoA person who owes allegiance to that nation
conquista, sometimientoThe act of conquering / conquering
sojuzgador, subyugadorA conqueror who defeats and enslaves
sometimiento, subyugaciónforced submission to control by others
Español > someter: 7 sentidos > verbo 3, competition
SentidoYield to the control of another.
Implicaabandonar, desistir, entregar, rendirGive up or agree to forgo to the power or possession of another
Específicosometerse, supeditarmake accountable for
Adjetivoesclavo, servilabjectly submissive
sumisoInclined or willing / willing to submit to orders or wishes of others or showing such inclination
Nombresclaudicación, sumisiónThe act of submitting
Español > someter: 7 sentidos > verbo 4, change
SentidoOvercome the wildness of; make docile and tractable.
Sinónimosamansar, contener, domar, domeñar, dominar
Categoríaanimales, animal, bestia, criatura, fauna, resA living organism characterized by voluntary movement
Específicocontrolar, domar, domesticar, entrenarmake submissive, obedient, or useful
Generalalterar, cambiar, modificar, mudar, retocar, transformar, variarCause to change
Similardomesticarmake fit for cultivation, domestic life, and service to humans
Inglésdomesticate, domesticize, domesticise, reclaim, tame
Catalánamansar, amansir, contenir, domar, dominar, sotmetre
Adjetivodomesticablecapable of being tamed
NombresdomadorAn animal trainer who tames / tames wild animals
Español > someter: 7 sentidos > verbo 5, communication
SentidoPropose formally; in a debate or parliamentary meeting.
Sinónimopresentar una moción
Generaladvertir, proponer, sugerirmake a proposal, declare a plan for something
Similardestruir, go, hacer, jugar, moverHave a turn
Inglésmove, make a motion
Catalánpresentar una moció
Nombresoferente, promotor, promovedor, proponente(parliamentary procedure) someone who makes a formal motion
Español > someter: 7 sentidos > verbo 6, communication
Sentidosubmit (a report, etc.) to someone in authority.
EspecíficoinformarReturn a bill after consideration and revision to a legislative body
Generalpresentar, proponer, someterrefer for judgment or consideration
Español > someter: 7 sentidos > verbo 7, possession
Sentidomake over as a return.
Sinónimosdevolver, entregar, presentar, referir, rendir, retornar
Categoríajurisprudencia, leyThe collection of rules imposed by authority
Generaldar, dispensar, donar, entregar, obsequiar, presentar, propinar, regalarGive as a present
Inglésrender, submit
Catalánentregar, lliurar, presentar, rendir, retornar, retre, tornar

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