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Català > 6 sentits de la paraula patir:
VERBperceptionpatir, doldre, doler, fer malfeel physical pain
emotionpatir, sofrirexperience (emotional) pain
perceptionpatir, experimentar, sofrirpass through
bodypatirfeel unwell or uncomfortable
changepatir, empitjorarget worse
bodypatir, estar malalt, tenirsuffer from
Català > patir: 6 sentits > verb 1, perception
SentitFeel physical pain.
Sinònimsdoldre, doler, fer mal
Específiccoure, picarCause a stinging pain
Generalapreciar, percebre, sentirTo become aware of through the senses
Anglèshurt, ache, suffer
Espanyoldoler, lastimar, sufrir
Nomsagonia, sofrimentA state of acute pain
contusió, dany, ferida, lesió, mal, trauma, traumatismeAny physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc.
dolor, malA symptom of some physical hurt or disorder
dolor, malA dull persistent (usually moderately intense) pain
mal, martiri, sofriment, suplici, tortura, turmentFeelings of mental or physical pain
malaltA person suffering from an illness
Català > patir: 6 sentits > verb 2, emotion
SentitExperience (emotional) pain.
Causat perafligir, anguniejar, colpir, fer malCause emotional anguish / anguish or make miserable
Específicafligir-se, amoïnar-se, angoixar-se, doldre's, entristir-seFeel grief
agonitzarSuffer agony or anguish
Generalexperimentar, sentirUndergo an emotional sensation or be in a particular state of mind
Similaraguantar, sofrir, suportar, tolerarput up with something or somebody unpleasant
NomsmàrtirOne who suffers for the sake of principle
sofrimentpsychological suffering
sofrimentmisery resulting from affliction
Català > patir: 6 sentits > verb 3, perception
SentitPass through.
Sinònimsexperimentar, sofrir
Específicexperimentar, sentirgo or live through
experimentar, tenirgo through (mental or physical states or experiences)
Generalalterar, canviar, transformar, variarUndergo a change
Espanyolexperimentar, sufrir
Català > patir: 6 sentits > verb 4, body
SentitFeel unwell or uncomfortable.
Específiccongelar, gelar-seBe cold
rostir-seBe uncomfortably hot
Generalésser, estar, serHave the quality of being
Espanyolpadecer, sufrir
Català > patir: 6 sentits > verb 5, change
Sentitget worse.
Generaldecaure, declinar, empitjorarGrow worse
Català > patir: 6 sentits > verb 6, body
SentitSuffer from; be ill with.
Sinònimsestar malalt, tenir
Generaldoldre, fer mal, lesionar, sofrirFeel pain or be in pain
SimilarsofrirUndergo (as of injuries and illnesses)
Espanyolestar enfermo, padecer, tener

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