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Español > 5 sentidos de la palabra sometimiento:
NOMBREstatesometimiento, ascendiente, control, dominación, dominio, sumisiónthe state that exists when one person or group has power over another
actsometimiento, conquistathe act of conquering / conquering
statesometimiento, subyugaciónforced submission to control by others
actsometimientothe act of obeying meanly (especially obeying in a humble manner or for unworthy reasons)
attributesometimiento, obsequiosidad, rendimiento, servilismoabject or cringing submissiveness
Español > sometimiento: 5 sentidos > nombre 1, state
SentidoThe state that exists when one person or group has power over another.
Sinónimosascendiente, control, dominación, dominio, sumisión
Específicoabsolutismo, despotismo, tiraníadominance through threat of punishment and violence
autoridad, dominiodominance or power through legal authority
dominio, supremacíaPower to dominate or defeat
monopolioexclusive / exclusive control or possession of something
predominancia, predominioThe state of being predominant over others
reglamentoThe state of being controlled or governed
Generalcircunstancias, condición, estado, situaciónA state at a particular time
Inglésdominance, ascendance, ascendence, ascendancy, ascendency, control
Cataláncontrol, dominació, domini, sometiment, submissió
Adjetivoascendiente, dominante, prestigiosoMost powerful or important or influential
dominanteExercising influence or control
Verboscontrolar, dominar, mandarBe in control
Español > sometimiento: 5 sentidos > nombre 2, act
SentidoThe act of conquering / conquering.
Casosconquista normandaThe invasion and settlement of England by the Normans following the battle of Hastings (1066)
Generalconfiscación, decomiso, incautaciónThe act of forcibly dispossessing an owner of property
Inglésconquest, conquering, subjection, subjugation
Catalánconquesta, subjugació
Verbosapoderarse, apoderar, captar, capturar, confiscar, conquistar, dominar, embargar, incautar, invadir, ocupar, tomarTake possession of by force, as after an invasion
conquistar, contener, dominar, inhibir, reprimirTo put down by force or authority
conquistar, vencerOvercome by conquest
someter, subyugarmake subservient
Español > sometimiento: 5 sentidos > nombre 3, state
Sentidoforced submission to control by others.
EspecíficocautividadThe state of being a slave
confinamientoThe state of being confined
esclavitudThe state of being under the control of another person
opresiónThe state of being kept down by unjust / unjust / unjust use of force or authority
peonajeThe condition of a peon
represiónA state of forcible subjugation
Generalrelación, tratoA state involving mutual dealings between people or parties or countries
Ingléssubjugation, subjection
Verbossometer, subyugarmake subservient
Español > sometimiento: 5 sentidos > nombre 4, act
SentidoThe act of obeying meanly (especially obeying in a humble manner or for unworthy reasons).
GeneralobedienciaThe act of obeying
Verboshumillarse, lamer el culo, rebajarsetry to gain favor / favor / favor by cringing or flattering
Español > sometimiento: 5 sentidos > nombre 5, attribute
Sentidoabject or cringing submissiveness.
Sinónimosobsequiosidad, rendimiento, servilismo
Específicoservilismo, sicofantafawning obsequiousness
Generalcondescendencia, sumisiónThe trait of being willing / willing to yield to the will of another person or a superior force etc.
Inglésobsequiousness, servility, subservience
Adjetivoadulador, lameculos, pelotaattempting to win favor / favor / favor from influential people by flattery
esclavo, servilabjectly submissive
obsequiosoattentive in an ingratiating or servile manner
servilsubmissive or fawning in attitude or behavior

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