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Español > 6 sentidos de la palabra exprimir:
VERBOmotionexprimir, extraertake liquid out of a container or well
contactexprimir, estrujarpress firmly
possessionexprimir, atormentar, extorsionarobtain by coercion or intimidation
contactexprimir, retorcertwist, squeeze, or compress in order to extract liquid
consumptionexprimir, explotar, ordeñarexploit as much as possible
contactexprimir, planchar con máquinapress with a mangle
Español > exprimir: 6 sentidos > verbo 1, motion
Sentidotake liquid out of a container or well.
Específicoabsorver, aspirar, chupardraw something in by or as if by a vacuum
bombearDraw or pour with a pump
depurar, trasegarDraw off from the lees
desglicerolizarRemove from glycerol
ordeñarTake milk / milk from female mammals
sacar del grifoDraw (liquor) from a tap
Generalapartar, copar, eliminar, extirpar, llevar, quitar, remover, retirar, sacar, suprimir, tomarRemove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract
Tambiéneducir, lograr, sacardeduce (a principle) or construe (a meaning / meaning)
Similardibujar, quitar, retirar, sacar, suprimirRemove (a commodity) from (a supply source)
sacarBring, take, or pull out of a container or from under a cover
tirarAllow a draft
Inglésdraw, take out
Catalánexprémer, extraure, extreure
NombresvaciadoAct of getting or draining something such as electricity or a liquid / liquid from a source
Español > exprimir: 6 sentidos > verbo 2, contact
SentidoPress firmly.
Específicoapretarsqueeze together tightly
Generalapretar, prensar, presionar, pulsarExert pressure or force to or upon
TambiénchorrearCause to come out in a squirt
escurrirextract (liquid) by squeezing or pressing
expulsar, sacarform or shape by forcing through an opening
Catalánesprémer, prémer, premsar
Nombresestrujamiento, estrujónThe act of gripping and pressing firmly
Español > exprimir: 6 sentidos > verbo 3, possession
SentidoObtain by coercion or intimidation.
Sinónimosatormentar, extorsionar
Generalatracar, desplumar, robarrip off
Inglésextort, squeeze, rack, gouge, wring
Catalánarrabassar, arruïnar, extorquir, extorsionar
Nombreschantaje, extorsiónThe felonious act of extorting money (as by threats / threats of violence)
estafador, sacacuartos, sacadineros, timador, tramposo, trapacero, trapacista, trápalaA person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud / fraud
extorsiónAn exorbitant charge
Español > exprimir: 6 sentidos > verbo 4, contact
SentidoTwist, squeeze, or compress in order to extract liquid.
Generalaplastar, chafar, chapotear, estrujar, machacar, majar, molerTo compress with violence, out of natural shape or condition
Similaralterar, deformar, desfigurar, distorsionar, tergiversarTwist and press out of shape
NombresescurridorA clothes dryer consisting of two rollers between which the wet clothes are squeezed
estrujadura, estrujónA twisting squeeze
Español > exprimir: 6 sentidos > verbo 5, consumption
Sentidoexploit as much as possible.
Sinónimosexplotar, ordeñar
GeneralexplotarDraw from
Español > exprimir: 6 sentidos > verbo 6, contact
SentidoPress with a mangle.
Sinónimoplanchar con máquina
GeneralplancharPress and smooth with a heated iron
Nombrescalandria, mangleclothes dryer for drying and ironing laundry by passing it between two heavy heated rollers

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