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Español > 9 sentidos de la palabra trozo:
NOMBREgrouptrozo, bodoque, bola, bultito, bulto, pella, terróna compact mass
quantitytrozo, pedazo, pizcaan indefinite quantity that is below average size or magnitude
objecttrozo, parte, pedazo, porcióna portion of a natural object
artifacttrozo, pedazoa separate part of a whole
acttrozo, parte, porciónthe allotment of some amount by dividing something
quantitytrozo, pedazoa small piece or quantity of something
attributetrozo, pedazoa distance
quantitytrozo, pedazoa small quantity of anything
possessiontrozo, parte, porcióna share of something
Español > trozo: 9 sentidos > nombre 1, group
SentidoA compact mass.
Sinónimosbodoque, bola, bultito, bulto, pella, terrón
Específicocoágulo, grumoA lump of material formed from the content of a liquid / liquid
Generalaglomeración, aglomeradoA jumbled collection or mass
Inglésball, clod, glob, lump, clump, chunk
Catalánbocí, terròs, tros
AdjetivogrumosoHaving lumps
grumosolike or containing small sticky lumps
Verbosamontonar, mezclargroup or chunk together in a certain order or place side by side
Español > trozo: 9 sentidos > nombre 2, quantity
SentidoAn indefinite quantity that is below average size or magnitude.
Sinónimospedazo, pizca
Específicoadarme, ápice, pizca, smidge, smidgeon, smidginA tiny or scarcely detectable amount
asomo, indicio, sombra, trazaA just detectable amount
atisbo, mínimo, pizcaA small or moderate or token amount
bocadoA small amount eaten or drunk
chupito, trago, traguitoA small drink of liquor
diarreaA small worthless amount
gota, lágrimaA small indefinite quantity (especially of a liquid / liquid)
hezA small amount of residue
mínimoThe smallest possible quantity
parA small indefinite number
pedazo, trozoA small piece or quantity of something
pedazo, trozoA small quantity of anything
peloA very small distance or space
pizcaA slight but appreciable amount
porción, raciónAn individual quantity of food or drink taken as part of a meal
porciónA small measure (usually of food)
puñadoA small number or amount
salpicadura, toqueA small quantity of something moist or liquid
Ingléssmall indefinite quantity, small indefinite amount
Catalánbocí, menudall, tros
Español > trozo: 9 sentidos > nombre 3, object
SentidoA portion of a natural object.
Sinónimosparte, pedazo, porción
CasosPacífico del SurThat part of the Pacific Ocean to the south of the equator
Part deunidadA single undivided natural thing occurring in the composition of something else
EspecíficoMundoA part of the earth that can be considered separately
corpusThe main part of an organ or other bodily structure
cratónThe part of a continent that is stable and forms the central mass of the continent
fragmentoA piece broken ... / broken off or cut ... / cut off of something else
gajo, segmentoOne of the parts into which something naturally divides
parte del cuerpoAny part of an organism such as an organ or extremity
pedazoA large piece of something without definite shape
rebanadaA thin flat piece cut ... / cut ... / cut off of some object
rincónA projecting part where two sides or edges meet / meet
GeneralcosaA separate and self-contained entity
Ingléspart, piece
Catalánpart, tros
Español > trozo: 9 sentidos > nombre 4, artifact
SentidoA separate part of a whole.
Específicoañicos, casco, fragmentoA broken piece of a brittle / brittle artifact
chatarraA small piece of something that is left over after the rest has been used
estraza, paño, sabanillaA separate part consisting of fabric
recorte, retal, retazo, snippetA small piece of anything (especially a piece that has been snipped off)
trozo de cueroA separate part consisting of leather
vigalong thick piece of wood or metal or concrete, etc., used in construction
Generalparte, porciónSomething less than the whole of a human artifact
Catalánbocí, peça, tros
VerbosajuntarTo join or unite the pieces of
armar, concentrar, congregar, construir, ensamblar, juntar, montarCreate by putting components or members together
remendarrepair by adding pieces
Español > trozo: 9 sentidos > nombre 5, act
SentidoThe allotment of some amount by dividing something.
Sinónimosparte, porción
Generalasignación, distribución, erogación, parcelación, prorrateo, repartimiento, repartoThe act of distributing by allotting / allotting or apportioning
Inglésparcel, portion, share
Catalánporció, tros
Verbosadjudicar, asignar, destinar, repartirGive out
compartir, participar en, tomar parte enHave, give, or receive a share of
desglosar, prorratearGive out as one's portion or share
Español > trozo: 9 sentidos > nombre 6, quantity
SentidoA small piece or quantity of something.
Generalpedazo, pizca, trozoAn indefinite quantity that is below average size or magnitude
Inglésspot, bit
Catalánbocí, tros, trosset
Adjetivochico, chiquitín, pequeñito(used informally) very small
Español > trozo: 9 sentidos > nombre 7, attribute
SentidoA distance.
GeneraldistanciaThe property created by the space between two objects or points
Español > trozo: 9 sentidos > nombre 8, quantity
SentidoA small quantity of anything.
Generalpedazo, pizca, trozoAn indefinite quantity that is below average size or magnitude
Catalánbocí, tros, trosset
Español > trozo: 9 sentidos > nombre 9, possession
SentidoA share of something.
Sinónimosparte, porción
Generalparte, porcentajeassets belonging to or due to or contributed by an individual person or group
Inglésslice, piece
Catalánpart, porció, tros

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